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Okay, Whats Going On???

Posted: May 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

Okay it has only been a fewweeks since I haven’t gone to YAP.

And then I go back there a couple of days ago & ask three Qs. (It didn’t even get a whole lot of answers).

But then I come back today & saw two messages regarding what has been going on in YAP while I was away. Then I waded through a few more of my unread email & see at least one more message saying almost the same thing.

So what’s up with YAP???

I may have to try sending an SOS message to Jonas one of these days to. Anyway interesting stuff like this always seem to happen more often when I am away from YAP. And so I always tend to miss many of them. And on a few occasions I come back to YAP and open my mouth & mind there. Then I see innuendoes (did I spell that word right) about how certain YAPPers come alive when I was away or certain YAP Q & As mysteriously arrive interestingly enough when I am away. It blows my mind sometimes. And sometimes I can’t blame certain YAPPers from putting more into what’s really there just because they want to find a few missing pieces of this one huge puzzle we call YAP.

Anyway, the hot topic right now that I am talking about it how certain YAPPERs have been talking a whole lot of crap about the Philippines & about FIlipinos. But we all know that that has been happening since we can remember. So all we can do about that is to report content that we see are really hateful attacks if not complete fabrications about Pinoys if nothing else.

And secondly we have this brewing war between the YAP expats in the Philippines & certain Filipino YAPPERs. And apparently, because I have not been in YAP for about three weeks, nowit has become uglier & uglier & uglier.

And so I ask where are all the peace-loving YAPPERS out there?

And as a YAPPER or as a member of this YAP Family or community of YAPPERs what have we done to help find a resolution to this X vs. Y thing.

I want to say more but really I have to go. And to the people who have answered my Qs, I thank you guys & I hope there are more answers to come. And to spotter who asked me about my prediction on the Battle of East of West, just like in Manny’s last fight, I really can’t say. But this one I have said before & I will say again, I would know for sure after the first few seconds/minutes of the opening bell. And as we have seen in the Dela Hoya fight, we pretty much know how that fight would go by just watching the first minute or two.

Although if I am to give my fearless prediction. Manny Pacquiao in a knockout win in the middle rounds or if the fight miraculously goes the distance, a win for Manny by decision.