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YAP Personality Spotlight #4

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

Okay I have some free time today just before I take off for lunch.

And today I wanted to feature one of the more popular lady YAPpers most regular YAPpers know by now. And we know her as somebody whose questions almost always gets a lot of attention. I don’t know why, but many YAPpers seem to be drawn to answer her many questions. I normally catch them a long time after they have been posted & so I see that I might be the 20th answerer if not the 30th & by that time everybody else have given the answer that I am probably going to give so I just contend myself in reading the Q & As. Anyway we should ask the answerers to get their side.

And so without further ado here is her profile

barrio lass
(also known as maej)

barrio lass barrio lass


First YAP account created November 11, 2007
But as with mine, it was suspended.
Current (2nd) Account created July 12, 2008
Currently back to a LEVEL 3 YAPPER

In her own words “I discovered YAP when I asked a question about why are Filipinas so taken with Whitening Products. But I didn’t know that most of the people who answered my Q were Filipinos. I never knew that YAP exists. But from then, I often go visit but I wasn’t a regular. Then I met Rod…the very first YAPper I’ve come across with. From then on YAP peaked my interest and I stayed… and that I started in YAP around February of this year (2008).



GENDER: Female
AGE: Early to mid 20s.
STATUS: Single, very much available but sorry guys not looking.
LOCATION: Tuna City, Philippines (I believe that is in General Santos City)


A homebody who loves the outdoors. (puwede ba yun?)

Loves to cook (I just don’t know if cooking loves her back, maej joke lang)

Experiments with food a lot… lol… and of course making a mess in the kitchen is her forever talent (ikaw nagsabi nyan ha).

Loves books of all kinds & says that they are her best buddies (pare kailangan pala wide reader ka). Among the writers that she reads are John Grisham, Robin Cook and the likes…. John Maxwell & Bo Sanchez (of course hindi ako kasama sa shortlist niya but I will email here a link to this blog post & I’m sure that she will read this one at masasabi ko na rin na binabasa niya rin ang mga sinusulat ko… LOL)

And of course, if she is not in front of her computer (in YAP or in Youtube) she is watching DVDs (she did not say what she likes to watch though). Wait, she emailed me & said that she likes the LOTR Trilogy and the Phantom of the Opera (the one with Gerard Butler).

TV shows? She isn’t into much tv but she did say that she watches TV with her niece… Looney Tunes & Barney. (I know dumaan din ako dyan sa anak ko).

Music? Jazz (Josh Groban) and Reggae (Bob Marley) & in her words what a combination. But we should expect that from someone who says she is a homebody & an outdoors person too. 😉

Speaking of going out, she said that when she does, she likes to go swimming and ofcourse to hang-out with her friends… (magkano ba pamasahe papuntang GenSan?)

And sometimes, we can see her playing badminton…

Idols? James Bond forever… She blames her mom for that… Lea Salonga of course and Dawn Zulueta.

Food? Let’s just say that she loves pasta & that she says that she has a sweet tooth.

And thats about it & I hope I can give out more, as I know there are a lot of maej fans out there that are waiting for more info & even a picture perhaps.

Oh yes she said she has an adopted kuya in YAP. Sino kaya yun?

Clarification & Confession

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I am supposed to be eating my lunch right now, but I guess this is my only chance today to post this clarification about something…

I asked this Q in YAP;_ylt=Ahlov07FflWXpG4iBKs2czIS7RR.;_ylv=3?qid=20081021105946AAD12gN

And I got a response from a prominent YAPPER who asked me back a question or two.

And so now, I am convinced that I have to issue a public statement about this as I have been asked thorugh emails a handful of times about this same issue. I have just not thought that it was important enough to make a YAP blog about. And that was my mistake.

Anyway the Question directed to me was this:

i am still wondering why you didn’t tell everyone or made a topic about shirley g admitting she have reported you… everyone deserves to know since that is the reason why you created your blog.
i used to go to what you call YAP blog but i you know i don’t like arguing with lies so i created my blog to counter all the accusations there.

did she ever tell you why she was reporting you?

And now that I feel like I am the guest of a “Talk Show” & that I am now holding the mic & dutibound to respond…

“For the record everyone who have asked me about this q thru email, I have responded to them privately because they sent the message through email, I know that they wanted the answer in private too.

And as far as I know I have never posted any email message that I have received in this forum or any other forum.

