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Yes I know I said this particularYAP Blog is on a sabbatical.

But what can I say, duty calls.

Just a mere one hour after I posted Blog Post #108, I got an email from Jonas, you know, Community Manager of Yahoo! Philippines.

He wanted to inquire about the possibility of a YAP MEET in CA next month.

For no less than Jojo Anonuevo, the General Manager of Yahoo! Philippines will be there to host this Second Yahoo! Philippines Sponsored Meet Up.

Jojo used to be Senior Director of Yahoo! Southeast Asia, but I guessed he has took on the position of GM at Yahoo! Philippines.

So there you go, I asked a survey question at YAP, here’s the link:;_ylt=Ah9eTH_I5wrkZqcqSe06CaIS7RR.;_ylv=3?qid=20080826135419AAGve6I

or this for link for YA Philippines:;_ylt=AqN_wXmVGKYunjuDnFPH4a_acRV.;_ylv=3?qid=20080826135419AAGve6I

So I had to turn around, go back to this page & post this up over here as well.

And so I’m off again… vroom… vroom…


I know that YAHOO! Philippines has programs lined up for the Philippine market but I also figure that they have lots of plans for the Global Filipino as well. That is one of the reasons why there are Meet Ups In the Philippines for Yahoo users there as well as Meet Ups for the Global Pinoys. They just need to know in what particular city/place can there be potential meet ups. And because the GM of Yahoo! Ph will be in CA next month, hence this possibility of having one there. No definite details yet, but if you are interested be sure to send an email to Jonas & maybe even tell him your suggestions.


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I found this picture online somewhere & I liked it so much I embedded it on this blog post,

YAP Blog Post 108.

As many of you already know, I have wanted to go “on leave” or “take off” for some time from YAP & the YAP Blogs… and today I just made it “official”.

This YAP Blog Is On A Sabbatical Leave.

So as the Beijing Olympics comes to a close, I too will go ride towards the sunset & take a breather myself (fun & recreation included).

But make no mistakes, I’ll be back.

But when? Nobody knows. 2012 in London perhaps? I hope not.

Okay, I will leave you this unfortunate a view of my behind & the closing ceremonies of the XXIX Summer Olympics.

(If this video is not working, click on the link above, goodbye for now).

Blog Post 107

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Numbers (Philippine Olympic numbers that is)

90 Million Filipinos
15 Filipino Athletes to the Beijing Games
0 Medals

No correct that.

For the Filipino athletes are actually bringing home, 4 medals coming from the demonstration sport of Wushu (1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze, I believe the best haul ever).

Willy Wang, won the gold medal.
Mary Jane Estimar earned the silver medal.
Benjie Rivera and Marian Mariano took home a bronze medal each.

But as it was earned on a demonstration sport, the medals will not be counted in the Medal Standings.
But make no mistakes, those are real, Olympic bronze, silver and gold medals.

The last medal the Philippines brought home that was counted in the Medal Standing was the Silver medal by Onyok Velasco in 1996.

Now if Wushu becomes a regular Olympic sport in future summer games then we will have something to shoot for, like we do now for Taekwondo, which first came out as a demonstration sport in Seoul (home of Taekwondo & we know that China is the home of Wushu).

That first time Taekwondo was included as demo sport our athletes brought home two medals.

But unfortunately ever since it became a regular olympic sport, we have yet to earn a medal from it.

We sent two taekwondo jins for this edition of the summer games & they both failed to bring home a medal, even if they were actually the only real medal hopefuls we have this year.

But, who knows.

Our country’s sport czars can actually learn something from the fact that ever since the last medal we brought home in 1996, our olympic sports programs have failed to bring home any medal (counted that is) in the last 12 years or the last three summer olympics.

Some people would call that pathetic, sometimes I think that way too.

But if we could only really know how our athletes train, compete, work around & make do with what little they have to work with, then you would understand why we are having the results that we are getting.

And again I say, who knows.

Maybe next time.

And the quest for the Oylmpic Gold Medal (that is counted in the Medal Standings) continues for the Philippines.

But at least now the Philippines holds the record for the most medals won without having won a gold, since the country first sent athletes to compete at the Olympic Games in 1924.

The country has won a total of 9 medals so far in 19 editions of the summer games, 2 Silvers & 7 Bronzes.
So, so far none of it gold, yes the two demonstration sport gold medals not included. Shucks.

YAP Sabbatical Anyone?

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It know it feels kind of odd, but lately I have been seriously considering taking a Sabbatical* from YA, from YAP in particular & of course from this blog which all of you know is mainly a YAP Blog.

I said it’s kind of odd because there are days that I am basically out & have no access to a computer or the internet & so of course I can go on without YAPping & blogging about it.

But there are certain days that I am stuck on a desk job & for stretches of time, there is nothing to do but play online games, blog &… you guessed it check out YAP to see if there is something interesting in it, especially during the graveyard hours.

Anyway I just want to know what you guys think of Sabbaticals*.

I also want to know the pros & cons of it. And I also want to know if any of you guys have done it.

*Sabbaticals-any extended period of leave from one’s customary work, esp. for rest, to acquire new skills or training, etc.; to relax, to unwind, to refresh one’s self []

Anyway, I have been a YAP regular for over a year. And I have been writing up blog posts about YAP for over half a year now.

I have seen & experienced the best & the worst of YAP & the best & the worst of us YAPpers. And I know most of you guys who have been YAPping for some time now, know what I am talking about & even know it firsthand.

