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Wow, I just got this email in my inbox:

Wow, how did you DO that? Congrats on reaching Level 6. Wooo hooo! Your brain is a superstar! You can take pride in the hundreds of people you’ve enlightened, all over the world. Check out the chart below, and you’ll see that the next stop is the top. So keep it up!Take me to Yahoo! Answers

Thanks for sharing what you know with the world!

The Yahoo! Answers Team

  Level Points Range Ratings you can give per day Votes you can give per day Questions you can ask per day Answers you can give per day Comments you can make per day  
  7 25000+ unlimited 100 unlimited unlimited unlimited  
  6 10000 – 24999 unlimited 100 unlimited unlimited unlimited  
  5 5000 – 9999 unlimited 100 unlimited unlimited unlimited  
  4 2500 – 4999 unlimited 80 20 80 40  
  3 1000 – 2499 unlimited 60 15 60 30  
  2 250 – 999 unlimited 40 10 40 20  
  1 1 – 249 0 20 5 20 10  


Mind boggling really on how I have managed to do that and joining an elite YA group who have done so ahead of me. Of course the Level 7 people are saying, ho hum. But I never had any intentions of getting so much points and this high up. It’s making me feel dizzy. LOL

Anyway, to you who are thinking that you cannot reach these kind of numbers too, believe me you can and yes even without trying and/or cheating. And who really want to do that? It’s not like we are going to get a prize or something.

But as the email has said…


and that’s more than good enough for me.

So to all YAPPERs, to infinity and beyond…