But to put an end to this question, here is the big picture:

About close to the end of June of this year, SG gave me a message, sort of a “confession” message telling me that she was responsible for reporting my Qs at the time that I was being attacked (I would guess 3rd quarter or 4th quarter of 2007) & that before my first account was suspended December 2007. If you are not aware of it, ALL of my Questions at that time were reported & deleted. Yes, all not just most or some, all. So we are talking about multiple reports & multiple reporters & multiple times. And there were many others being reported too.

I think she implied that she reported me about once or twice. And she also said that there were OTHER people that she knew aboutthat were responsible as well. (And of course we cannot discount the possibility that there are OTHER people that she knew nothing about that was responsible for the reports on me & on just about everybody else at that time).


I know myself & they don’t. (In fact no YAPPER can say that they know me personally nor no YAPPER can say that I have ever engaged them in a CHAT CONFERENCE or a YAP CAMPAIGN or a YAP GAME, other than exchanging regular emails & messages.

So I am not about to HUMILIATE ANYBODY by posting any message that I have received from anyone, except the ones that they told me to post because they did not want to post it themselves.

I have no issues with anyone posting messages that I sent them, nor other people posting messages that they have received from other people, for it is their prerogative & I cannot do anything about that. But if someone told me something in confidence, I think I should respect that, well at least until I have to.

So yes, now we know that there was ONE reporter who admitted & confessed to reporting me at that time. But there are many others & there are still many up to today. And that is why we still have this BLOG.

Did she tell me why? She said that she did not remember the details. BUT she said that she was not the one responsible of me being suspended. And I really did not ask her the reason for her reporting me but we did exchanged emails about other related issues.

And she said that there were OTHER YAPPERs that were also doing the same thing.

And even today, we still know that there are certain people who are still doing the reportings all around us. Some are legitimate reports of abuse but some done for other personal reasons.

And again, that is why there is this OPEN FORUM.

Happy YAP Trolling Days Over?

Posted: October 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

I have a busy day today & it’s still not over. But I have a few minutes & I just wanted to come in here & post this blog.

And I ask this question is Happy YAP Trolling Days Over?

Why would I ask this anyway, well for one I just got an email from Jonas who has told me that my suspension may be overturned. And to whoever reported me, if it was out of malice or if it can be proven that there is a pattern of doing malicious reporting, then they better come in here regularly to check the status of my case or checkout the Real Yahoo Philippines Blog where Jonas posted the current blog post entitled Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I know a number of YAPpers have already joined in that particular discussion & I encourage every YAPper to do the same. (Just click on the link)

“Abangan ang susunod na kabanata…” To be continued…

Happy KJ Days Are Here Again

Posted: October 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

I know, now you see it, now you don’t.

And I am talking about YAP Questions & Answers that were posted one minute & then deleted the next– joy killers 😉

I know that one person was even confused as to what happened to the Q she wanted to answer, for it was there the second she clicked on the Answer button, but it was gone when she tried to send in her answer.

As in… what happened?

I know, it has happened to me once before too. I know the feeling.

And as long as these YAP Police People Persons do not come out to explain themselves, I am still going to assume that they are either Frustrated Minutemen Foot Patrol, or they think they are God’s Gift to YAP.

Anyway, I will say it again this OPEN FORUM is always open to any of them to tell us their side. And this is always open to those whose Q & As have been deleted.

But talking about their side. I have sent an email message to Green Badge Jonas, Community Manager of Yahoo Philippines as I am still waiting for a response on my earlier email to him regarding my suspension.

Anyway, I know that this time around Jonas & Yahoo Philippines is closely monitoring problems within YAP that are being forwarded to them. And this includes malicious reporting. Jonas even came out with a blog about it on the Real Yahoo Answers Philippines Blog. And I know that they are serious about it.

I even tried to post a comment over there but it did not post so I had to tell Jonas about that problem too.

Lastly, I now have a handful of YAPpers that I will spotlight in here. And I just have my hands full right now, so all these will probably come out by next week–just wait for them.

So if you want to be featured in here as well & tell the YAP World who you really are & show that you are who you say you are & that you are a REAL person & NOT a TROLL then what are you waiting for, email me right now.


*KJ – Kill Joy

Happy YAP Days Are Here Again

Posted: October 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

I know, I just saw that comment as I browse through quickly at YAP Today.*

It took a long time in coming, but it sure is a welcome sight.

And do not worry I am finalizing the YAP Personality Profiles of the two YAP Ladies that are flooding YAP with Qs. Q & As just like from the Good Old Days of YAP.

Anyway I have extended a request to some YAPpers asking them if I can feature them as a YAP Personality in here, but as typical as we are, they are being modest, but I hope in time they can change their minds & agree to it. Or of course I will just do it anyway, feature them here that is. (Whether they like it or not).