Anyway, I have just been to Bopols Blog & I have just read his two blog posts, both of which were real eye openers. I just hope he would write & post more, for I am in the habit of visiting & reading other YAPpers blog posts, if there is really nothing interesting in YAP. Some of which I leave comments on, but most I just read. It’s fun to read. You get to learn a lot of things. I love reading almost as much as I love writing.

Anyway, Bopol’s blogs I have first read about a month ago–?cq=1

& ever since that time I have been hoping to write a blog about it, but haven’t really gotten around to doing it, well at least I wrote partially about it today anyway.

And as I was saying YAP & even blogging & commenting about YAP has brought up the BEST in YAPpers. And I am not even referring to those whose answers are being selected as BAs. But in how people who haven’t even met each other will take time out & put in much effort to help out somebody who they know almost nothing about.

But on the other hand, as Bopols have pointed out, we also see the WORST in YAPpers as a few are asking questions that they already know the answers to, & they are just waiting to get the answer that they wanted to get & then choose that as the BA, even if logic, common sense, the facts & everything else points to it as being anything but the Best Answer.

Some people ask the most ridiculous of questions, some people gets reported & suspended for the most ridiculous of reasons & lastly some people lie just a little bit (even only 5% of the time) to satisfy whatever need they have. Be it to impress someone in particular or other YAPpers in general, or to play a game, to project an image or a personage, to gain lots of friends, or to whatever else reason there is.

And in all these, I can say that YAP (as in YA Philippines) is very much like the Philippines, only its all online. Where we don’t really see each other eye-to-eye but we still get to meet each other, exchange greetings & messages, hang out with one another & even help out one another. We are one big online family. For better or for worse.

So YAP Sabbatical anyone?

Log in & Run

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I have barely 5 minutes to sneak in, into YAP & into this blog. I’ll have more time later on tonight.

So basically right now, I will Log-in, take a peek & run. Normally I have about 15 minutes to spare each time, but not today.

But before I go, I’ll do this quick blog post, for I noticed yet another YAP Q. Here it is:

Filipinos at Yahoo Answers!, why do you call yourselves YAPPER?

Seriously, what’s the etymology of that word?

Yap = Yahoo Answers Philippines from Yahoo Answers>Travel>Asia Pacific>Philippines with Travel>Asia Pacific disregarded.
Per = apiece?

Shouldn’t it be Yaper? (Yap + suffix “er”)

Okay, seriously, what do you think?

Cat & Mouse Game

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I went to YAP just now & I got that silly message.

Drat. Nothing here right now.

Why don’t you become the first to ask a question instead?

Yes, drat another YA Bug. Well, at least it was not the dreaded YA coffee break message.

But speaking of bugs, some one informed me that the bug pics from the last blog post was also “bugged” out. Anyway I’ll see if I can “fix” that bug.

Okay, I had no intentions of putting up a blog post but as I’m here already & I’m actually typing one up, I might as well make something up.

Today I wanted to share to you (yes you reading this blog post) that lately I have been seeing a lively YAP, & also I noticed that some people have an issue about the terms YAP & YAPPER. I actually asked a Q about that.

Anyway what I really wanted to ask in YAP is this Q, but of course it is not really something one asks over there without risking being reported.

Okay the YAP Q & related qs are:

1. Do you believe that when the CAT is away, the mouse will play?

(Okay to some YAPPERs with CAT avatars & names, this is not specific for you guys but I am referring to the old saying, FYI)

2. Do you believe that there seems to be a lot of “mice” that are playing within YAP lately, specially YAP newbies or YAP non-regulars or those that are regulars or even TC holders of other categories. Is it maybe because the cats aren’t really chasing after them anymore, keeping them in check, putting them in their right place?

3. Do you know what I am talking about?

4. I just want to know, what do you think about this?

This post is just my own observation, no particular agenda about it. As I have said a few times before I have been finding a lively YAP lately & I actually wanted to answer many questions, it’s just that I do not have that much time to spare.

Anyway, until next blog post (if there is more to come that is).


Okay I just came from YAP just now & I asked this Q. And I think this question, I can add to this blog post. Here it is:

If YA is a mansion with many rooms (categories) how will you answer this? (see details)?

If YA is a mansion or a guest house with many rooms (all the different categories) and if those who go there (to ask and answer questions) are transients, which among these animals will best describe you?

A Dog, a Cat or a Mouse?

And when the mansion owners & the dogs aren’t looking who between these two transients, the cats & the mice will be owning the place?


Yahoo 360 Bugs, Atbp

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Bugs, it’s everywhere. Creepy critters, bed bugs, bugging devices and yes even Yahoo 360 bugs.

The photo above would be familiar if you have been following the Beijing Olympics.

Beijing Street Food anyone?

I know some things we need to draw the line somewhere. And I heard some of them bugs on the stick are still kicking & very much alive.

Anyway as a follow up to debbies blog post a few days ago, there is obviously a Yahoo 360 Bug regarding posting comments, it’s the same with posting blogs too.

It is frustrating but these kinds of bugs have been with us for how many months now. And yes we do know that we even have bugs in YA too. (And I am not talking about YAP creepy crawling denizens who live in the dark & have yet to surface in YAP, in here or anywhere else)

And speaking of YA, I see that YAP has been a lively category for how many days now.

I love it & I just wanted to jump in & post more answers.

But I just don’t have enough time lately but anyway I’ll see you all there eventually.

Okay, that’s all I wanted to say.


Thanks PC for the forward:

So for all of our international audience, I hope you had your lunch or dinner already.

Hungry at the Olympics Try the local fare —

Bon Appetite!