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Hello To All YAPPERs!

I am opening this blog on YAP FAQs & if you have been in YAP for some time then you can understand the need for this particular blog post.

In this continuing YAP FAQ Series, I am hoping to POST all of the Most Frequently Asked YAP Qs especially the most annoying ones. And I am hoping that it can be a Handy Reference Tool for any YAPper, especially all visiting YAPpers.

Here is definitely one of the most frequently asked Qs in YAP. And I do hope that this company can open a YAP Account to at least air their side, as they are really appearing to be a company that aren’t making it happen.


1. We have not received our package and it has been TOO FRUSTRATINGLY LONG OVERDUE!

2. We have talked to one of their personnel and they said it should come anytime soon BUT THAT WAS MONTHS AGO!

3. All their contact numbers are BUSY or they are NOT PICKING UP!

4. I have had enough!

5. I do not want to go POSTAL on them! (pardon the pun)


And because I know how frustrating it can be to all of their paying customers, I am putting up this BA (Best Answer) from one of the countless Stargate YAP Questions. I hope that she wouldn’t mind. Here is her answer.

There have been a lot of inquiries here in Yahoo Answers Philippines about Stargate International. I surmise theirs is a crappy service or people won’t be posting questions here about undelivered (or late or unaccounted for) cargoes.


Below is the contact details of their Manila Office:

Stargate International Cargo Philippines
#30 Real Street
Alabang, Zapote Road
Las Pinas City
T: (632) 874-9126
F: (632) 874-9345


this link has a contact person – Ms. Geng of Stargate Manila

CellPhone: 0920 8049006

The number of their agent in Tacloban is 053-3255259. Pls look for Ms. Jojit or Susan.

Gen San Office: 3017716

LATEST STARGATE ADDRESS/CONTACT INFORMATION in the Philippines and Dubai, courtesy of a commenter below:

Stargate Int’l. Cargo
PO Box 29942 Dubai
Opposite Progressive English School
(Near St. Michaels Church) Church road Yarmouk Area Sharjah UAE

Here are the contact nos.
Customer Services: Jen, Lyn, Weng, Yeyeth, Lou
Tel No. 06-5661371 Mobile No. 050-6461459

Hotline Nos. 050-3005071, 73, 74, 81 82


Stargate Int’l Enterprises
SBI Bldg. Molino Blvd.
Brgy Bayanan, Molino Bacoor Cavite
Customer Service: Angel, Lerma
Tel No. 046-871-0556/046-852-4086

  1. tranquil says:

    Well Japs, you can charge that to experience.

    To determine the credibility of the shipper, here are some tips that I got a long time ago (sorry, can no longer cite the website). It may or may not apply in your place of residence.

    • Please ask for the transport document (Bill of Landing: a document that expresses the terms of a contract between a shipper and a transportation company under which freight is to be moved between specified points for a specified charge. Usually prepared by shipper on forms issued by the carrier, it serves as a document of title, contract of carriage and receipt of goods. Quoted from http://www.lomag-man.org/incoterms/incoterms_glossaire_anglais.php

    • Ask for the shipping line, voyage number, container number, estimated departure/arrival and delivery.

    • Ask regarding adequate insurance coverage.

    In the Philippines, check with the Philippine agent before estimated date of delivery.

  2. Japs says:

    Great advise tranquil. Thank you.

  3. Kyle55 says:

    It’s almost 80 days and there’s no package yet!!! I’m freaking out!! Stargate sucks!!!

  4. MAyeee says:

    The same with our box. We’ve sent it last july 31 and its nov. 7 my family haven’t received anything yet. I tried calling their numbers unfortunately no pick-ups. I checked with Chamber of Commerce on the registry of this company but they told me the license has expired last 2009. How come they still operate without license. Im planning to file a case against this bloody cargo.

    Hope you guys support me with this! 🙂

    • yappers says:

      Hello MAYeee,

      Wow, we have known for a while that the company had major issues because of all the complaints we have seen but we didn’t know what were the reasons.

      If what you say is true then I know there are many people out there who are in the same boat as you and those who would support you.

