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I just answered a YAP Q asked by Cindy A (a Puerto Rican).

The Q was:

If this is yahoo phillipines..where are all the filipinos?

So my Q for today is, if you are a Filipino where are you today?

If you are located in Southern California, where were you & what were you doing when the earthquake hit yesterday morning?

And last question is there any place a Filipino can go to escape from earthquakes?

I mean it’s like any place we go to, earthquakes follow us. Okay, there are still a lot of places where there are no quakes, but it just seems like it.

Anyway, if you want to see the locations of the recent earthquakes for the past week anywhere in the world, click here.

Stay safe Global Pinoys! And also for the people in the Philippines, which is earthquake country as well.

Visitor Map


Here are some of the places that YAPPERS, especially those that have visited this site is located. (If you don’t see your location, click on the map above)*

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Mandaluyong, Philippines
Mandaue City, Philippines
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Tacloban, Philippines
Unspecified, Philippines

Jidd Hafs, Bahrain
Manama, Bahrain

Singapore, Singapore
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*Each location means at least one visitor to this blog came from that area. But of course it is safe to assume that there are several or multiple visitors coming from each location, especially if it is a major city.

A good day to you!

I’m back to YAPping & also, if I can use the term, JAPping.

Had a long weekend & actually I still am in my last day of my weekend today.

I do have a few moments to spare, so here I am. I thank you that you too have some free time to visit here & hopefully to comment below.

Okay, maybe if I say, please.

I was reading the last YAP Q that I answered & of course I did not get the BA, even though I expect all of answers to be all BAs, I only get it about 1 out of every 5 answers, which is not bad.

But I know most of you guys that YAP really put in a lot of effort to give excellent answers all of the time & that is why you get a lot more BAs.

I too, do not give half-a$$ed answers in YAP (definition of half-a$$ed (hafast′) Adjective, Slang: having or showing little thought, care, or foresight: vulgar). So to all of you great YAPpers, may your tribe increase & keep up the good job!

But enough with that, let’s get back to that YAP Q.

I just wanted to see if any of the YAPpers out there who are currently outside the Philippines, especially those that left not because they really wanted to, feel the same way as Mr. Butete, the YAPper who asked this YAP Q:

I feel very homesick, I miss the Philippines sooo much! What should I do?

Found this pic in flicker… an excellent page of an OFW who have a lot to say on his flckr page. See more of it on his link:

I gave my usual response to a Q such as this. As I on a few occasions still feel the homesickness blues, but not that much anymore & of course not that frequent.

What do you think fellow YAPPER?

Have an excellent day, wherever you may be in this planet we call home!

YAP Break

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Right now I am sitting here in front of a computer with nothing in particular to do.

Then I read this email which I just received & I just decided to post it over here.

I have always enjoyed receiving & reading emails–I still do, but I have been doing it for too long a time now & so I no longer usually post or forward emails that I have received.

For one thing I now have no recollection of what email I have already received & what email I have sent & who gave what to whom & who I forwarded what from whom…. That’s right, it’s that complicated sometimes.

But anyway, just because I have been emailing for the longest time, I guess too long, for I am probably among the very first people in Metro Manila who went online. You are right, I am that old too.

Anyway here it is, enjoy a welcome break from YAPping. It is in Tagalog, so whoever wants to translate, please do so for our international audience, thanks.

Pitong katotohanan sa mundo:

1st, Lahat ng nakikita mo ay hindi iyo.



2nd, Hindi mo kayang bilangin ang buhok mo.



3rd, hindi lahat ng ngipin ay abot ng dila mo.



4th, Susubukan ng mga curious ang pangatlo.



5th, ang pangatlo ay mali …


6th, Mapapangiti ka kasi ginawa mo yung 4th.


7th, Ipapasa mo sa iba para makaganti ka! hahaha!..

I found this picture online & its caption reads “always humbling”

Master Yoda has given me an idea when he recently asked this Q in YAP, which I was able to respond to.

And all of the answers, particularly black magic’s who got the BA & Aref’s intrigued me enough to extend this Q into this YAP Forum & ask it here as well. But only within the context of YAP.

So, in the YAP Grand Scheme of Things, where do we all fit in, & what do you think of it?

  • Would all the damage we have done be erased if we disappear? as black magic put it.
  • Are we very significant? as Babes011878 said.
  • Are we the main players? as annabelle commented.
  • Are we mere players in one big stage? as Rodelette mentioned.
  • Are we indispensible? as Aref noted.

What do you think?

