Where In The World Are YAP Oldtimers?

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Since I only starting YAPPING at the Yahoo! Answers Philippines (Travel>Philippines Section) only in 2007, the oldtimers I am referring to are my contemporaries and those who were already yapping there ahead of me.

Somebody mentioned in one of his questions how he misses the Yappers of old and yes, I do too.

So to bring a little nostalgia back, and also to have a new blog post at this almost deserted YAP Blog of mine, I decided to ask this question:

Where In The World Are YAP Oldtimers?

So Yappers, young and old back from the Golden Age of YAP (circa 2007 and earlier)…

where are you and what have you been up to lately?


  1. I am still in touch with the batch of 2007. In fact, I met up with Annabelle in Cebu early this year and with Kahlan a few weeks back. She treated me to breakfast at Plantation Bay.

    As for me, I left YAP for a while, and have been back lately, answering practically travel-related posts only.

    • I have encouraged other oldtimers to be back TODAY, July 4, 2013. After I had coffe with Noeh “Windblown” Mondragon in Sydney last week. We were reminiscing about YAP and started to playfully ask “why don’t we all go back?”

  2. yappers says:

    That’s good to know Boy. One of these days, we would also meet up with each other… hopefully sooner than later. God bless.

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