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Good Friday

Posted: April 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

It serves me write (or is it “It serves me right”).

Anyway, it is Good Friday today & I am here trying to write a blog & when I clicked the button to POST it. It posted NOTHING! #$%^&*!

LOL, well anyway I have been increasingly having a hard time finding the time to WRITE & EDIT posts here in this YAP Blog as well as stay in YAP itself–the Y360 & the YA Bugs notwithstanding.

So you guys might not get to see more of me in here or in YAP for a few, I don’t know, days, weeks or even months.

So just the same, I’ll see you guys when I see you, message me when you need to & HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY!


YAP Q of the Week

Posted: April 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

I know that I haven’t been in this YAP Blog as I needed to be. As well as I am still not able to EDIT the blog posts that I wanted, such as the YAP Award Winners, anyway one of these days I can finalized those just as long as these Y 360 bugs would allow me to.

Anyway I saw this YAP Q that caught my fancy & wanted to ask it in here too so as to give it a longer lifespan & to have your opinions/answers easily seen by any new YAP comer who comes to this forum, so as for them to know a thing or two that they need to know.

Here is the Q.

Is there a protocol for newbie Y!APers?

What do you think fellow YAPPERs?