And in case you want to be featured over here & tell the whole YAP World, who you are behind your YAP Avatar & ID. Send me a message & I will gladly feature you. If you YAP then you are a YAP Personality, we all are.

In closing I would like to thank Anne C, about this idea for a Blog Post as I was sort of explaining to her that this ongoing series about YAP Personalities is meant to be a One-Stop Get-To-Know all YAPPERS Shop.

A handy resource place so we can all say a little something about ourselves & who we are behind our YAP Avatars, all in one place.

Hopefully the aim is to make us all Human again. Not to be perceived as a distant, unknown, cold & unfeeling YAP ID.

And maybe, just maybe, it can help us to treat one another better. As we ought to do as we inhabit the same YAP Community. In fact we are the YAP Community.

And of course one thing led to another & I ended up creating a song.

Using Original lyrics by John Lennon

Imagine( This YAP World)

Imagine there’s no LEVELS
It’s easy if you try
No VIOS below us
Above us only SMILES

Imagine all the YAP people

Imagine there’s no LEADERBOARDS
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
Imagine all the YAP people
Living life in PEACE…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the YAP world will be as one

I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the YAP people

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday (soon) you’ll join us
And the world will live as one


* I just got back from YAP & I think the Happy Days Were Short Lived, if you were looking for that Q, it has now been deleted.

YAP Personality Spotlight #3

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Aka Helen of Troy

Level 5

YAPPER Since September 07, 2007

About me: busy lang ang lola nyo ngaun, kumakarir! kaya ayaw-ayawan muna…

I have always wanted to make a List of YAPpers which anybody can look through and read through.

Everyone with a YAPper’s Profile, you can browse & come back to again & again so as to get a sense of who is behind this YAP Avatar.

When I was a new YAPper I thought this would have been a great resource especially if I am going to ask a specific question & I will be relying on an answer given by a specific YAPper which I know nothing about.

And it took me two YAP sabbaticals, two YAP suspensions and three YAP accounts to finally start this YAP List.

And so today I am spotlighting a Lady YAPper who affectionately calls herself “lola”. Why? Because she probably thinks she is older than most of the YAPpers out there. But definitely she is younger than me. She is still in her late 30s (Oops nabuko ko ba? Yari ako). But we know that she is still 19 at heart.

She is happily married (happing-happy) to a super papalicious (super pogi, muy guapito) hubby (na super seloso daw & bakit kaya). And that is why I believe that she is muy guapa rin, kaso wala pa yatang YAPper nakakameet sa kanya, bakit kaya? Baka madiscover? (Although I just heard from the grapevine that she has many YAPpers that is her chatmates & textmates & that many of them have already seen pictures of her at Friendster).

Anyway, I know that she is a super mommy, she has two kids, a boy & a girl (ako rin gusto ko nang one boy & one girl).

And I didn’t know that I started YAPping earlier than her by about three months, but definitely she knows a lot of YAPpers (a lot more than me) & a lot of YAPpers consider her as a friend (definitely a whole lot more than those that consider me as one). And there a handful who she even gets to talk with over the phone.

Personally, I think she is one of the most down-to-earth, feet-on-the-ground YAPpers we have out there. I have exchanged emails with her, as I have with a few YAPpers & have found her to be easy-to-get-along with, along with many other YAPpers and you know who you are.

I believe she loves Carrie Underwood, as her 360 page is blasting that for months now. But you might not know that she is also into Pinoy Bands (Chito Miranda of Parokya ni Edgar in particular) & she is into Classical, Jazz, Rock, Country, Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop (teka lahat na yan ah). Okay let us just say she loves music. And she loves to laugh. She loves comedies. She loves movies, tv & radio. (Yes, in her words typical Pinay).

And she likes Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Peter Gallagher, Brendan Frazer & Billy Zane (Oo mahilig siya sa mga makakapal ang mga kilay, mabuti na lang makapal din ang kilay ko at paminsan minsan makapal din ang pagmumukha).

She just had a birthday. Belated (30ish) Happy Birthday.

And I heard that she is like me in a sense that she has worked in many types of jobs, in many different types of environments & several different types of industries & probably under all types of bosses. And of course home engineer pa yan. Doing all the house work, taking care of the kids & the hubby, doing the accounting, the budgeting, accounts payable & accounts receivables included. And with sidelines on the side pa.

And I know that she has even taught kids in a School for Special kids. Super galing naman talaga ng ating YAP Personality for today.