      Check this link to possibly network with them: http://ph.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20101108110456AANcgwG&r=w

      • Judith Egida says:

        I have the same problem with MAyeee. It was picked up last 31 July 2010, hahabol sa promo nila na 1 jumbo + 1 free bulilit. Until now, 9 Nov, di pa rin dumating sa amin sa Iloilo.
        I am very angry ‘coz para sa birthday ng bunsong anak ko last 10 Oct. naiiyak na nga everytime we chatted. Just now, I learnt from Etisalat that their landline number 06 5661371 was temporarily disconnected due to subscriber’s request. Thus, we can surmise na may tinatago talaga sila. I don’t like this na talaga.
        Can we reveal ourselves and stay connected? That way, malalaman natin if they are speaking the truth or just play around with us. You may contact me at my email address: jinky0167@yahoo.com.
        Nagpadala naman ako last 16 Oct, this time sa LBC, at darating na at the latest by the 1st week of December.
        Hope we can solve this together.

  5. yappers says:

    Hello Judith,

    You can always contact me at this blog site or send an email to me at my yahoo answers profile page: http://ph.answers.yahoo.com/activity?show=wqP8ACpBaa

    I know there has been dozens of people victimized this way or some who got their packages long after the length of shipping time promised them.

    Hopefully, they can see the new question that you have answered at yahoo answers philippines: http://ph.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=ApQumasdB2633QR4XhEC3dcqkn1G;_ylv=3?qid=20101108110456AANcgwG

    and this blog post:

    so you guys can contact one another.

    God bless!

  6. James Bond says:

    Stargate forwarding company in UAE is a bogus company. I have sent my package to the Philippines last Nov. 4. I went home for a short 3 weeks vacation and came back, still no package. I tried to contact their manila office which was transfered to Molino Cavite and talked to a certain Angel. But still no package. I have been trying to find some answers to the where abouts of my package in their office in Sharjah until today, but no clear answers. All the employees will tell you all the lies they can when you will start inquiring regarding your package. The best thing to do is to inform Gulf news and to warn people in order to prevent these company to victimize more people. They are always giving flyers in St. Marys church. Just warn as many people as possible… Tomorrow ill post all their contact numbers and their names

    • yappers says:

      So you came back from your trip and still no package even when you asked at their office in Sharjah, UAE.

      So you and other victims such as yourself should contact one another and try to make a concerted effort to get back what you deserve. This has been happening far too long now and this has to stop.

  7. nica says:

    A blessed christmas to all.. I have the same problem with this cargo company. My husband an ofw in Dubai used the service of Stargate cargo, the package was picked up from my husband’s place last Sept.2010 and up to this date we did not receive anything yet. We were given a number to contact in CAvite to check on the status of the package but no one is picking up..para silang mga walang paki alam! 3 months had passed at sasabihin nila over gma news na marami lang nagpapadala and that took them so long to deliver the package on time..sana man lang MR. FREDDIE KUMAR (owner) when your customer is calling your office and make a follow up on their belongings be courteous enough to pick up the phone and give us an update!! or atleast notify the reciever or the sender thru SMS if the package is in this place etc….kaya nga may tracking number diba! my kids pwdered milk is in that cargo and other stuff that we need at home.. pinagpaguran mo iyon ng mga mahal namin sa buhay mula sa abroad MR. KUMAR and i believe wala naman po kayong karapatan na angkinin yun, nagbayad naman po sila sa tamang price na gusto ng company nyo.. i’ve been trying to search here how to get bitag or imbestigador para naman matulungan tayo lahat ng victim ng company na ito.. sana lets put an end to this poor service of Stargate CArgo.

    • yappers says:

      Nica I am not in the Philippines, but I hope you guys there that has been “victimized” can help each other out by exchanging contact information and updating one another, so as you have said, put an end to this “poor” service.

      God bless!

      You can post your emails and other contact information here so that you can communicate with one another.

  8. James Bond says:

    Stargate Int’l. Cargo
    PO Box 29942 Dubai
    Opposite Progressive English School
    (Near St. Michaels Church) Church road
    Yarmouk Area Sharjah UAE

    Here are the contact nos.
    Customer Services: Jen, Lyn, Weng, Yeyeth, Lou
    Tel No. 06-5661371 Mobile No. 050-6461459

    Hotline Nos. 050-3005071, 73, 74, 81 82

    Stargate Int’l Enterprises
    SBI Bldg. Molino Blvd.
    Brgy Bayanan, Molino Bacoor Cavite
    Customer Service:
    Angel, Lerma
    Tel No. 046-871-0556/046-852-4086

    • yappers says:

      Thank you as well Mr. James Bond.

      I hope we can send this information out to as many other people out there who really need this.

