YAP Personality Spotlight #3

Posted: October 15, 2008 in Uncategorized


Aka Helen of Troy

Level 5

YAPPER Since September 07, 2007

About me: busy lang ang lola nyo ngaun, kumakarir! kaya ayaw-ayawan muna…

I have always wanted to make a List of YAPpers which anybody can look through and read through.

Everyone with a YAPper’s Profile, you can browse & come back to again & again so as to get a sense of who is behind this YAP Avatar.

When I was a new YAPper I thought this would have been a great resource especially if I am going to ask a specific question & I will be relying on an answer given by a specific YAPper which I know nothing about.

And it took me two YAP sabbaticals, two YAP suspensions and three YAP accounts to finally start this YAP List.

And so today I am spotlighting a Lady YAPper who affectionately calls herself “lola”. Why? Because she probably thinks she is older than most of the YAPpers out there. But definitely she is younger than me. She is still in her late 30s (Oops nabuko ko ba? Yari ako). But we know that she is still 19 at heart.

She is happily married (happing-happy) to a super papalicious (super pogi, muy guapito) hubby (na super seloso daw & bakit kaya). And that is why I believe that she is muy guapa rin, kaso wala pa yatang YAPper nakakameet sa kanya, bakit kaya? Baka madiscover? (Although I just heard from the grapevine that she has many YAPpers that is her chatmates & textmates & that many of them have already seen pictures of her at Friendster).

Anyway, I know that she is a super mommy, she has two kids, a boy & a girl (ako rin gusto ko nang one boy & one girl).

And I didn’t know that I started YAPping earlier than her by about three months, but definitely she knows a lot of YAPpers (a lot more than me) & a lot of YAPpers consider her as a friend (definitely a whole lot more than those that consider me as one). And there a handful who she even gets to talk with over the phone.

Personally, I think she is one of the most down-to-earth, feet-on-the-ground YAPpers we have out there. I have exchanged emails with her, as I have with a few YAPpers & have found her to be easy-to-get-along with, along with many other YAPpers and you know who you are.

I believe she loves Carrie Underwood, as her 360 page is blasting that for months now. But you might not know that she is also into Pinoy Bands (Chito Miranda of Parokya ni Edgar in particular) & she is into Classical, Jazz, Rock, Country, Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop (teka lahat na yan ah). Okay let us just say she loves music. And she loves to laugh. She loves comedies. She loves movies, tv & radio. (Yes, in her words typical Pinay).

And she likes Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Peter Gallagher, Brendan Frazer & Billy Zane (Oo mahilig siya sa mga makakapal ang mga kilay, mabuti na lang makapal din ang kilay ko at paminsan minsan makapal din ang pagmumukha).

She just had a birthday. Belated (30ish) Happy Birthday.

And I heard that she is like me in a sense that she has worked in many types of jobs, in many different types of environments & several different types of industries & probably under all types of bosses. And of course home engineer pa yan. Doing all the house work, taking care of the kids & the hubby, doing the accounting, the budgeting, accounts payable & accounts receivables included. And with sidelines on the side pa.

And I know that she has even taught kids in a School for Special kids. Super galing naman talaga ng ating YAP Personality for today.

She lives in the South side of Metro Manila and I am proud to feature her as YAP Personality #3.

Oo nga pala, we can call her Len.


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