YAP Personality Spotlight #1

Posted: October 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

Welcome back.

I hope you are well & good. If not then you’ve come to the right place.

For you will surely be well & you will certainly feel good after you’re through reading this one. Or you will say “Oh well” & “Good grief”, which is still well & good to me.

Anyway I just came from YAP & I posted a Q regarding the SMILES that I have been noticing as I was reading both the Open Qs & the Resolved Qs.

And it made me feel like I was missing something, which normally is the case when one leaves YAP for a considerable amount of time. Anyway that’s that & for today I wanted to open up a new segment within this YAP Forum. Today I will start to feature YAP personalities who I have found to be both fascinating & interesting.

So let’s start with this YAP personality who I stumbled upon in my readings of Resolved YAP Qs that I have missed.

This person I know from way back but she would never would have caught my eye as of late if not for the fact that she is the only YAPper whom I have seen so far to have a 90% BA.

Yes you heard me right, 90% meaning 9 out 10 answers she gave out are all Best Answers.

That is truly fascinating if not interesting.

So let’s give our first YAP personality a hand, here is her profile:


aka Evelyn

aka (many other names)

How many of you guys would take it if I offer y…

Member since: February 26, 2007
1,965 points

Level 3

90% Best answer
(User does not allow IM).
(User does not allow email).

• Activity Summary
Total Points 1,965

Total answers 164
Best answers 148

Questions asked 54
Resolved questions 54
Stars received 6
• Answers
• Questions
• Starred Questions

Franjulet’s Q&As are private.
Franjulet’s Network is private.

So out of a total of 164 total answers she got the best answer 148 times.

Yes a remarkable 90% batting average.

Can you beat that?

Additional: Today A.K.A. (also known as) Papa Chuck’s Trophy Wife.

  1. Papa Chuck says:

    Franjulet and Filamusa work in tandem. Filamusa has two or three trolls one being “mine is bigger than yours” no I am not bragging and another named “joe”. They ask questions both here on YAP and in one of the medical forums. Amazingly (sic) they ask, she answers and voila a BA is born.
    One thing that I will say for them ‘they do their cheating out in the open unlike my favourite pair.

  2. Japs says:

    I see.

    I have seen other YAPpers with 30% BAs even 60% BAs, but never one with a 90% BA. So I was blown away.

    I hope she can come in here & tell us something about herself.

  3. Binibini says:

    oh! don’t get me started with franjulet and filamusa.

  4. Japs says:

    Hi Bini, thanks for commenting…
    Regarding Filamusa, I should probably feature him alongside our YAP Personality#1, what do you think?
    I did not really realize how close they both were.

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