  9. jinkie says:

    salamat sayo kabayan James Bond, last oct 30, pina-pick up ko ang box ko, sa al ain,abudhabi. si mike ang nagpick up. until now wala pa ren ang box. nandito na ako sa pinas wala pa ren, sabi sa office Nov 6 daw napick up na,at parating na sa manila port. nandoon lahat ang pangchristmas namen. baket nila nagagawa ang manloko ng kabayan nila. MIKE, MAY KARMA YAN SA INYO!

  10. jinkie says:

    James Bond; thank you for the information!

  11. gelo says:

    ahmf … .anu po yung cp. number ng cargo stargate

  12. yappers says:

    Hello gelo,

    Someone posted (somewhere) a cellphone number for a certain Ms. Geng, a staff from Stargate, I have no idea if this still works:
    (0920) 804-9006

    And as you may have known, that company used to have two phone numbers in Las Pinas:
    (632) 874-9126 F: (632) 874-9345

    Now, I heard that they have moved to Molino:
    The phone numbers there are:
    (6346) 871-0556 / (6346) 852-4086. Drop the 6346 and dial (046) if calling within the Philippines.

  13. James Bond says:

    If we could raise this issue to Gulf News or Khaleej Times in order to make other people aware of the modus operandi in order for them not get dupe by this company. And yes Nica, if you could contact someone there in the Phil. to investigate, it would be great. Or if you know someone who is the authority, and just to give them a visit, do so query regarding missing packages and let them know that we know they are doing some fraud.

    • yappers says:

      That’s a good idea. I was watching the TV Patrol News last week (I am in North American right now) and they featured this company and the many complaints against it.

      So this is a great time to go to the media.

  14. Lennie says:

    Almost 3 months na wala parin ung package… andi2 na ung ngpadala…. nauna na ungtao ngpadala pero ung package wala pa…. pls email ung contact # at philippines…

  15. kath says:

    Ako rin po…nagpadala po ako ng 2 boxes last October 11, 2010 hanggang ngayon Feb 2011 na wala parin. Natapos lang ang bakasyon ko last December 2010 hindi rin dumating. malaki ang tiwala ko sa kanila at nang mga kaibigan ko pero sinira lang nila..Sana matulungan kami ng Government of Dubai na maibalik ito sa amin.

    • pltd says:

      Kath, nagpadala din ang spouse ko from dubai last October 2010 at hanggang ngayon nga ay di pa rin dumarating. May nagtext nga last january na nag-aapologize na late yung box pero di naman nagpakilala. Ang number niya ay +639153035320. Sino kaya ang makakatulong para naman maiayos at di naman maloko ang mga kababayan natin na naghihirap sa ibang bansa

  16. kath says:

    sana man lang notify nila yung tao kong ano status ng Cargo na ipinadala namin…maawa naman sila sa mga OFWS na nagtatrabaho dito para sa pamilya nila…yun lang ang kaligayahang maibibigay namin sa Pamilya namin nung December tapos wala pa..

    • yappers says:

      I agree kath.

      Kailangan mag-usap-usap kayong mga nabiktima diyan sa lugar ninyo, para kung magrereklamo kayo mas malakas ang dating.

  17. medz says:

    I have also sent 2 boxes from Fujairah, UAE to Gensan Philippines last Oct. 25, 2010. sabi 45-60 days daw before it reaches the destination. The last time we contacted them was on 3rd January 2011. sabi nasa cavite na daw. My mom has informed me na tinext daw xa ng stargate saying it has yet to reach phils. on 4-5 February.. and just now, 7th February 2011.. my sis n law called stargate’s agent in gensan carjeff delivery services at sabi di pa daw nariri-release sa customs. we have to wait for another week!!

    NASAAN NA BA TLGA ANG MGA CARGO BOXES KO!!! it really irritates me!! they wont answer your calls, they dont even have a website! STARGATE, kung bankcrupt na kau at di na ninyo kya magpatakbo ng business.. pls stop operating!! Send all your pending transactions and close!.. maawa kau sa mga OFWs na nagpapakahirap kumita ng pera sa ibang bansa.. hindi namin hinuhukay ang pera d2.

    i just hope & pray na ma release na sa customs ang cargo boxes namin at maihatid na sa bahay namin.

    • yappers says:

      As I said medz, this looks like an issue since at least three years ago and is still continuing until this day.

      The way I see it is that all of you who have victimized should communicate with one another (even just to exchange emails ot through forums like this) so that you can update one another and help each other out to look for ways to help solve your problems with this company.

  18. McJasonLee says:

    Does that address really exist? My uncle who lives at Cavite said that there’s no such address.

