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So we had our dose of YAP Revelations for today.

But in case more Yappers would like to reveal some more details & leave more comments, please do so. This page is open 24/7.

As I have mentioned time & time again this is a YAP Forum, open for all Yappers, we are generally free to say what we want to say in here & it is relatively safe. But of course, decency & respect must always be observed at all times.

But anyway, not withstanding everything, I would like to open a new topic for discussion & this topic is what is your take on a YAP PARTY / REUNION?

And of course all Yappers must be welcome to attend. And for those with two or more accounts then they will have to use their MAIN ACCOUNT, otherwise, like one Yapper who has come out of the open & has revealed his 2 other names, then he can wear a nametag with 3 Names. And personally I think that would look cool.

But this is assuming that he is who he says he is. The rule that we must follow over here is that we need a testimony of two or more independent witnesses who can confirm any revelation.

And so far no one has come out to affirm nor to deny them. And so as of now that is just something that we have in our YAP consciousness.

And going back to the topic on hand, so what do you think about the idea of a YAP PARTY/REUNION?

All Yappers, this is your time to comment & come out & tell everyone that you are a Yapper.

And if anyone is interested to partipate in a YAP PARTY, then click on the comment button below & tell us the following:

1. The YAP Name you are using, if you use 2 or more names then feel free to list all those as well

2. Your location: city / country

3. Your availability

4. Your willingness to organize such an undertaking or if you can help the organizers

5. Your suggestions for venues, dates/times, activities, things to do, catering, etc.

6. Your contact information

“Ano pa hinihintay ninyo?” Leave a comment below!

I believe that if you are reading this Blog, then you are either a Yapper or you are interested in YAP. By the way the blue title above is clickable, so you can go directly to YAP by clicking on the Philippines.

But then to come back here just as easily, just invite me as a friend & I will gladly accept. Or if you are still shy to let us know who you are, then just invite me into your favorites.

I am currently based in LA, CA, so I do not know if we can have our mini YAP reunion over here.

And for all those Global Pinoy Yappers, leave your comments below to find out if you have other Yappers in your area. Who knows maybe your next door neighbor is a Yapper.


“Oh anong ginagawa mo diyan sa sulok? By the way, here meet *****, ***** this is ****.”

“How do you do?”

“Nice to meet you?” “Ikaw pala si **** blah, blah, blah…”

“Oh ano maiwan ko na kayong dalawa, sayaw kayo!”

ADDITIONAL: This Blog Post was inspired by this earlier one:–?cq=1&p=101


Hello To All YAPPERs!

I am opening this blog on YAP FAQs & if you have been in YAP for some time then you can understand the need for this particular blog post.

In this continuing YAP FAQ Series, I am hoping to POST all of the Most Frequently Asked YAP Qs especially the most annoying ones. And I am hoping that it can be a Handy Reference Tool for any YAPper, especially all visiting YAPpers.

Here is definitely one of the most frequently asked Qs in YAP. And I do hope that this company can open a YAP Account to at least air their side, as they are really appearing to be a company that aren’t making it happen.


1. We have not received our package and it has been TOO FRUSTRATINGLY LONG OVERDUE!

2. We have talked to one of their personnel and they said it should come anytime soon BUT THAT WAS MONTHS AGO!

3. All their contact numbers are BUSY or they are NOT PICKING UP!

4. I have had enough!

5. I do not want to go POSTAL on them! (pardon the pun)


And because I know how frustrating it can be to all of their paying customers, I am putting up this BA (Best Answer) from one of the countless Stargate YAP Questions. I hope that she wouldn’t mind. Here is her answer.

There have been a lot of inquiries here in Yahoo Answers Philippines about Stargate International. I surmise theirs is a crappy service or people won’t be posting questions here about undelivered (or late or unaccounted for) cargoes.


Below is the contact details of their Manila Office:

Stargate International Cargo Philippines
#30 Real Street
Alabang, Zapote Road
Las Pinas City
T: (632) 874-9126
F: (632) 874-9345


this link has a contact person – Ms. Geng of Stargate Manila;_ylt=AqeVox9xDqHOdlGk4dlxsyyxSAx.;_ylv=3?qid=20090814100531AAcIxta

CellPhone: 0920 8049006

The number of their agent in Tacloban is 053-3255259. Pls look for Ms. Jojit or Susan.

Gen San Office: 3017716

LATEST STARGATE ADDRESS/CONTACT INFORMATION in the Philippines and Dubai, courtesy of a commenter below:

Stargate Int’l. Cargo
PO Box 29942 Dubai
Opposite Progressive English School
(Near St. Michaels Church) Church road Yarmouk Area Sharjah UAE

Here are the contact nos.
Customer Services: Jen, Lyn, Weng, Yeyeth, Lou
Tel No. 06-5661371 Mobile No. 050-6461459

Hotline Nos. 050-3005071, 73, 74, 81 82


Stargate Int’l Enterprises
SBI Bldg. Molino Blvd.
Brgy Bayanan, Molino Bacoor Cavite
Customer Service: Angel, Lerma
Tel No. 046-871-0556/046-852-4086

YA FAQ – Violation Email

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Our Second YA FAQ is regarding that notorious

Yahoo! Answers

And this email usually starts which something like this:

Hello [your name here]

You have posted content to Yahoo! Answers in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. As a result, your content has been deleted. Community Guidelines help to keep Yahoo! Answers a safe and useful community, so we appreciate your consideration of its rules.

So whether if this is your first time to have seen this in your Inbox, or if you have never received an email like this from Yahoo! Answers or if you get this email on a regular basis, all YAers & YAPpers can benefit from knowing the answers to this YA FAQ.

