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I know that this is kind of late for a New Blog for the New Year.

But for the past few weeks when I had the time of course, I was trying to do some much needed housekeeping on this YAP Blog which basically is now about 3 years old.

So I am happy to announce that finally I had TAKEN DOWN from this site some of the content that was most probably said too quickly and some regretfully of course

All of these are comments made by you YAPPERS old and new.

But as I couldn’t find an easier way to edit it, I just decided to just TAKE OUT ENTIRE BLOG POSTS.*

And again, all these blog posts have a lot of the old bickerings, the fightings and the name callings amongst the YAPPERs of Old, many who have now since moved out of YAP or just visit once in a while.

So FINALLY I can say that, yes this is a New Year and a time to move forward.

Hopefully this will be a Sign for a Better YAP.

OUT with the OLD and IN with the NEW.

Best Wishes To All For This 2011

*I do not have the exact count, but the posts affected were mainly from the start of the blog to about September 2008. Numbering at least 12 Blog Posts (I lost count already) and Hundreds and Hundreds of Comments.