Clarification & Confession

Posted: October 22, 2008 in Uncategorized

I am supposed to be eating my lunch right now, but I guess this is my only chance today to post this clarification about something…

I asked this Q in YAP;_ylt=Ahlov07FflWXpG4iBKs2czIS7RR.;_ylv=3?qid=20081021105946AAD12gN

And I got a response from a prominent YAPPER who asked me back a question or two.

And so now, I am convinced that I have to issue a public statement about this as I have been asked thorugh emails a handful of times about this same issue. I have just not thought that it was important enough to make a YAP blog about. And that was my mistake.

Anyway the Question directed to me was this:

i am still wondering why you didn’t tell everyone or made a topic about shirley g admitting she have reported you… everyone deserves to know since that is the reason why you created your blog.
i used to go to what you call YAP blog but i you know i don’t like arguing with lies so i created my blog to counter all the accusations there.

did she ever tell you why she was reporting you?

And now that I feel like I am the guest of a “Talk Show” & that I am now holding the mic & dutibound to respond…

“For the record everyone who have asked me about this q thru email, I have responded to them privately because they sent the message through email, I know that they wanted the answer in private too.

And as far as I know I have never posted any email message that I have received in this forum or any other forum.

But to put an end to this question, here is the big picture:

About close to the end of June of this year, SG gave me a message, sort of a “confession” message telling me that she was responsible for reporting my Qs at the time that I was being attacked (I would guess 3rd quarter or 4th quarter of 2007) & that before my first account was suspended December 2007. If you are not aware of it, ALL of my Questions at that time were reported & deleted. Yes, all not just most or some, all. So we are talking about multiple reports & multiple reporters & multiple times. And there were many others being reported too.

I think she implied that she reported me about once or twice. And she also said that there were OTHER people that she knew aboutthat were responsible as well. (And of course we cannot discount the possibility that there are OTHER people that she knew nothing about that was responsible for the reports on me & on just about everybody else at that time).


I know myself & they don’t. (In fact no YAPPER can say that they know me personally nor no YAPPER can say that I have ever engaged them in a CHAT CONFERENCE or a YAP CAMPAIGN or a YAP GAME, other than exchanging regular emails & messages.

So I am not about to HUMILIATE ANYBODY by posting any message that I have received from anyone, except the ones that they told me to post because they did not want to post it themselves.

I have no issues with anyone posting messages that I sent them, nor other people posting messages that they have received from other people, for it is their prerogative & I cannot do anything about that. But if someone told me something in confidence, I think I should respect that, well at least until I have to.

So yes, now we know that there was ONE reporter who admitted & confessed to reporting me at that time. But there are many others & there are still many up to today. And that is why we still have this BLOG.

Did she tell me why? She said that she did not remember the details. BUT she said that she was not the one responsible of me being suspended. And I really did not ask her the reason for her reporting me but we did exchanged emails about other related issues.

And she said that there were OTHER YAPPERs that were also doing the same thing.

And even today, we still know that there are certain people who are still doing the reportings all around us. Some are legitimate reports of abuse but some done for other personal reasons.

And again, that is why there is this OPEN FORUM.

  1. Papa Chuck says:

    I am glad that you have posted this blog simply because of the issue that ROD is making out of it. SG admitted to reporting you a couple of times and ROD is insinuating that she was reporting you all the time. To be perfectly honest with you I do not recall whether I reported you or not. For ROD’S sake let me reiterate once more ‘I am not sure whether I did or didn’t report JAPS at that time.” At least ROD shouldn’t be able to twist that around to her way of ‘thinking.’
    Here’s some food for thought in regards to the paparizzi and/or Yahoo police.
    Here we have a very justifiable violation for various reasons:
    1/ impersonating a Yapper,
    2/ Calling out a Yapper,
    3/ Being mean etc, etc, etc.
    AND yet this question was allowed to ‘live’ while other innocent questions are being reported left, right and centre.
    Now why would that be? Perhaps ROD would like to answer that.

  2. Papa Chuck says:

    OOPS forgot to include the link 🙂;_ylt=AunRM5SpOPz4zmu_yLeOs9Y6EBV.;_ylv=3?qid=20081020164024AAC640h

  3. Papa Chuck says:

    Why was your question,answer or comment deleted?
    Content on Yahoo!7 Answers may be deleted for several reasons:
    One being:
    The community determines that your content is in violation of the Yahoo!7 Answers Community Guidelines or the Yahoo!7 Terms of Service.