And so what is a Violation Email Notice?

What are the more frequent reasons for getting a Violation Email Notice?

What happens when I get a Violation Email Notice?

What should I do if I ever get one?

More importantly, what should I do to keep myself from getting another Violation Email Notice?

And what are you waiting for, click the comment button below & leave your comment!

“Ano pang hinihintay mo? Pasko?”

YA FAQ – TC Badge

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Our First YA FAQ is regarding that Eye-catching Orange-colored Top-Contributor Badge or a TC Badge,

that certain YAer or YAPpers have under their Avatars.

And this question is inspired by one of our fellow Yappers, Papa Chuck.

And so for all regular Yappers:

What is a TC Badge?

What do we need to do to have a TC Badge?

And more importantly what does it take to keep a TC Badge?

And again, what are you waiting for, leave a comment below!

“Tara na!”

YA 101

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To be a truly YAP Forum, this place should also include basic answers to YA FAQs.

And that is the reason that I am opening a series of blog postings that will answer most if not all of our most frequent YA Qs. If you are a YAP regular, you know what I mean. For I know that you have seen a particular question asked a million times in YAP. And we can just answer it over here.

The catch is that it is up to us who are visiting this page to answer these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

And I expect to see all those who visit this site to leave a comment or two.

And I know that there are alot of you YAP guys & gals, considering the number of visitors we are having lately.

So let’s start off this YA 101 Blog.

To all Regular YAers:

What is YA?

What can be done in YA?

What cannot be done in YA?

How do we conduct ourselves while in YA?

What are you waiting for, leave your comment!

“Sali na!”

YAP Date Anyone?

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This blog was inspired by that lovely q by maej.

How about a date with a YAPper?

The link is:;_ylt=At0fsi_4kxf.oFALy_BBOCsS7RR.;_ylv=3?qid=20080424051528AAV7J02

Here are the answers, so far: [Please answer the q & also please leave comments over here, thanks!]

Answers (12)

rhythm's Avatar by rhythm

A Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category.

not a bad idea. anyone interested. so we both look forward to it. in Y!A

    • A Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category.
      I already had a date with the Yapper I like for the wits displayed. We had a good dinner at Gerry’s Grill =)
        Papa Chuck's Avatar by Papa Chuck

        Papa Chuck and Rode|ette ۩

        No particular reason and no particular place. Maybe a candle lit dinner at the Coconut Palace

        Perhaps punyguy could act as our chaperone and learn a few things along the way.

        Rode|ette ۩'s Avatar by Rode|ette ۩

      A Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category.
    i’m sorry to say this papa chuck, but me and punny guy are already dating.
    maybe, you can be my chaperone, strict ang parents ko eh. i hope it’s okay, you’re YAP’s papa, remember?
    Well, I’m kinda interested with you and Felicity. haha
    Maybe I’ll take you or Felicity to Trinoma, watch Forbidden Kingdom, Doomsday, or Iron Man and after that we shall have our dinner at Sbarro coz I like Italian food. We can also have some coffee moments at Starbuck’s while enjoying Trinoma’s beautifully-designed landscapes. 🙂
    Without hesitation, I’d choose the asker to be my date, though I realize the age gap that exists between us, in which case I’ll have her choose between me, who have a vast storage of viagra kept handy, or my retarded son Gary who I have kept in chains lately for trying to molest our neighbor’s pet rabbit.
    Damn wabbit!
    Edit: Yes, dear, he’s my son. My sonabagan!
    alan's Avatar by alan
    thats interesting.
    i will choose you coz’ you’re the only one i know in yap.
    even if i know some i’ll still choose you.
    where? a dinner, ..then anywhere you want.

        so many are choosing u, so i choose u too. 🙂 Herd instinct, u know. Where to? I’ll let u decide.

        After u, I’d also like a date w/ that Chinese doll who calls herself Xia Zi. Date in China, of course.

        And maybe mr. rabbitto who also calls himself Yippie. A date under Penang bridge.

      I don’t care whoever… but it would be my great pleasure if I could have a date with Jan-na…
      • A Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category.
      • Way to go, Marcelino Angelo!
        You just hit the button,darling!
        I’m a sucker for Movies, Italian foods and Frappuccino..

        So maej, we better start tossing a coin to know who’s going with him for a date. lol

    Of course it will be quite normal to take a Yapper, any Yapper, even almost all Yappers to a date- with months, even years for some of exchanging thoughts, emotions & feelings. And it would just be lovely if somebody can plan a YAP party.

    Anyway I think I will link this Q to my YAP Blog as we can take it farther over there.

    Who would I choose-it’s a long list & the Yappers already participating in this Q&A will definitely be on that list plus many more.

    Where? group brunch or afternoon snack by the bay overlooking the early sun or the sunset & then a stroll to anyplace nearby. For guys (plural) maybe tickets to a game or a show.

    I’d love to have a group date with the yappers intellectuals. You know who you all are. Name the place!

      I just heard from the grapevine that YAP is getting exciting again.

      What with the revelations & the unmaskings & the assumptions & the corrections & of course the violations.

      What do you think?

      And what’s with the Well Qs again:;_ylt=AmNnU5FsR364obixy7bm_OgS7RR.;_ylv=3?qid=20080421154812AAfyjfE

      And I do not know about you but there was a Q regarding Well’s Real Identity. I guess it was reported & deleted. But I did manage to read one interesting response. What do you think about that? Or did you miss that Q&A?

      EDIT: After reading Professor D’s second comment, I checked the link above & it has been deleted. And so that’s that.