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YAP Q of the Week!

Posted: March 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

It’s time for the YAP Question of the Week:

I noticed that there were a good number of Qs this week that was about love or love lost & many more love related qs & that’s both good & bad. For love is love is nothing without you. And I know that there are a lot of Yappers that are just so in love & some that are in love with YAP.

And not only that, there were lots of great Qs this week & it was a little bit hard to find one that is best among the rest, although this one I found to be very interesting as it may have as many answers for one side as in the other & with great insight from Yappers: The Q was:

Whom would you marry?

someone you can live with or someone you can’t live without?


A lot of Yappers missed this Q for it wasn’t open very long but inspite of that it got 8 stars & a bunch of answers. If you are like me & missed this Q but would want to add your answer, you can do so right here, just add your answer as a comment below. I would probably give my own answer later, thanks for ms. bl, bb for this Q.

Keep them great Qs coming Yappers & I’ll see all your great answers as well, see you all in YAP!

This is a New’s Flash For This Week & A YAP POLL For All Yappers & An Apology

I have noticed both new Yappers & a few returning Yappers who haven’t been back for some time and so to them I say WELCOME & glad to see you back.

And again there have been a handful of Yappers who are asking a series of qs at a time & I personally see that as good-although sometimes I find it hard to select which q to answer.

And because it was the Holy Week, we saw a lot of Lenten flavor qs & that just shows how religious & spiritual Filipinos are. And I have seen qs & answers that talk about asking for forgiveness & forgiving others, including forgiving fellow yappers.

But other than that we still have normal qs about travelling to the PI, Pinoy food recipes, directions to someplace, passport/visa/peso qs, tagalog translations & just about anything else.

And of course we still are getting questions & answers from a seemingly harmless female yapper who is harping herself as a person selling her wares “nagbebenta ng aliw” at the same time talking trash about & belittling Pinoys & Pinays while insisting that “she” is NOT Filipino-which I highly doubt.

And so to that I say why doesn’t she post a real picture of her as “her” avatar? Now that would be advertising & also will give some sort of credence to her story? What do you think?

And as we are in this topic, I would like to ask this YAP Survey/Poll Question.

What Do you think about the idea of an Online Resource Page which shows a List of Yappers -people who use YA Philippines & a short narrative about each Yapper?

Please tell me what you think of this idea & if you think something like this would be helpful for both new & old yappers, especially visitors to YAP.

And if you think it would be of help at least to visitors to YAP who ask valid Philippine-related travelling qs & would like to find out a little background on the people answering their qs so they can at least have a way to find out if they are getting a more reliable answer or not.

For if many of you say it’s a good idea, I will start a blog where all Yappers can post a short narrative of themselves for all yappers to see in an easy to find & a single web link. Or I can receive emailed narratives & I would just format it to be seen in a single blog page.

And again to all Yappers visiting this site, I hope you can leave a line or two, for I see that we are now up to 1,200 hits in a period of just over a month. I & a few yappers who had sent me mail recently are just wondering who are these yappers?

And for a second time I am sending out a public apology to a regular Yapper who I have offended unknowingly for a reply I gave to one of her messages for me. I apologize & I hope you have learned to forgive me especially because of this season of Lent. Peace!

And again thanks to all those who visit this page & happy yapping.

Mabuhay Philippines!

YAP Qs For The Week

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It’s time for the YAP Questions of the Week:

This Q is kind of a hand’s down winner:

Are you proud to be a Filipino?


And this is still an open q!

BUT there is another set of qs that are quite as interesting BUT particularly they are hard NOT to miss.

And I would also like to propose this SET of TEN Qs from the Lady in Red as an awardee for YAP Q of the Week!

[I took off the link that used to be here, as it is no longer applicable]

See you all in YAP!

Yahoo 360 Bug

Posted: March 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

In case you are not a regular user of Yahoo 360, I just want to share to you that there have been a lot of bugs or errors in here lately & I heard even stretching back to the last quarter of 2007.

I have been noticing it myself & I am sometimes frustrated about it but what can I do, so I just would want to share that to all of you that are reading this so that you are also aware of it.

Anyway, last week I posted a blog posting in here & it didn’t post & so I lost that one post.

The week previous to that I wrote one & it posted twice & so I had to go in & delete the second one.

Some people are also telling me that they posted a comment here & it said sent but it didn’t post, so it went missing-in-action. To that I suggest just repost it or type another message. And so least something will post & if ever they ever post multiple times, I will just delete the other copies.

There are also instances when you go on the main page & click on the blogs & then when you go there a lot of the blogs are missing, especially the latest ones. To that I suggest you click on either the List View & back to the Full Post View & vice-versa until you see a list of ALL the posts-look here:

1 – 20 of 25 First | < Prev | Next > | Last

Yahoo Answers Travel Philippines Full Post View | List View

Life as a YAPPER

Anyway I hope this blog will post & I’ll see you all in YAP.


New’s Flash For This Week

The Panda Man, The Smiling/Winking Penguin & a host of Wells are back on YAP.

