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Posted: October 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’m back.

And I’m back to checking out the YAP Resolved Questions & its Answers of course as usually there aren’t that many Open YAP Qs that I can answer appropriately.

And in a way, if you are like me who have been gone for some time from YAP, it’s the best way to keep abreast with what you’ve missed all this time.

Anyway, again I wasn’t that far into the Qs & I found this interesting Q & some pretty interesting answers.

So I would want to ask it here so as to extend it’s lifespan.

Do you agree that you keep coming back to YAP because of it’s many twists & turns? Or it is because as the Asker says: it is a rich source of globalized knowledge from all parts of the world?

Thanks to Big P & all those who answered this Q in YAP.

What do you think?

Here is the Resolved Q, BA & other Answers:

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Big P

Resolved Question

How about Yahoo Answers Philippines?

This travel section is rich with globalized knowledge from all corners of the earth. Many twists and turns that make you keep coming back for more. Would you agree?
What do you think?

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What do you mean by that Mr. Wel? I did not do anything wrong. Why do you say that sir? Please Mr. Well I don’t want trouble



Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

Totally agree here! Travel related questions here mostly make me bored. But some other, about life, experiences and anything under the sun makes me come back here!

Mabuhay ang category na ito!

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Good answer
Thank you everyone for your answer.

Other Answers (16)

yup i agree

to Marky Mark.. the reason why the language here in Yahoo is because the administrator of Yahoo is obviously not in the Philippines and of course in the US…and also english is the universal language that most of the countries around the world understand that…if you’ll be putting an all tagalog questions and answers in the Yahoo Answers Philippines, how would the foreigners understand that if they are interested in touring here…

Many twists and turns? Hmmm…

In a way, YAP has its moments. It’s like what everyone says – very addictive. A day spent in YAP is like you’ve traveled far and wide without getting weary. And some questions need a second look. And the answers…something you have to read and re
-read. And sometimes, too, one question leads to another question that has some bearing to the former question- like chapters in a novel and one can never have his fill. Oh yes, it is a journey that is as exciting as life itself.

yup! although, it is under TRAVEL category, YAP contains different topics which is NICE and surely you’ll come back again and again! and oh, i love my answer being reported here! lol! i wanted some more…

to Marky Mark:
YAP is the same with YAMexico ( i already check the posts there), they use English to post question/asnwers as what we do here in YAP; and there are also people (like you) who aren’t following the rules…they are posting questions/answers in their native language…which is against Yahoo Answers! rules & regulation…there is nothing wrong posting in our own language, but this is for all the people in Yahoo Answers own good…kuha mo uli?

I don’t know. If I say “Yes” it sounds like the stars of ASAP praising one another. So very showbiz like.

There is just this possibility that I do not keep coming back at all. Because of these many twists and turns, there is this possibility that I got lost in there and never left at all.

Yes you are so right.
Does that explain your sudden emergance amongst these astute pages.
You certainly add your own brand of twists and turns. 🙂
Oh dear, someones feelings have been hurt. Maybe there is more to this answer then I intended. 🙂

my kingdom is made to last and i will reign whatever betide. it is but the norm for me as your queen to have tasted the topsy-turvy of being such

Yes YAP certainly has many twists and turns to it and not JUST because of the questions and answers.
I suppose that is what keeps it interesting.
What no smile.

I totally agree with you, pinay.

this section in Y!A is habit-forming.

I agree! That’s one of the reasons why I keep coming back.

Yup! I’m agree with you

it is what you say it is

yeah right..

that’s why I like it here…

yup, it sure does. i just lost my orange badge.

zzz… yes… and it has free beers! hmmm… beer… zzz…


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