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A CALL TO UNITY – YAP Blog # 110

Posted: September 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’m back…

Okay, so some of you probably know that I went to Japs Land for a little R & R.

And I just got back.

Yes, I’m back.

And I wanted to immediately go to work & type in a new YAP Blog Post.

First off, here’s a little bit news from Jonas of Yahoo Philippines, he said he’s going to get back to me, if he can send in some Yahoo giveaways for YAPpers based in the US. Look, I said if, so I’m hoping for those too.

But if you want to be included in a short list of YAPpers who wishes to receive a free gift from Yahoo, send me a note & I will compile & forward all these to green badge, Jonas.

Secondly, I titled this post a “A Call To Unity” because it seems like I left in a hurry & it might have left a sour taste on a few of you guys & gals.

But once again I’m back & all I want to see is a united YAP.

United in a sense that we all want a change for the better. United in the sense that we all want to YAP in peace. United in the sense that we all want to put a stop on any kind of trolling that has snowballed into running people out of YAP & getting innocent people suspended.

United in the sense that we can all still have fun within YAP & within YAP guidelines & not at the expense of fellow YAPpers.

What do you say?

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Thanks to the countless messages I have received, thank you, you know who you are.

Thanks to the 39,313 visits from all you guys.

Thanks for coming in & supporting this YAP blog & this particular 110th blog post.

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