YAP Personality Spotlight #2

Posted: October 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

Hello I’m back.

Some of you probably wasn’t expecting me to be back, or at least to be back so soon.

And most of you probably do not understand what I am talking about.

Anyway, to make a long story short, remember that YAP Q, I talked about in the last blog post (YAP Personality Spotlight #1) well that one was promptly reported & deleted, chatting of course was the reason.

And after that, I was promptly suspended. And the only reason given was NONE. So how can one appeal a case when one doesn’t have an idea what the charge was. Yes, none sense.

And of course, malicious scrupulous reporters are again at work. And of course, still done by people who have not even have the guts to come in to this YAP Open Forum & be man or woman enough to say I did it, & to tell us why.

Anyway, enough of that, going back to that YAP Q, it was about the SMILES that I have been seeing in many YAP Q & As. And the Q started with “Did I miss something?” and basically asking why all the SMILES in YAP…

And I got 11 answers before the deletion. Those who answered were:

NEW ANSWER from Ω allan y

i missed it too. what is it?

NEW ANSWER from Marc G

I have been able to smile for a long time now on Yahoo, so I am not sure why …


You certainly have. In all practicallity nothing has really changed, at leas…


you my most beloved subject certainly have. my kingdom had been established r…

NEW ANSWER from GROdzilla

yeah right. you are one of the trolls.

NEW ANSWER from hi! I aM tRoLLy!



i was gone for 1 month and things are same. we didnt miss anything. were all …

NEW ANSWER from kamagong

I’d been “in and out” too. But if there are more smiles now, that’s all good…

NEW ANSWER from Anne C

not much I guess :p welcome back 😀

NEW ANSWER from Gro’s Bakla B/F

Is it a coincidence that both you and aqua reappear along with a profusion of…


If I am not mistaken, I believe its something I started. I usually end my st…

And then pfft. It was gone & then my account was suspended.

Anyway I’m back on a new Japs account, & in case any of you guys want to check it out here is it, Japs 3rd.


In it I said,

My name is Japs.

This is my 3rd Japs Account. I used my 1st one in 2007, the 2nd one in 2008 & now I am using this one starting 10.10.2008. I am not a troll.

Here are my 360 pages if you care to know more about me.

YAP Blog: (Japs 2)

Japs Land: (Japs)

And so for today, because this might be a series & I might be spotlighting you next, I decided to spotlight me first. So that if & when I spotlight you in the future you will have no worries about it.


Yes, I am not a troll, Japs the Third was opened only today 10.10.2008. 0% BA. Level 1, cannot even rate an answer, TU or TD.

And to answer those people who are having the impression that I am a troll, well I am not. All three Japs accounts came one after the other & after the previous one was suspended for whatever reason, which until now I have no knowledge of.

I have never used any & all these 3 Japs accounts within YAP at the same times.

What can I say, is Third time’s a charm?


Started YAPping about July 2007.

Reached level 4 and was suspended December 2007.

Stopped YAPping for a month.

Opened a new Japs account & came back to YAP the last week of January 2008 (Japs 2) and started this YAP Blog.

Reached level 4 again.

And again stopped YAPping for at least a month.

And again was suspended October 8, 2008

Opened a third Japs account October 10, 2008 and back to 100 points, level 1 YAPper.

Other things you might not yet known about me is that I am male, I am 41, I am married, I have a son, I am a Jack of all Trades but a Master of None.

I hate driving but I drive (own) a four door Japanese sedan & an American car. I live in Southern California. I like reading, writing, gaming, music, movies, eating, eating out, shopping, business, basketball, spectator sports, martial arts, days off, taking candid photos & pictures to capture specific moments.

I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe the Bible & I am not just a professing Christian.

I am a man of Science & has a Bachelor of Science Degree. I have owned, co-owned & managed many business ventures since the age of 22…

I can go on & on & talk about myself & what I do & what I believe in, but I know that what ever I put in here, many of you have no way to know if it is the truth or not. But it is not for me to convince you as to inform you.

I will post pictures of myself in here but I am not telling you when.

If you wish to tell the YAP World who the real you are, email me what you want to share & include pictures if you want to & I will spotlight you next. For only in the truth can we be free.

YAP can be a much nicer World, if we will all try to make it one.




  1. annabelle p says:

    That is why pala the next time I looked for your question, I didn’t see it anymore. It went poofed! I am sorry about that Japs. I have also been a victim of reportings; sometimes I appeal, but most often I don’t until I read in PC’s blog that you must do your part and appeal any vios you receive. I just saw your question in YAP, something to do with your blog. I thought it was gone. I owe you your blog because you gave me the chance to air my side here without doing it in a public forum where others are not really interested to read. Sorry about your account, I sincerely hope it does not happen to me in such underhanded manner. Ciao!

  2. Papa Chuck says:

    Japs I am disgusted that this has happened. Those responsible for it should hang their heads in shame. Rod has already put the blame on us, very quickly I might add. I assure you that to the best of my knowledge none in this group had anything to do with it and why would we? Your blog gave us an outlet to vent our feelings without fear of violations so I ask you who would have more to gain if your account and 360 site were to go, certainly not us.
    When I found out this morning I threw caution to the wind as you would have seen in some of my answers, I have now calmed down and edited my answers.
    I personally have no doubt on who was responsible…let’s just leave it at that for the time being.

  3. Japs says:

    Thanks for the concern guys. When I first saw the dreaded suspension email I was surprisingly calm. I did not even want to appeal. But I did. First for the deleted question & secondly for the suspension, which once again, Yahoo did not give me a reason for. I would have wanted to represent myself to the high & mighty YA court of law but it is pretty much hard to give a decent defense if I do not even know what was I was charged with to begin with.

    Anyway, all that might be water under the bridge now as I have moved on & started a new account, but I did ask Jonas as to what is the best option for me as a second appeal, but he has yet to respond as he is studying my case as well.

    The good news though is this particular YAP Open Forum Blog is still very much alive. And I am planning on spotlighting real YAP Personalities in the days to come…

  4. Len says:

    uhurmm… nakita ko na pic mo . hmmmm… makapal ang kilay? hmmmm…

  5. Japs says:

    kakagaling ko lang sa parlor…

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