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I’m back!


I just like numbers, I am fascinated by them, just like this blog post’s number is 3 ones, or 111.

Anyway enough of that, I just about lost 5 weeks of YAPping (and yaping about YAP in here) but I just got back at reading a few resolved YAP Qs, I didn’t go very far for I found this one fascinating…

Do you think it’s fair to vote for your answer if the Q has been put into voting and not even one has voted?

Me think that (okay for you grammar police that was intended) voting for one’s answer as the BA, most especially if you believe it deserves it, which in my case is almost always the case as I rarely answer anything haphazardly anyway. (The sound of a strong wind blowing just about now is just about right). Me thinks all my answers are BA, don’t you?

Anyway, so if I have some free time, I go in & check up on my answers & if it just so happens that I was able to catch one where the q is in voting, then if there is no other better answer, of course I give mine the BA. (I do have seen in one occasion that there was a “better” answer than my “best” answer so I gave my vote to that better answer. I said that only happened once. But only because all I said was something to the effect that so & so got it right & I couldn’t have said it better myself. And the other one’s answer was like 6 paragraphs long. Duh.)

Besides the first 5 to 6 months I was in YAP I did not even know you can vote in your own answer. And in the first 1 to 4 months I did not even vote at all. Don’t tell me when you were a newbie you knew all things already? You must be a genius…

Anyway, about the 4th month I was able to notice that YA feature Vote (Undecided Questions), I told myself, what the heck is that & decided to look inside. Viola, I have the power! LOL

Anyway, me thinks that because YA gave us the privilige to vote & the ability to vote in even our own answer, then legally it’s alright.

Morally? It just depends on your conscience, if you have one.

What do you think? Me thinks it’s alright, especially if you are an upright, above board, productive member of YAP. But that’s only between you & God. Remember Christmas is coming, have you been naughty or have you been nice? There’s no better time to change than today…

Here is the Q, the BA & the rest of the answers.

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warrior is a child

Resolved Question

Do you think it’s fair to vote for your answer if the Q has been put into voting and not even one has voted?

by Juan C

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

who says life is fair?

Asker’s Comment:

yes..i remember my mom telling me that before”anak,no one said life is fair..” but then aren’t we here to make it a little less unfair?

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Other Answers (14)

· by dyslexic bunny

· Well, first thing, you can’t tell if no one else has voted until you vote yourself.
Second, if I take the time to give a good answer, and the asker has neglected his/her question, then hell yeah.

· by deligeez

Give us a link to your question so we can vote and make things fair.

· by annabelle p

If it does not violate any community rule, then I think it’s alright. Go ahead and vote for your answer, specially if you believe your answer is good.

· by Dr Pepper

You can’t vote for your own answer. Once your question goes to the community for vote, you can’t select a best answer.

· by jd

Why not. Every one running in an election votes for themselves. If you don’t feel it’s fair or that your answer is the best don’t vote.

· by Papa Chuck

It is completely above board to vote for your own answer and it doesn’t matter whether anyone else has or hasn’t voted. The key word here is ‘ONCE’ per answer.
It isn’t against Yahoo Guidelines to do so.

· by crispy pata

it’s allowed by yahoo. some users don’t vote. they answer and forget about it. i do the same thing. but if i remember i vote for mine.

· by ich liebe dünne skinny Jeans

I think, it is fair to vote your answer as best answer only if you think it is really the best answer or if there are no better answer than yours. Imagine this situation:

Q: “What is the capital of Phlippines?”

Answerer 1: I don’t know.
Answerer 2: Manila
Answerer 3: Cebu
Answerer 4: It’s Manila but now I think it’s Quezon city.

Let’s say, you are answerer #2 and the question is in voting, wouldn’t you vote for your answer which is the legitimate one.

by 1×1 pic

sure its fair- well based on Y!Answer Guidelines, all people on Y!Answer have the right to vote, including yourself except the one who ask, of course(who technically can’t decide which one is the best answer). it’s just that the other users did not exercise their right to vote; hence, you had the advantage. just like in a fair political election, if you’re running for an office, you can vote for yourself and its still valid.

however, in terms of weighing the substance of each answer according to the discretion of the voters, i have to say that it’s a bit unfair; but knowing how indiscriminate people could be on Y!Answer, community voting for the best answer is pretty much senseless most of the time; so you could probably say that both is unfair. besides, getting the best answer in most opinion-based questions is already biased in the first place because the best answer is based on the questioner’s point of view. the same is true with very specific Q&As; when multiple correct and exact answers come, best answers are taken from any of these: first-come-first serve basis(what should be, provided that its correct); Eeny, meeny, miny, mo; or as ridiculous as “you have the cutest avatar, so i pick you.” so most of the time, none is fair.

by Hot Head

oh sh*t….. i did it all the time, would it make me morally incorrect?

by bromelia…

if you dont have anything better to do then why not..there is plenty of time in the world.

by STL Biker

Of course it is fair. Infact if you let this question go to voting I will vote for my answer because I think I answered it the best.

by aNgRy YoUnG pOeT

some voters just don’t even read the answers but just click the first answer available to gain a point… i don’t think it’s unfair if you vote your own answer as the best. anyway, you have the right also to defend or stand by your answer in voting.

by yuanyuan

It’s not fair. But who cares?

  1. debbie says:

    welcome back!!

  2. Japs says:

    thanks debbie. welcome back here as well.

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