YAP Personality Spotlight #4

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

Okay I have some free time today just before I take off for lunch.

And today I wanted to feature one of the more popular lady YAPpers most regular YAPpers know by now. And we know her as somebody whose questions almost always gets a lot of attention. I don’t know why, but many YAPpers seem to be drawn to answer her many questions. I normally catch them a long time after they have been posted & so I see that I might be the 20th answerer if not the 30th & by that time everybody else have given the answer that I am probably going to give so I just contend myself in reading the Q & As. Anyway we should ask the answerers to get their side.

And so without further ado here is her profile

barrio lass
(also known as maej)

barrio lass barrio lass


First YAP account created November 11, 2007
But as with mine, it was suspended.
Current (2nd) Account created July 12, 2008
Currently back to a LEVEL 3 YAPPER

In her own words “I discovered YAP when I asked a question about why are Filipinas so taken with Whitening Products. But I didn’t know that most of the people who answered my Q were Filipinos. I never knew that YAP exists. But from then, I often go visit but I wasn’t a regular. Then I met Rod…the very first YAPper I’ve come across with. From then on YAP peaked my interest and I stayed… and that I started in YAP around February of this year (2008).



GENDER: Female
AGE: Early to mid 20s.
STATUS: Single, very much available but sorry guys not looking.
LOCATION: Tuna City, Philippines (I believe that is in General Santos City)


A homebody who loves the outdoors. (puwede ba yun?)

Loves to cook (I just don’t know if cooking loves her back, maej joke lang)

Experiments with food a lot… lol… and of course making a mess in the kitchen is her forever talent (ikaw nagsabi nyan ha).

Loves books of all kinds & says that they are her best buddies (pare kailangan pala wide reader ka). Among the writers that she reads are John Grisham, Robin Cook and the likes…. John Maxwell & Bo Sanchez (of course hindi ako kasama sa shortlist niya but I will email here a link to this blog post & I’m sure that she will read this one at masasabi ko na rin na binabasa niya rin ang mga sinusulat ko… LOL)

And of course, if she is not in front of her computer (in YAP or in Youtube) she is watching DVDs (she did not say what she likes to watch though). Wait, she emailed me & said that she likes the LOTR Trilogy and the Phantom of the Opera (the one with Gerard Butler).

TV shows? She isn’t into much tv but she did say that she watches TV with her niece… Looney Tunes & Barney. (I know dumaan din ako dyan sa anak ko).

Music? Jazz (Josh Groban) and Reggae (Bob Marley) & in her words what a combination. But we should expect that from someone who says she is a homebody & an outdoors person too. 😉

Speaking of going out, she said that when she does, she likes to go swimming and ofcourse to hang-out with her friends… (magkano ba pamasahe papuntang GenSan?)

And sometimes, we can see her playing badminton…

Idols? James Bond forever… She blames her mom for that… Lea Salonga of course and Dawn Zulueta.

Food? Let’s just say that she loves pasta & that she says that she has a sweet tooth.

And thats about it & I hope I can give out more, as I know there are a lot of maej fans out there that are waiting for more info & even a picture perhaps.

Oh yes she said she has an adopted kuya in YAP. Sino kaya yun?

  1. debbie says:

    wow i also like John G. and John M., nice knowing you, Maej. Teka how do you say your name? MaeH?

  2. maej says:

    hello japs… thanks for the blog…

    and to debbie… good to meet you too…

    maej is a shortcut of my real name… a nick given by my friends… it’s pronounced as maej with the ‘j’ like paige or maige…

  3. Japs says:

    You are welcome maej.

    Welcome back debbie, thanks for commenting…

  4. anna m says:

    i had fun reading this 🙂 apir!

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