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Yes, ´╗┐I just read this question at YAP and I am thinking if I am new to this forum, I’d tell myself… “Who the… is him (her)?

This open YAP Question was:

Philippines: Where is the world is Purple Tactics?

(yes, ala Carmen San Diego)

And of course, mainly only the YAP oldtimers who are still yapping gave a response. As battgirl noted, it really has been 3 years. Yes at least for the YAP Batch 2007 and earlier.

I myself is a batch 2007 Yapper, and I remember Purple Tactics well. Although I don’t know him enough to respond to this question or most other questions regarding him. So yes, I didn’t respond.

It was fun reading the answers though and hopefully Purple Tactics, finds out he is being missed at YAP. And of course, I know many of the other YAP oldtimers are missed as well. (Do we need to call them out at YAP as well?)

But as lakwatsa have noted the obvious, there seems to be not that much interesting questions to respond to anyway. So why hang around?

Well hopefully, the newer batch of YAPPERs can pump it up and hopefully members of the older batches can jump in once in a while.

Happy Yapping!


If seen or heard from

please have him visit YAP as soon as possible.


I know I haven’t been in YAP as often as I was before.

I know that there have been a lot of new Yappers who have become regulars.

And I know that there have been a few old timers who have now slowly but surely starting to go back into the groove of things (or trying to).

But this one YAP Travel Philippines Question took me back to the good old days of YAP.

Here is the Question:

How do you help a Yapper that’s built an unhealthy obsession with you lately?

Now I have invited those involved to use this YAP Forum to talk things over.

And yes, no-holds-barred here and no thumb down, no reporting and no suspensions.