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Philosophically & Realistically–Is it more like:

“Life imitating Art?”

or is it more like

“Art imitating Life?”

or is it both?

And does it mean that: YAP is a mere reflection of the Filipino Life?

or that the Filipino Life is a reflection of what will become of YAP?

Or am I making sense at all??

What do you think???

And what do you think are typical Filipino Stereotypes and does any of those impact what goes on in YAP?

Do you believe that we determine our future or is it determined by what we are now & what we are in the past?

I wanted to post this in YAP but I decided to put it up here first.


This Blog Post was a lead in to this one that I posted a few days later:–?cq=1&p=590#comments

YAP Petition

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As many of you are already aware of there HAS BEEN AN ONGOING Petition to Reinstate the YA Account of Felicity.

I first noted it here a few weeks back on the Blog Entitled YAP NEWS:

NOW there is an Online Pettion That any concerned Yapper can Visit, Sign & Be Counted.

There is also a Blog Post giving more details about it at this link:

And lastly there is a YAP Question Posted for this purpose but I do not need to include the link in this forum.

So if you have comments leave them below, leave them at the blog post links above or visit the Petition Page to sign up:

See You All In YAP.


It feels good to help somebody out especially someone that is in need, even if the person is a total stranger to you or if you believe that that person is not worthy of that aid. I, along with many others have our past YAP Accounts targetted for some reason or another & were unceremoniously suspended but nobody came out to help us. That to me is reason enough to sour-grape or to tell myself that this happened to allan y & to many others why will we participate in this petition.

I do not even know Felicity personally nor does she know me, in fact in my early YAP days I have mistaken her to be a he–mainly because of her avatar at the time & not because of anything else–but I have never mentioned that to anyone before, for who cares what I think anyway.

I am not here to make a decision for you, but I hope whatever decision you make is made because of your own free will. Your heart will tell you what to do. God speed.

TD Maniacs & Paparazzis

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Today we will concentrate on a specific breed of YAPpers.

I know that I am not alone in this for I have seen a lot of YAP questions asking why are there a lot of TDs (thumbs down) on answers that are just expressing their personal opinions.

And of course there was that high season of YA violation reporting which I believed we have not seen as of late.

But as I have said, I have originally put up this YAP Blog to get some answers from the YAP Reporters (I call them Paparazzis) and to some extent also to get replies from YAP TD Bandits (as one YAP questioner branded them).

And so today, I call upon Paparazzis & TD Bandidos y Bandidas to come out from behind the anonymity of the current YA Reporting & Rating Setup & to come in here to share with us the reasons WHY.

So today, I ask again, nobody here is out to persecute anybody–not that I know of anyway. But for me, all I wanted to know is why, so that we can start to understand, so that some yappers can start to forgive, to heal & to co-exist within this tiny space in cyberworld, which some of us have called our second home–YAP.

We are all YAPpers, it might not be right for me to say this–but each one of us are needed in YAP, for we all have our purpose. The question is what is your purpose & why do you do it?

Ever since, we have opened up this FREE & OPEN FORUM, the ball has always been on your side of the court, you just have to take it, run with it & bring it to the hoop.

What do you say?

Comments Please…

Watch Your Step

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There is an old Filipino Saying that goes something like:

“Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan, ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan.”

{Can somebody translate that phrase for me in English so that our International Audience can also participate, thanks.}

And so today I am asking YAP Oldtimers to share their thoughts on how YAP was on their early yapping days, you know before many of us came here.

What was different and what has remained the same?

What was good & what was bad?

What could be done to make it better?

I know that Filipinos are generally friendly, hospitable, laidback, fun-loving, easy-going, dreamers, sometimes boastful, sometimes humble & sometimes envious people.

But does all these traits play a role on how YAP has developed so far?

What do you think?

Can each one of us be an instrument to make it a better experience for every YAPPER?

Can each of us set aside our differences & our past hurts to help make for a better YAP?

And if I may ask, I would want ALL those YAPPERs who have been YAPping for over a year to share their knowledge with us newcomers–you know who you are, including those whose first accounts have been put in the penalty box (special mention to the former no.1 yapper in the YAP USA LB–allan y & many others in the LBs).

