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It is time for an offline event, a meet up of the Pinoy Community in Yahoo! Answers?

What do you think fellow YAPpers?


YAP Q of The Week

Posted: June 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

I know that there are a lot of Filipino Topics/Issues being discussed in YAP this past week.

So aside from the normal YAP questions & aside from finding a lot of YAPpers asking YAP Qs this week –I wonder why–we were also seeing questions about the typhoon, the ferry sinking, the kidnapping but surprisingly there are no Manny Pacman questions just yet–well maybe this week.

But for me, not withstanding the fact that we had a lot of great Q & As, as well as a lot of “loaded” ones, I vote this Resolved Q as my YAP Q for the Past Week.

For not only does it punctuate all the recent previous qs of the asker.

It also single-handedly shown to the YAP world how some YAPpers conduct themselves online or inside YAP & it also necessitated answers from Foreigners who had to defend the Filipino/Filipina & the Philippines. And I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing, or if would make me proud or sad.

Anyway, please leave any comment that you have about this below.

Here is the Resolved Q: (warning-certain parts might be not suitable for minors)


Have you ever “done it” with a filipina that was married to an old foreigner?

I have many times!

Best AnswerChosen by Asker

OOO! Filam you might catch some heat over this one.
Going by what I hear from friends and relatives who are filipino, A number of filipina’s are doing dirty deeds in the absence of the foriegner husband.
This make good filipina’s look bad.
To make it worst, some filipina’s are using love spells and witch craft to attract men with money. ITS NOT A SECRET ANYMORE!!!!!!


The truth hurts bad.
Asker’s Rating:

5 out of 5

Asker’s Comment:

So many of these guys on here think that their marriages are not a fraud. I just love breaking it to them!

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Good for you. How does it feel using someone as a toilet?
I’m a Caucasian Canadian, living in Taiwan with my same race wife of thirty five years.

I have four things to say to you.

1. The fact that you do not use title case on “Filipina” shows a lack of respect for the women to whom you refer–not just to their husbands.

2. If you are Filipino, you should be ashamed of yourself for using women to express your dislike and contempt for foreigners.

3. Just because a woman is Asian doesn’t mean she’s sexually available.

4. Most men used to brag about how much sex they get. Then we hit 19, grew up, and became mature self-confident adult males. You don’t seem to be there yet.

bigdude7 by bigdude7

You wouldnt be game to say this to someones face ?You just hide behind your anonymous disguise..i guess your age is about 12years old?and of course your a STUD!

Subic by Subic

Thats nice for you. And that question does nothing to improve the reputation of Filipinas abroad. How does it feel to have slandered the reputation of a sizeable portion of your population?

You better be careful where you put that little thing. One of these days some old war veteran gonna take a slice
out of your manhood. hehehe. Do you know what an IP address is? Do you know what its used for?

���� �������� by ���� ��������

A Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category.

I browsed you YA 360 and it would be so easy for anyone to get to you through your IP address. You are obviously upset that a young Filipina left you for an older guy who probably -most certainly- had more to offer her, and I don’t mean just money but more importantly respect. When it comes to marriage respect and stability are important things that all women desire, Filipina or others. I know it for a fact coz I have been told that I am not “husband material” myself.

Get over it mate…

    Yes, but she was my wife

    My Blog Log

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    I have been a member of MyBlogLog eversince I started this Blog Page.

    But I still do not know what to do with it.

    So if you have an idea how a dinosaur like me can learn the ropes & work MyBlogLog,

    please leave your comment below.



    And ignore anything below this line, I am trying some experiments.


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    This blog post was inspired by one of our newest visitors to this page who have been giving out her comments.

    And we all have them–Questions, that we wanted to ask in Yahoo Answers but we know that we couldn’t.


    If you know the answer, then we can answer this. But what’s different with this Blog Post is that everyone can participate & add their own Q– you can post it as a comment or email me your Q so that I can ADD it to the body of this Blog Post & not just in the comments section.


    Hey japs, how about a list for YAPer most deleted, lol.

    Okay so the First Question is

    1. Which YAPPER has the most number of:
    • Deleted Questions.
    • Deleted Answers.
    • Deleted Accounts.


    Honest Question

    Posted: June 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

    Today I want to ask all visitors / participants in this YAP Forum an honest YAP Q.

    Of course this question cannot be asked in YAP without risking being reported.

    And of course, we want to get honest answers given knowing that there is no risk of also being unduly reported.

    So the Q is:

    In your estimation, how many Regular YAPpers do not have any hint of Filipino blood?

    And what is your opinion of Foreigners who have become YAP Regulars?

    And who can you consider to be persona grata or persona non grata? Please explain if you need to.

    (Okay that was 3 honest questions)

    YAP Q of the Month!

    Posted: June 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

    My vote for the YAP Q of the Month

    • Number of stars: 15
    • Number of answers 118

    Although on my list of answers it says 120, so who knows maybe 2 were deleted either by the answerer or by YA.

    • Selection of BA left to voting & winning answer got, let me see, 38% of the votes, or 13 total votes.
    • TUs & TDs were relatively normal, but I did see a someone’s answer with a high of 8 TDs, although the normal are from 0 to 3 TDs. So most YAPpers were involved.

    But what I love about this Q is that it was so simple but asked with the proper timing, the answers were diverse & even though the asker asked for one answer many put in several answers.

    There were apparently NOT that many YAP “reporters” who stalked it although as I have said, there might have been 2 answers deleted, why & by whom we do not know.

    Here is the link to the Resolved Q.;_ylt=ApU0m2mIV2s3XpxjSQ4o4hvty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080611213356AAvOebr&show=7#profile-info-AyG1gOq9aa

    I have since stopped putting on links to YAP Qs in this YAP Forum ever since I realized that YAP stalkers aka reporters aka paparazzis visit this site & REPORT the Qs &/or the As on any link mentioned here. And what I do not understand is still they are content to stay anonymous when they know they can write down their comments & openly participate over here, be heard & act like civilized adults.

    But anyway, this Q I made an exemption for this Q was asked by a YA Staff, someone with a GREEN Staff BADGE.

    Jonas Jonas

    One of the Yahoo! Answers Team
    Jonas is the Yahoo!’s Community Manager for the Philippines & he writes/post in the Yahoo! Philippines Answers blog:

    And I read on his latest blog that the BA for this particular Q will be receiving some Yahoo! gifts as a prize for his answer! So what do you know–it now pays to YAP!


    Count your blessings

    Posted: June 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

    I know this might be a little old.

    But this really helps to keep everything in perspective, especially if you find yourself always complaining about your job & about everything else.

    So do you hate your job that much?

    Take at look at these.

    Do you want to work in a mini photo lab?

    Do you want to work in the corner laundromat?

    Do you want to work with the ATM?

    Vending machine work anyone?


    Or work at the Gas Pumps?

    Do you feel better now?