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YAP Rude Awakening…

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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YAP (Yahoo Answers Philippines)

     I know, Yahoo Answers Travel Section (to the Philippines) is a public forum about anything and everything about the Philippines.

     And I know, mostly people go in there to post stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with the Philippines or travel to the Philippines.

     And I also know that most of the content there are about bashing and trolling and throwing bricks and stones at foreigners to the Philippines as well as Filipinos and anything about the Philippines.

YAP – Anything Goes

     I get it, I’ve been a user of the forum since 2007… so six plus years now and running.

     But lo and behold, this is the first time that I was ever received a message (yes my message box has always been open, as well as the comments section in this YAP Forum) that is not only hateful to me but also hateful against all Filipinos and worst it said and I quote “You ALL deserve a bullet in the head!”… meaning all Filipinos.


     And yes, the sender’s account was already suspended.

      So what is there to do but open up this YAP Forum again for such a time as this (after one year of silence).

     Again, who ever you are… you know who you are. And I know you are using multiple accounts… if you really mean what you say and if you are up to it. I’m right here. Anything goes in here, not like inside YAP where anybody and everybody reports you. Here you can say whatever you like… I’ll be waiting… No holds barred man.

     Bring it on!