And may I also ask those whose first experience here in YAP was not a good one for they might have been accused of being a troll or having their own army of trolls–I noticed WELL said that in one of his comments, so his input will be appreciated on this.

I know that many of us have just gotten off on the wrong foot so that any good relationship that could have been developed, didn’t. I know that I have hurt a few YAPPERs with what I have said or done. BUT I also know that some YAPPERs have also treated me NOT so kindly. But I assure everyone that anything I have done so far was not intended to get back at anybody, but I do apologize again to all those who I have offended one way or another.

So if there ever was ever a wrong foot, THERE SHOULD BE A RIGHT ONE TOO. So who wants to POST THEIR COMMENTS to start PUTTING THEIR BEST FOOT FORWARD?

Your audience waits…


Fisher Stevenson performing “Best Foot Forward” K-Bull 93

Commercial Break

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Is everything alright on your part of the world?

Anyway we have a new sponsor to this site & they want to show

their new ad commercial:

As you can see, only the world’s best of the best are included.

And to see a Southeast Asian Athlete included in that elite 6

should be a reason for celebration.

[Kobe Bryant, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Cristiano Ronaldo, Liu Xiang and Manny Pacquiao]

My only take is that Manny should start endorsing PHILIPPINE BRANDS.

I know that we do not have that many quality brands, but there should be

a handful of Filipino Brands That He Could Have Endorsed, or better yet

he could have made his own Filipino Line of Products.

What do you think?

Or is that Money talks louder?

Like In Any War since the first & second WWs there will always be Bombing Raids.

And today there was another round, so we’re off to the Bomb Shelters to wait.

And while we are waiting we shall have a few more words from our sponsors.

And because we are seen worldwide here are all the international versions:


i wish i could share all the love thats in my heart,
remove all the fuss that keep us apart,
i wish i could say all the things that i should say,
say ’em loud, say ’em clear,
for the whole round world to hear.

i wish i could give all im longing to give
i wish i could live like im longing to live,
i wish i could do all the things that i can do
and though im way overdue,
id be starting anew.


sana’y masabi sa awit kong ito
lahat nang ninanais nitong puso ko
sana saan man patungo sa buhay
may pag-ibig, may pag-asa
may saya, at saysay

sana sa bawat sandali matikman pa
sarap ng pagsasama at simpleng ligaya
tara na sakyan lang, malay mo…
andyan lang, andyan lang…
ang hinahanap mo…




I don’t know about you but whatever language we speak,



I hope after the last bomb has detonated, we will all be one in

saying LET BYGONES BE BYGONES. Forgiving & Forgetting

& To Say NEVER AGAIN, because we all CARE FOR ONE ANOTHER.



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So it’s Official Now,

One of the mainstays of the YAP Leader Board (YAP LB) is out.

And the New YAP USA Leader Board as of this writing is:

1. agua ♥ dulce …………….864 BAs

2. Rode|ette ۩ ………………643 BAs

3. jan-na~♥~ and im luv… 591 BAs

4. kahlan nynaeve® ……..541 BAs

5. Bopols ……………………..527 BAs

6. battgirl …………………..505 BAs

7. doyin ……………………..416 BAs

8. sweetwater ………………382 BAs

9.Great Days ……………….366 BAs

10. Aref H4 …………………356 BAs

YAP Australia LB

1. shirley g ………………….453 BAs

2. Papa Chuck ………………341 BAs

3. mystery moo …………….103 BAs

4. windblown …………………76 BAs

5. Phoenix ……………………..69 BAs

YAP Philippines LB

1. ScarletRaven ……………..206 BAs

2. dark angel 16 …………….107 BAs

3. maej …………………………94 BAs

4. Helen of Troy ………………64 BAs

5. Isang Kahig, Isang T… ……55 BAs

6. rhythm ……………………..52 BAs

7. Pointy ……………………….41 BAs

YAP Singapore LB

1. annabelle p ………………..323 BAs

2. ken_r41 …………………….177 BAs

3. luosechi ……………………..109 BAs

YAP Canada LB

1. tranquil …………………….145 BAs

YAP India LB

1. 黒いサファイア/Black Sapphi… 111 BAs