Happy YAP Trolling Days Over?

Posted: October 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

I have a busy day today & it’s still not over. But I have a few minutes & I just wanted to come in here & post this blog.

And I ask this question is Happy YAP Trolling Days Over?

Why would I ask this anyway, well for one I just got an email from Jonas who has told me that my suspension may be overturned. And to whoever reported me, if it was out of malice or if it can be proven that there is a pattern of doing malicious reporting, then they better come in here regularly to check the status of my case or checkout the Real Yahoo Philippines Blog where Jonas posted the current blog post entitled Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I know a number of YAPpers have already joined in that particular discussion & I encourage every YAPper to do the same. (Just click on the link)

“Abangan ang susunod na kabanata…” To be continued…

  1. Papa Chuck says:

    That is good news, my fingers are crossed for your re-instatement. There must be a few ‘nervous’ people out there. I still do not understand how or why your account was suspended. If you haven’t had many violations and did appeal the ones you did receive then it doesn’t make sense. Iam hoping that it was just an ‘innocent’ reportr
    Here’s one for the Conspiracy Theorists, ‘what if someone working within YAHOO knows certain Yappers and these Yappers used this to their advantage,’ just a theory ok.

  2. Beetlle says:

    I haven’t been on YAP for very long. I probably started participating actively around mid 2008, maybe earlier. Even then, I’ve noticed that some kind of conflict has been brewing for a long time. but it wasn’t as apparent as it is now. Yah, you’d get a few snipes from one party against another, but it wasn’t always out in the open. However, because of unconcerned people taking sides and giving answers and posts full of innuendoes, this fight has been all the more brought out in the open and blown out of proportion.

    I think that some people should just get off their high horse and keep their mouth shut. let the concerned parties fight their own fight. As you can see at the current situation in Yap, meddling has not helped one bit. The fight is worse now than it was when i first came. I was curious once about this conflict, but was advised not to get involved. I heeded this advice, but right now I can’t remain quiet when a person’s posts are full of double entendres and then put on a facade of neutrality. It irritates me to no end. Her posts have changed their tone though, but it’s a little too late for that. The words have done their damage.

    If you’re like me, not directly involved then let’s try not to make things worse. Let them fight their fight. If you read truth in their posts, then heed it, but there’s no need to fight their war for them. I just think that it’ll do more harm than good.

    This is all I have to say.

  3. Japs says:

    Jonas said that he wasn’t able to attend to his emails for a week, so his response was late.

    But he did say that my suspension MAY be overturned & to just wait. And yes it doesn’t make sense that you get reported for something (no reason) & then puff suspension. I know it is automated (specially if multiple people in high standing reports you) but when people within Yahoo really takes their time & check what happened then the quirks with the automated system can be corrected because of human intervention if not human logic. But then we do not know if they really check to see if an injustice was done.

    And yes it may not surprise me that it was an innocent reporter who initiated it. But we know that it takes more than one reporter. So let’s wait & see.

    Thanks for taking the time to tell us what you feel. I know a lot of YAPpers have something to say but some are either too lazy or too scared to share them. Most have their own reasons & we respect that. But thanks again.

    And yes it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that there is something wrong within YAP. I started mid 2007, I really loved just reading the Q & A, not really participating at first & envied the fact that those that are participating were having so much fun & at the same time, they were helping out others by giving advise & answers. And so I told myself that I am going to start answering & participating & I did. But to my surprise the first week I did, I was “attacked”.

    So whoever told you to not get involved gave you a great advice. But as you can see even as a newbie or being a user that is not really joining the fray I was “targetted”. So no one is really “safe”.

    But the more important part is that whatever you see in the outside within YAP is really nothing when compared to what is going on behind the scenes. Many YAPpers are really very tight–I’ve noticed that even before I really joined YAP. Some have known one another for a very long time & most know each other personally.

    Certain people have certain perceptions about other users which may or may not be true. (As I was for a very long time thought as a troll. Heck, up to now some people still think I am). And some really know first hand who’s who & what another user is really like.

    So when certain things happened that made enemies of previously tight YAPpers & when certain people have certain perceptions about other users especially NEW ones. And then one thing leads to another. And then one user hurts another (intentionally/collaterally/accidentally/perceivably & any other ly). Then the other one retaliates. And then their friends join in & then everybody is now suspect. And everybody is mad. And everybody is open to attack. And so what we have now is a YAP that is unsafe & not fun anymore.

    And that is why I started this YAP OPEN FORUM. And I hope that people would make use of it to effect a change that will make YAP better.

    I have more to say but not the time to do so.

  4. Papa Chuck says:

    I suppose in some ways I am responsible for a lot of the ‘going ons’ in YAP. My intentions were purely to try and make YAP a fairer place for all. I t took me a long time to gaet the courage to raise my voice as I knew I would be alienated from the rest but I made my decision and still stick by it.
    I was getting somewhat aggravated when certain people would answer questions and stating they had nothing to do with reporting or trolling and then one day I snapped and said “that’s it, I am blowing the lid on the goings on here in YAP.” By doing so I have not gained anything (wrong I have gained some good friends)in fact have lost many friends.
    I feel that ‘BEETLE’ may be referring to ANNABELLE P and if so I would like to say something in her defence. I feel that her mind has been somewhat poisoned and that is why she may be taking the stance that she has.
    Some of us were discussing INDAY and how her trolls all had their own different personalities. It was brought up that INDAY’S real age was in the fifties (yes that’s right)and how she was probably a grandmother. A statement was made “maybe ANNABELLE P is INDAY’S real ID.” We mulled over the idea but had no proof and so the idea died. It was later that some proof did surface but as it wasn’t 100% it again died. ROD has probably been in AP’s ears telling her that we were sure that the two were the same BUT ROD has that wondeful talent of making a mountain out of a mole hill.
    So just for you ROD yes it was discussed that MAYBE ANNABELLE P and INDAY were possibly one and the same BUT that’s all it was a discussion.

  5. Japs says:

    I know that you have seen that my Japs account was ressurected. And you are correct not by a miracle really but thru the help of a miracle man–our most loved YAP Community Manager, Jonas.

    I know that he is really interested in policing the streets of YAP to bring down the pesky trouble makers, so we should all do our part by doing responsible reporting & even sending an email to Jonas himself.

    Regarding your crusade PC, I admire it & it will really alienate you but if all you are after is for the truth to be told & for innocent YAPPERs who might be victims, to be informed of what’s going on, then you will gain some new friends.

    I feel this is going to be long, so I might just start a new blog post about this…

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