She lives in the South side of Metro Manila and I am proud to feature her as YAP Personality #3.

Oo nga pala, we can call her Len.

YAP Personality Spotlight #2

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Hello I’m back.

Some of you probably wasn’t expecting me to be back, or at least to be back so soon.

And most of you probably do not understand what I am talking about.

Anyway, to make a long story short, remember that YAP Q, I talked about in the last blog post (YAP Personality Spotlight #1) well that one was promptly reported & deleted, chatting of course was the reason.

And after that, I was promptly suspended. And the only reason given was NONE. So how can one appeal a case when one doesn’t have an idea what the charge was. Yes, none sense.

And of course, malicious scrupulous reporters are again at work. And of course, still done by people who have not even have the guts to come in to this YAP Open Forum & be man or woman enough to say I did it, & to tell us why.

Anyway, enough of that, going back to that YAP Q, it was about the SMILES that I have been seeing in many YAP Q & As. And the Q started with “Did I miss something?” and basically asking why all the SMILES in YAP…

And I got 11 answers before the deletion. Those who answered were:

NEW ANSWER from Ω allan y

i missed it too. what is it?

NEW ANSWER from Marc G

I have been able to smile for a long time now on Yahoo, so I am not sure why …


You certainly have. In all practicallity nothing has really changed, at leas…


you my most beloved subject certainly have. my kingdom had been established r…

NEW ANSWER from GROdzilla

yeah right. you are one of the trolls.

NEW ANSWER from hi! I aM tRoLLy!



i was gone for 1 month and things are same. we didnt miss anything. were all …

NEW ANSWER from kamagong

I’d been “in and out” too. But if there are more smiles now, that’s all good…

NEW ANSWER from Anne C

not much I guess :p welcome back 😀

NEW ANSWER from Gro’s Bakla B/F

Is it a coincidence that both you and aqua reappear along with a profusion of…


If I am not mistaken, I believe its something I started. I usually end my st…

And then pfft. It was gone & then my account was suspended.

Anyway I’m back on a new Japs account, & in case any of you guys want to check it out here is it, Japs 3rd.;_ylt=AmTZ8v26gnE36UyfgMk4TKsS7RR.;_ylv=3?show=mCwrJDwyaa

In it I said,

My name is Japs.

This is my 3rd Japs Account. I used my 1st one in 2007, the 2nd one in 2008 & now I am using this one starting 10.10.2008. I am not a troll.

Here are my 360 pages if you care to know more about me.

YAP Blog: (Japs 2)–?cq=1

Japs Land: (Japs)

And so for today, because this might be a series & I might be spotlighting you next, I decided to spotlight me first. So that if & when I spotlight you in the future you will have no worries about it.


Yes, I am not a troll, Japs the Third was opened only today 10.10.2008. 0% BA. Level 1, cannot even rate an answer, TU or TD.

And to answer those people who are having the impression that I am a troll, well I am not. All three Japs accounts came one after the other & after the previous one was suspended for whatever reason, which until now I have no knowledge of.

I have never used any & all these 3 Japs accounts within YAP at the same times.

What can I say, is Third time’s a charm?


Started YAPping about July 2007.

Reached level 4 and was suspended December 2007.

Stopped YAPping for a month.

Opened a new Japs account & came back to YAP the last week of January 2008 (Japs 2) and started this YAP Blog.

Reached level 4 again.

And again stopped YAPping for at least a month.

And again was suspended October 8, 2008

Opened a third Japs account October 10, 2008 and back to 100 points, level 1 YAPper.

Other things you might not yet known about me is that I am male, I am 41, I am married, I have a son, I am a Jack of all Trades but a Master of None.

I hate driving but I drive (own) a four door Japanese sedan & an American car. I live in Southern California. I like reading, writing, gaming, music, movies, eating, eating out, shopping, business, basketball, spectator sports, martial arts, days off, taking candid photos & pictures to capture specific moments.

I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe the Bible & I am not just a professing Christian.

I am a man of Science & has a Bachelor of Science Degree. I have owned, co-owned & managed many business ventures since the age of 22…

I can go on & on & talk about myself & what I do & what I believe in, but I know that what ever I put in here, many of you have no way to know if it is the truth or not. But it is not for me to convince you as to inform you.

I will post pictures of myself in here but I am not telling you when.

If you wish to tell the YAP World who the real you are, email me what you want to share & include pictures if you want to & I will spotlight you next. For only in the truth can we be free.

YAP can be a much nicer World, if we will all try to make it one.