    There was a lot of talk about Yahoo police reporting a lot of simple and fun type questions and answers. With a lot of speculation on who the culprits are.
    I would like to put forward a point of view for consideration. To all those who have lost a question or answer under dubious pretence of a violation.
    There are questions here that are OBVIOUS violations aimed at me yet the ‘pulis’ do not report them. Why would this be? An obvious answer would have to be that the ‘pulis’ are part of the same group that I have accused of cheating.
    Forget the politics and friendship for a moment and just consider the viability and possibility that ‘they’ are the pulis.
    The three questions below all fall into the following violations yet have been spared I wonder why.
    Being mean or obscene
    Violating the law
    Chatting or otherwise violating the question-and-answer format.
    Venting, ranting or using hate speech;_ylt=AlHsEH9ftHUoq3hqCWq1jFI6EBV.;_ylv=3?qid=20081027164620AAxZaze;_ylt=AunRM5SpOPz4zmu_yLeOs9Y6EBV.;_ylv=3?qid=20081026192157AAP3jen;_ylt=AvRqMlfypSimxaXExBLF2y86EBV.;_ylv=3?qid=20081026115015AAAooxN

  4. windblown says:

    I understand your situation but I do not beleive that this topic should have been posted at all. On the other hand, the persons concerned can post their comment in this open forum. In the end, it’s okay. =)

    One question that pesters me now is “Does the person that trigerred you to post this topic told you why SG reported you before?” Was it a group effort or not? Are you open to postings also “all or some” truths and/or insuations that you received regarding your suspension? Will it be posted also for the benefit of everybody?

  5. Japs says:

    Thanks for the comments PC & welcome back windblown, long time no see.

    And I agree as we have made this YAP Blog an open forum, we should & must put in things that we know that relates to YAP so that people will be informed & those involved can speak their mind & tell us their side & everybody else can make an informed decision on everything that they do within YAP.

    I just pray that all if not most YAPPERs can be normal enough to see the difference between clean fun & between fun & games that shouldn’t belong in YAP. Especially if one’s intent is to run certain YAPPERs out of YAP thru suspensions & other means.

    But to answer you windblown, as far as I know everything good & bad that has happened in YAP has stemmed from a group or a concerted effort. SG as she told me wasn’t really acting alone & I am pretty sure it is the same with many others. And there are multiple groups within YAP, some fighting amongst themselves, some used to be in the same group. Some individuals have even become a group by themselves mainly because they have so many active YAP accounts at their disposal. Some do work alone & belong to no group. And some feel they are lone ranger YAP police people persons & it is there duty to defend the weak &/or attack the oppressor, & so on & so forth.

    The problem now is we do not know for sure who’s who. Or for that matter who’s not who.

    And then I go back to that song I made…–?cq=1&p=1364

    Which isn’t hard really, if we all try…

  6. Papa Chuck says:

    Windblown I think Jap’s Posting is actually clarifying things a bit. When I first read Rod’s post I thought that SG had admitted to spending all day reporting JAP’S Q/A’s but, after reading JAP’S post, I see that it was only “some.” The word “some” was probably an “accidental ommission” on ROD’S part.
    I too may have reported some of JAP’S first postings when he was ‘NO NAME’ I honestly don’t recall if I did or didn’t BUT I do still have his NO NAME account on my block list.

  7. windblown says:

    Noted PC and Japs. That make things livelier for all of us. I just honestly asked something and you 2 enlightened me on the matter. Well appreciated. 🙂

  8. Papa Chuck says:

    I will add a bit more during the week but I am saving this answer for posterity.
    Take particular note of the last line just above the link.
    by Rode|ette ۩ Member since:
    18 December 2006
    Total points:
    16796 (Level 6)
    Remove Block

    Best answer 23%3379 answers
    Member Since: 18 December 2006
    Total Points: 16796 (Level 6)
    Points earned this week: 32
    Remove Block
    papa chuck just look at his answer.
    4 hours ago
    he is just trying to be a monitor, feeling lang nya he knows everything can even post lies and false accusations.
    read this.
    by the way apple never said anything about the number 50 it it’s pure lie.

