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Clone Wars

Posted: November 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

I wasn’t sure if YAPPERs were Star Wars Fans, but now I’m convinced, as apparently some really are.

And I know that cloning was a YAP issue before but I guess Pinoys have our own certain way, such as if things go way too personal, the way to go is to clone. As in, if you can’t beat them, be them.

So who’s the real surot here?

ADDITIONAL: Whos who here?

They’re baaaack…

How do I know, it’s because I answered at least a handful of Travel>Philippines Questions yesterday and today I realize that at least three of them are not on my Answer List.

Which means, either the Askers of those questions deleted their questions on their own, or it was deleted for them courtesy of Yahoo Answers. And we can probably guess why. Right, it was reported by YAP reporters or as I have fondly called them before… the paparazzis.

Okay, am I missing something here, are they really back or have they not left at all. Or maybe I was gone a long while I just haven’t noticed… Whadyathink?