Happy KJ Days Are Here Again

Posted: October 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

I know, now you see it, now you don’t.

And I am talking about YAP Questions & Answers that were posted one minute & then deleted the next– joy killers 😉

I know that one person was even confused as to what happened to the Q she wanted to answer, for it was there the second she clicked on the Answer button, but it was gone when she tried to send in her answer.

As in… what happened?

I know, it has happened to me once before too. I know the feeling.

And as long as these YAP Police People Persons do not come out to explain themselves, I am still going to assume that they are either Frustrated Minutemen Foot Patrol, or they think they are God’s Gift to YAP.

Anyway, I will say it again this OPEN FORUM is always open to any of them to tell us their side. And this is always open to those whose Q & As have been deleted.

But talking about their side. I have sent an email message to Green Badge Jonas, Community Manager of Yahoo Philippines as I am still waiting for a response on my earlier email to him regarding my suspension.

Anyway, I know that this time around Jonas & Yahoo Philippines is closely monitoring problems within YAP that are being forwarded to them. And this includes malicious reporting. Jonas even came out with a blog about it on the Real Yahoo Answers Philippines Blog. And I know that they are serious about it.

I even tried to post a comment over there but it did not post so I had to tell Jonas about that problem too.

Lastly, I now have a handful of YAPpers that I will spotlight in here. And I just have my hands full right now, so all these will probably come out by next week–just wait for them.

So if you want to be featured in here as well & tell the YAP World who you really are & show that you are who you say you are & that you are a REAL person & NOT a TROLL then what are you waiting for, email me right now.


*KJ – Kill Joy


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