You wouldn’t miss them for Vandal & Migs ran off a series of Qs that are hard NOT to notice.

And not to be undone, the Wells are back, Q & Aing. And there are as always new Yappers every week & I say welcome to all of them, especially to those that get hooked & stayed on as regulars.

What else? The Manny Pacquiao questions are back. Well what do you expect he’s the man of the hour.

And for a short while not a few Yappers were surprised to see that there was a little name-switcheroo that went on between two Yappers & I think I wasn’t the only one who noticed it for there was a q about it & several replies. Anyway the names are back to normal now so no worries.

The feud from the previous week seemed to have died down & I wonder what happened to both parties? Magparamdam naman kayo!

And of course there will always be a question or two regarding Stargate. Will somebody just tell them to please open a YA Account so that they can clear their side of the story.

And speaking of their side of the story, YAP stalkers & paparazzis may have been busy with their final exams or they may have went on their summer breaks to places where the nearest internet access is in the next town or barrio.

For until now, there is no word from any of them on why they stalk Yappers.

And that brings me to somebody who sent me an email asking how many Yappers have been emailing me regarding YAP & this YAP Blog as maybe because it may look like there are a lot of visitors on this page but not a whole lot of comments.

My response to that is that for sure there are over a thousand visits on this blog page since it started only a few weeks ago & I am sure that close to 99% of them do not leave a comment. And that probably is just a reflection of the Filipino nature of passivity & just plain being usisero at usisera-but content on being on the background but craving to know what’s the real score; being non-confrontational & not wanting to hurt other people’s feelings & not getting or wanting to be involved para hindi maresbakan. Peace-loving & may pagka-martir pero nasa loob ang kulo

But my mailbox still has a number of unread mails, & because of this query I tried looking through my mails one by one, to see how many Yappers have really sent me a message so far, & so far I have counted 30 different people, 10 male Yappers & 20 females.

And my apologies to one Yapper who sent me a message over two weeks ago I believe & I wouldn’t have read her message if not for that query. But again I apologize for that & in case you are one of those Yappers who have sent me a message & have not received a reply, I am still reading through all the messages, so be assured that I will send you a reply when I get to them.

Thanks to all those who visit this page & happy yapping. Magparamdam rin sana kayo, leave a comment!

Mabuhay Philippines!

YAP Q of the Week!

Posted: March 14, 2008 in Uncategorized

If there is ever an award for YAP Question of the Week, this would probably be the hands down winner for this week-


wth 43 answers as of the moment & still an open q.

Here is the link, so check it out in case you haven’t:;_ylt=AnMRTmg5EKW_2.FER7LMOtIS7RR.;_ylv=3?qid=20080312015749AA6HICN

New’s Flash For This Week

Apparently YAP is ablaze with an open online feud between two Yappers. I will not name their names for if you have ever been to YAP these past few days, you would know who I am referring to.

And this out-in-the-open feud is quite interesting for YAP old-timers and YAP newbies are all noticing it, oh well as many YAPPERs for this week have stated, Filipinos are so dramatic. Well yes and no, right? But that to me is all okay, just as long as each & every YAPPER are having clean wholesome fun.

And that brings me to some news on my end-I am still receiving a few messages from regular Yappers who are asking me what’s the real score on YAP, and of course as I have always maintained that most days I am as clueless as the next person-that is why I opened up this forum for a FREE EXCHANGE OF IDEAS FROM ALL YAPPERS.

But what has saddened me is hearing from many Top Guns or USA Mainboard YAP Leaders that I had insinuated that those in the Leaderboards are cheaters-and I have cleared this all up in a comment that I have posted in one of the blog postings in here. (see my comment on this link:;?cq=1&p=18)

But just to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT, I HAVE NEVER INSINUATED & I HAVE NEVER TRIED TO INSINUATE THAT THOSE IN THE YAP LEADER BOARD HAVE CHEATED. And I will never do that. In fact, I have always maintained a great respect and admiration for all those in the Leader Board.

And as I have said, to all those that have felt that they were alluded to as those who were doing things that aren’t acceptable in terms of the YA Guidelines, I AM DEEPLY APOLOGIZING to ALL you fellow Yappers.

I hope that you will accept this public apology & I wish that all of you will participate in these discussions for many regular Yappers and YAP newbies will greatly benefit if you will only share some of your insights, experience, your YAP tips, your DOs & DON’Ts & many of the information that you have gathered to us all.

I know that I am a dreamer & that all this willingness to have a change for the better in YAP is mostly wishful thinking. But I have always been a positive thinker & a doer. And I know that inherently Filipinos are very friendly, sensitive, sensible and clean-fun loving people. And that goes the same way for a vast majority of YAPPERS, most of them just want to go to a fun & safeYAP. And if I will have to endure criticisms, assumptions, misinterpretations & be on somebody’s blocklist, & even if a few Yappers would rather have nothing to do with me or be associated with me, so be it.

I just know that if those good men & women of YAP will do nothing, then evil will prevail.

God bless us all.