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I know, this is a little late again. (yes what else is new).

But that’s how it has been for me lately, in case you haven’t figured it out yet.

I have been very busy and so everything I type up is mostly late. But who isn’t busy with something right?

But as they say, better late than never

So to all our Asian Readers out there… HAPPY NEW LUNAR YEAR!

As for me, me and my son celebrated it by going to the LA18 Lunar Year celebrations at the Charles H. Wilson Park (here in the Southbay, California) last Sunday afternoon.

It was raining quite heavily but it was on and off but still we went and joined in the Festivities and many of the Asian communities were represented.

Of course we sampled (bought, ate and enjoyed) almost all of the Asian cuisine available. We tried the Korean beef first. Then the Japanese food next. And of course we went to the Chinese food stand and had to wait quite a long while as the line was among the longest.

Then we capped it off with the Filipino food and tried many of the dessert stands.

We were wet, we were tired and full but we had a good time.

And we went home with a free gift from LA 18 (which incidentally not only broadcasts Asian shows here in SoCal but also showcases the only US-made Filipino TV Show for and by Filipinos — Kababayan LA).

All in all, it was great day.

The only thing we miss now is that sticky cake we always have back home… locally known as “tikoy”. Now I may have to hunt it down and go to all the local Asian stores… Wish me luck… that is if you believe in luck.

God bless everyone!!!

January 30, 2011, that’s my son eating a snow-cone. And yes it was raining but still lots of people, mostly Asians. Kung Hei Fat Choy!