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When I was still playing basketball I was used to having my shots blocked left and right, yes also from the back, from the front, and from all angles. Well, I used to be a little slow back then.

Blocking is also the name of my game when I was into martial arts.

No pain, all gain of course. I mean if I don’t get hit that’s a good thing. And of course your attacks should hit and not be blocked as well. Pain to the other guy, of course.

But as regards to Yahoo Answers, I do believe that somebody had BLOCKED me. And that is a first.

And at first, I thought it was a bug or something, but now two days later it’s the same thing. I cannot view their question.

So, there you go, BLOCKED!

To that first person ever to block me in YA and I’m hoping the last, I salute you and I hope you’d reconsider as I really enjoyed answering some of your questions.

Have a nice day, YAPPERs!



Okay I went to check my email and found out that I got the dreaded Violation Notice Email,  (and my knees started to buckle somewhat, lol).  Well once dreaded but now just a pesky annoyance that I had to deal with. (Initially I didn’t want to but I also got an email from one of the people who answered that question regarding the deleted question, so I guess in a way I wanted to sort of correct this situation especially if it was an injustice done)

And I apologize to those who already answered that question but what can I do, these things are beyond our control. Well not entirely, as I already send an email to our ever helpful Yahoo Asia Community Manager Mr. Jonas Del Rosario.

But anyway, just so you guys know.

1. Chatting is still a big hit with YAP Reporters.

2. Apparently any link you post can be deemed non-relevant, and that was my main question to Mr. Jonas.

3. And thirdly, if somebody gets “offended” that’s grounds too. Another question I asked Mr. Yahoo Asia Community Manager about. Like how can we help if if a few of our fellow YAPPERs gets offended every three seconds.

Anyway, just wanted to post all this as I want to make that reporter’s day. Although it could very well be a short day as I might just want to appeal this violation so as to regain my question and your answers my fellow YAPPERs.  But, let’s see how it goes.

I just can’t get it went people can be this picky when 9 out of the other 10 YAP Questions out there are also “reportable”, talk about having nothing good to do and having a really bad day all in the same day.

Catch you later folks, unlike a few others out there (not like you and me) I have a few more productive things to do with my time.

Hasta la vista, baby!




Poll Question: Philippine Presidential Elections?

As a YAPPER, in regards to the election of President & Vice President of the Philippines, how will you categorize yourself.

1. I will vote in the upcoming elections and I already know who to vote for.

2. I will vote in the upcoming elections but I am still undecided.

3. I am underaged.

4. I do not vote. Or I did not register to vote.

5. I cannot vote. Or I am not a Filipino Citizen.

6. I don’t care.

7. Others, specify

Is it just me or is there something wrong with YA over in your end as well.

I haven’t been yapping as of late & was in here yesterday & a few minutes today.

But on both occasions I have noticed that sometimes, the YA questions that were showing were about a week old. And then on the rest of the times it’s showing the current Q & As.

Is that a bug or is there something wrong on my end?

Also I have noticed that there are questions in & around YA that may look like legitimate Travel Questions, but it’s more like a non-question. And instead it looks like an ad for some Private Investigation Company? Have you seen that, what’s your take on those?

Well, I guess I just wanted to rant about something, that’s all. If it doesn’t hurt anybody why bother right??

I’m out… have a great day YAPPERs!