    My mothers sent cargo boxes last September or November and we still haven’t receive the cargo up to now.

    What the heck is wrong with this company?

    Here is my e-mail address:


    Any one kind enough to send me help regarding my problem please contact me at once. 😦

    • AJade says:

      i live in oud metha anyone who is in Dubai maybe we can mae a consolidated effort para maireklamo po yung stargate na ito at ng hindi n makaperhuswisyo sa mga OFWs, kakapissed off service nila. I am very much willing na makipagtulungan para maipasara company na ito and it’s really stressful to wait for our boxes coz hindi birong pera ang inilaan naming mga OFW para makaipon ng ipapadala sa mga mahal natin sa buhay. you can email me at myapril9@yahoo.com

  19. lea says:

    same problem of mine. i sent 4 boxes (2jumbo and 2 regular) and weights equipment. they picked up 1st week of october and its already march pero di pa rin namin narereceive packages.last time na tumawag sister ko tehy said on the way na pero hangang ngayon wala pa rin. lagi tinatawagan sister ko pffice nila philippines pero ring lang lagi and after that nagbubusy na.it is so irratating..hope someone can help me with this..

    • marcelia says:

      ako din po…Oct 30 2011 nung pinadala ng Mr. ko kaso until now wala p din. my pumunta nb sa bacoor branch? i plan to go there this weekend,sn nga delivery lang ang problema nila. at sn nga totoong andun n sa warehouse kc un ang sv nung nkausap ko sa phone mga end of january un. i tried calling almost everyday pero they wont answer the phone.

  20. medz says:

    finally after 5 long months.. dumating na rin mga boxes ko in gensan last thursday 17 march 2011. THANK GOD!.. guess what, my mom had to pay 300 pesos more just to get done with it. nway, hope you can get all ur boxes too. Godbless

  21. tata sarabia says:

    were almost the same victimized by this bogus stargate. i send 1 box before i left fujairah UAE last november but until now i havent recieved my box. i been calling them they always make an excuse. im planning to go to their warehouse in cavite and bring a police who could protect me when i am in there warehouse. Please magkaisa tayong kasuhan yung stargate. eto po yung contact ko 09498222274 mag ugnayan po tayong mga victima pra matigil na ang kanilang panloloko sa kapwa pilipino.

  22. AJade says:

    hi i don’t know how to chase my cargo boxes it’s been long overdue from jan. 6, 2011 up to now my family haven’t received it, is there a way we can do to stop this kind of service of this company, it’s really frustrating and their staff wasn’t at all helpful mga antipatika from dubai to cavite staff.

    • EMS says:

      hello AJade..imagine…that stupid staff of stargate!!! super antipatika talaga ng mga staff kabayan pa man din,they are very unprofessional especially KAREN…. Im calling them twice a month from march til now, sept na……nakakagigil talaga sila..bad service n nga, ganun pa sila makipagusap..read my post below…

  23. Phoenix says:

    Hello everybody:

    I am not one of the above cargo forwarder customers however; I would just like to add that as a constant sender of packages to Philippines, I use FOREX cargo forwarder. Although they may be a bit expensive but it reaches the destination on time and it’s traceable on line.

    From the time it departed from the office and to every port until it reaches the Philippine destination.
    And with FOREX, they would issue you a list/receipt in every box, so you can be certain that if you would enter each tracking number, you are able to view the status of your packages.

    I had been a customer with FOREX for more than fifteen (15) years and have not encountered any problem so far.

    I am satisfied with their services.

  24. EMS says:

    I just called Stargate Sharjah today Sept 11, 2011 4pm..I talked to very stupid staff named KAREN.. I talked to her in a nice way,but when Im asking what kind of service they have because it’s almost 6months since we send the cargo dated March 15,2011 until now, she just listen and she’s not talking to me..I keep on saying HELLO..HELLO..HELLO…She is really stupid person!!! she’s not answering..grrrrrrr…… Then she told me that I dont know who am I talking to… WHoever she is…even she is the owner of their company,its my right to complaint because of her bad service…The way she response the customer is very unprofessional…And she’s pushing away the customers..For the record,she’s peddling lies regarding cargo transit times,real location of the cargo, as well as expected time of arrival..And again, when I’m trying to follow-up,she answer the phone, intentionally, she’s telling that i’m calling a wrong number when in fact, I know her name,recognize her voice,the number i dialled is 06-5661371 and 0506461459 which is showned on your receipt REF.37576…This is such a disgusting customer service…. Imagine? from march15- til present, the cargo is still on the way?

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