YAP Meet Up Pushes Thru…

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MAKATI YAP MEET UP Pushes thru despite Magnitude 8.1 Earthquake Prediction.

Reports are still sketchy & eye-witness accounts are still being analyzed for authenticity.

But be assured that we will get to the bottom of everything that transpired in this event.

Anyway, here is a word or two from one of this event’s eye-witness accounts reporters.

Thanks debbie & janna for the initial late breaking news…

I hope there is more to come.

Here is the first blog post regarding this event:

…wait is that a YAHOO pen that I see that they used to write that?

Additional: Here is another blog post about the Meet up with 2 more photos.

Okay, here is the blog post from Jonas regarding this event:

Thanks to jan-na & debbie for giving us the link.

Proliferation of Newbies

Posted: July 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

I was gone this past weekend & I believe also the past two weekends due to my other life outside the computer as one YAPPER put it.

But anyway today is another 2-in-1 Blog Day.

In other words, Two Blogs Today!

BUT before anything else, WELCOME TO ALL YAP NEWBIES!!!

I am so happy to see that there is apparently a proliferation of newbies, both asking & answering questions. I hope they can find their way over here in this blog forum & they can introduce themselves. We don’t bite, right?

I am particularly interested in those newbies without an avatar.

I will try to list some of YAP’s newbies:

david p david p Member since: July 15, 2008

Eddie S Eddie S Member since: July 12, 2008

edddie- boy edddie- boy Member since: July 15, 2008

Urban Myth Urban Myth Member since: July 14, 2008

silent_killer 2 silent_killer 2 Member since: July 15, 2008

Walter Walter Member since: July 14, 2008

ossie oioioi ossie oioioi Member since: July 15, 2008

Momay Momay Member since: July 15, 2008

Federico S by Federico S Member since: July 15, 2008

lionel250 lionel25… Member since: June 15, 2008

M M Member since: June 15, 2008

Ariz F Ariz F Member since: July 14, 2008

brockusn brockusn Member since: July 14, 2008

John Peter T John Peter T Member since: July 14, 2008

melody i melody i Member since: July 14, 2008

George A by George A Member since: July 14, 2008

meisetsuseikenji meisetsu… Member since: July 14, 2008

Leandra Leandra Member since: July 14, 2008

romuel s romuel s Member since: July 14, 2008

Cassidy F. Cassidy F. Member since: July 14, 2008

she yla she yla Member since: July 14, 2008

Redge Redge Member since: July 14, 2008

petter f petter f Member since: July 14, 2008

Christian C by Christian C Member since: July 13, 2008

aao aao Member since: July 13, 2008

Dan S Dan S Member since: July 13, 2008

smily cutipie smily cutipie Member since: July 13, 2008

Yabo Yabo Member since: July 13, 2008

broccoli4eva broccoli… Member since: July 13, 2008

Nina Nina Member since: July 12, 2008

Esoj B Esoj B Member since: July 05, 2008

Joe Y Joe Y Member since: July 03, 2008

fenn_a by fenn_a Member since: July 02, 2008

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Romuel G Romuel G Member since: June 27, 2008

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Rhys T Rhys T Member since: May 29, 2008

What’s with July 13, 14 & 15, 2008 anyway?

Newbie-No Avatar Days?

Late Breaking News:

This is a bit late but YAP World has another instance of scrupulous reporting that resulted in the suspension of yet another YAPPER.

Details are still sketchy but just the same, it could very well be another instance of reporting with malicious intent.

I have always said that one of the main reasons for this YAP Forum is to get the side of the Scrupulous YAP Reporters–for today I have changed their name from the Paparazzis.

But as of today, nobody has come out to tell the YAP World why are they doing it. Some people say to ignore them, we have tried that. I tried the opposite approach–but apparently they do not wish to be in the limelight either. I have given them a lot of opportunities to tell us their side of the story. But either they are scared or they are still confused what they want.

So today I ask the YAP World, what do you think:

Are those YAPPERs who report with malicious intent in some sort of:

A. Dirty Harry Style Vigilante Justice?

B. A Rambo First Blood Campaign?

C. Religious/Moral YAP Crusade?

D. Control by the Green-Eyed Monster?

E. Doctor Banner Don’t Me Make Angry You’ll be Sorry Because I Turn Into The Hulk & Forget What I Did At The Time?

F. Jelly-jelly Jealous Rage?

G. Emotional Problem/s?

H. Personal Vendetta?

I. Or some other issue/s?

Please tell us what you think.

To all the YAP Reporters… share your thoughts with us… your audience awaits.