  9. Papa Chuck says:

    Just bear with me for a couple of days. I have intentionally copied two of ROD’S answers and posted them here because she directs people here herself and I want to save them before she deletes them. It is my intention to show all how much of a liar she is and how she tries to twist things around to make it look as if she is the one that is wronged.
    I have already proved that it was her that brought up the subject about Inday and Annabelle being one and the same.
    by Rode|ette ۩ Member since:
    18 December 2006
    Total points:
    16796 (Level 6)
    Remove Block

    Best answer 23%3379 answers
    Member Since: 18 December 2006
    Total Points: 16796 (Level 6)
    Points earned this week: 32
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    You gave this answer a low rating: Hide
    i belive that PAPA CHUCK is the smartest yapper.

    the smartest in creating false words and lies.
    20 hours ago
    read this blog and see what i mean.

    papa chuck and shirley g were telling everyone that i posts and asks questions and give myself BAs when the truth is it was bopols they cannot give you evidence because there is no truth to the accusations.

    they simply want to mislead yappers just because they want to protect the greatest cheater of all.

    to my accusation here is my evidence.

    are talking about you and you’re friends trolls and dossier?

    you’re talking about trolls a lot isn’t your most loved avatar named KERENGKENG is shirley G’s troll?

    did you have evidence when you told felicity it was me and inday who suspend her? how about apologizing when you told everyone i am filamusa and your evidence was a link older than my account?

    cant you just go on with your yapping and leave others alone?
    i wont bother you even if you have trolls, you never even saw me post the names and the conversation about the trolls you created.



  10. Papa Chuck says:

    OK, Lie number one is debunked below. Below is an email in its’ entirity and unedited that I received from ROD. She also gave me permission to reveal it if I so desired. Upto now I have restrained myself but her lies are just getting worse and worse.
    Make your judgement.

  11. Papa Chuck says:

    From: This sender is DomainKeys verified “Rodelette” View contact details To: “Papa Chuck” i think we need to talk, i don’t understand too why you are accusing me of attacking you where in fact it was bopols i was after. did you decide to go in one’s side? why do we have to be on one side. really? i told you before i just want to be fair. look at your BAs ask yourself… whose trolls are they? do you have BAs that comes from bopols? no? deba? because bopols only gives BAs to himself and to his trolls. so why attack me and why imply that i am filamusa? do you have proof papa chuck? you are out there at YAP accusing me but did see any reporting from me? ask this to yourself… Ii i am the one reporting! WHY ARE MANY QUESTIONS THAT ATTACKS ME ARE STILL THERE? Why? it unfair you know… when you are just trying to make a place better and suddenly the fault is all yours even if it weren’t true… i’m not asking for friendship if you do not want to make friends with me anymore… i am not asking you to stop at YAP too. you can name me if you want. btw, why say that i report those people whom i befriend? are you sure? how can you say that? if i can’t report the people like you who attack me? why would i report my friends?

    i am not filamusa papa chuck, there is only one troll i have in YAP. if i have 100 trolls don’t you think that i’d be stupid to use that troll to attack you? he was after bopols and you came attacking him. that’s why he has to defend himself from you. the fathers grave was not an attack for you it was for bopols. bopols emailed him saying ( i swear on my fathers grave). whoever is attacking you i have nothing to do with it. and i will never do that. i thought you know me more but i was wrong. and that virus on pao’s Q. thats was me ur talking about. ask everyone in my contacts they all recieved those virus coz i got attacked by virus and when you log in to yahoo the virus spreads. even sweetwater was affected coz he clicked it accidentaly. and now you are there at yap telling everyone i infected you one. i don’t care about what you will say. i am not hurt i just want to explain my side of the story which you havent heard of. i am not inflicting you or anything i just want you to listen. if you don’t believe me thats okay. anyway i am not after for you to believe me. like i said i just wanna let you know.

    i am doing this because you are there always attacking me and i cannot yap freely even my answers you always bother them. if you want me to leave yap that ok if you want bopols to be the number 1 thats ok. i didn’t cheat to get the leaderboard. u know. i got in there without trolls. if you want you can look up my profile. why don’t you check on bopols profile too. if i didnt find out about bopols’ true colors i must have been the first person to campaign for him to be the top of that leaderboard.

    i have nothing against you even to Shirley G. i understand that you and her are being fooled by bopols. i will not give you any links of my accusation to him, i just want to let you know. i am not doing this because its april fools i saw your comment to JAPs blog thats why. whoever is filamusa and chucky i have nothng to do with them. if you are sure that i am just name it so that i can answer a NO in YAP… i am not, so i just don’t bother. i am not even afraid if you will post all the conversations we have. as long as you will not omit a certain words specially the when i told you the reason why i created the 100 accounts. ( i told you i created those to counter attack bopols). tell everyone. i might do it before you do. i’m sure you will be out there again telling everyone i emailed you. if you want thats fine, it’s your choice.

    there’s only one thing i am hurt in this situation it is you accusing me of reporting my friends which i didn’t do and will never do.

    am sorry to disturb you but i really need to do this.

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