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People, we are not talking about the Philippine elections anymore.

There will always be winners and losers in every election, get over it people!

Anyway, I am talking about the Best Answers Percentages In Yahoo Answers, and I know those percentages (of best answers to total number of answers, 12-13%) are a bit low.

But I just wanted to ask it over here. This is not my own question but rather I saw this interesting question over of all place in the YA>Sports>Boxing section. You know with Manny Pacquio, still a big name in professional boxing the world over, the boxing forum in Yahoo Answers still is a pretty interesting site for Filipino boxing fans to visit.

Anyway, the original question is, the same as the title of this post.

Do you think that the people with over 12% or 13% best answers are cheating?

I have been consistently in the low 20s, normally within 21-23% myself, but that does not mean that I cheat.

You see if I do cheat or if I do really want to cheat, I could easily reverse that and make 77 to 79% of my answers as Best Answers. Easy, and it’s not really rocket science. But the question would be why?

Here was my response to that question: What’s yours?

It depends on the category, and partly in the way you select the questions that you answer.

But if you only answer in one category, which I suppose is the one where in you have the most knowledge in, then even 20-25% is reasonable, especially if you choose your questions well and answer only the ones which are really questions and not those where the asker is not really interested in the answers.

If you give out fairly decent answers consistently then 1 BA out of every 5 questions, is not hard to achieve.

But you have a point, it does tend to be suspicious the higher the percentages go, much like some people believe that Pacquiao must be on something, because he looks like he is on something.

Maybe we can tell YA to give all of us random IQ tests.

Yes like how Mayweather wanted Pacquiao to first take blood tests because they suspect him of being on performance enhancing drugs. Just agree you guys and let’s fight!


And so there it is.

I was blocked again. I tried clicking on a question of the yapper who blocked me and still blocked. (The unusual thing about this is that I fondly remember answering a few of this askers questions and I even remember that in the last question of his (or hers) that I have answered, he (or she) even gave me the BA, so I am just surprised about all this).

But then I clicked on the question of the next person who asked a question in YAP a few minutes after the yapper who blocked me. And lo and behold. I was blocked by her (him too). So blocked again.

But here is the question, what are the ODDS that these seemingly two different YAPPERs who each asked a question in Yahoo Answers Travel Philippines about 5 minutes of each other, are one and the same?

You tell me?

Curses, blocked again.