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How Sweet It Is…

Posted: November 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

How sweet it is when YAP will finally become One Big Happy Family… of course there will always be the Black Sheeps in the family, but they are nevertheless still family.

And yes how sweet it is, when everyone can show their real faces & when All “Regular” or Oldtimer YAPPERs can be identified by our single Usernames/Identities. And yes use one account to YAP. I know we can use more than one, but please let’s do it within the YA guidelines.

I know that I am dreaming again, but who knows this is the Christmas Season, a time for Joy, a time for Peace, a time for Love, a season of giving, a season of forgiving, a season to let bygones be bygones & it is the time we usher in the new year.

In tribute to all the YAPPERs, here is a collage of some of those YAPPERs who have the courage to put up their pictures online (real or not, we take it as it is) I will soon be putting up a picture of myself… & who knows maybe make it as my avatar one of these days.

So who’s who?

And who’s fancying who again?


And did I miss anyone? (It is either I do not have a copy of their pic or they do not have a pic up anymore or I just forgot, it’s not an easy thing to make this you know… those who want in, send me a link to your pic, those who want out, send me a message).

Collage Updated 12-09-2008


I know I am able to attend to this blog as much as I should.

But anyway, I’m back & I just got back from a short YAP stint, you know reading Q & As & answering a few.

And I have just a short time to attend to business in here. I see that the YAP Romance thingie is still up in the air, & we all know that not only is love in the air, but the air is cold & romantic already… “Pasko na sinta ko…hanap hanap kita…”

So we wait for those involved to profess their true feelings & finally have the guts to tell the whole YAP world about it & to do it “safely” in here…

And as we wait, I just want to share this nifty nice to have in our 360 pages, a YA Flash Alert within your 360 page, I just hope it will work:


A Ray of YAP Hope

Posted: November 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

My old account being resurrected from suspension, was a quite a surprise really. For even though I knew the YAP Community Manager was telling me that it was going to be reinstated & to just wait, but that was about a month ago that he told me that.

So it was I knew it was coming but at the back of my mind I was still thinking it wouldn’t happen.

But it did!

So for all those who think that there is no justice in YAP in the sense that one cannot plead his case & win if they aren’t guilty of anything, then this is a prime example.

I just found the best YAP public defender & won my case. So whatever else will happen to the guilty parties who initiated the malicious reports on my “good” name, may the Lord have mercy on their souls. No, just kidding, I’m just leaving it for Jonas & the able bodied YAP Staff to take care of that, for I am not one for revenge. (I don’t get mad I get even, LOL)

And so today, I was just checking previous comments from you guys in this blog & I came to this comment from PC, which I started to respond to at this link:–?cq=1&p=1380

And I figure, I know this is going to be a long one, so why not make a new blog post about it & here it is.

The comment I typed at that link was:

I know that you have seen that my Japs account was ressurected. And you are correct not by a miracle really but thru the help of a miracle man–our most loved YAP Community Manager, Jonas.

I know that he is really interested in policing the streets of YAP to bring down the pesky trouble makers, so we should all do our part by doing responsible reporting & even sending an email to Jonas himself.

Regarding your crusade PC, I admire it & it will really alienate you but if all you are after is for the truth to be told & for innocent YAPPERs who might be victims, to be informed of what’s going on, then you will gain some new friends.

I feel this is going to be long, so I might just start a new blog post about this…

And here is that New Blog Post.

I have mixed emotions right now as I see YAPPERs who are saying what about their own suspended accounts, will they still be able to resurrect those as well.

Well I say I have my first account, which was also unceremoniously suspended with no reason given but I am not really about to tell Jonas about that anymore.

And so what I am saying is that for any YAPPER from this point on, who gets a suspension for a ridiculous reason or for no apparent reason at all, we now know that we have an YAP advocate in the person of our very own YAP Community Manager, who can review our case & help us win a resurrection of even a suspended account much less a deleted question or answer & a hope of bringing the YAP trouble makers to justice. And in case you need to get in touch with Jonas, here is his email address

Another thing that I want to talk about is the current talk among certain YAPPERs that they are all tired of the rantings & the ravings about trolling & stuff like that within YAP. I totally agree & I see their point or at least see where they are coming from.

And that is precisely the reason why we have YAP Blogs, like the real YAP Blog at

or this blog or any other YAP blog out there. As these are places where we can talk about & discuss stuff like that & all the YAP Issues that needs to be addressed.

Most people can just shrug off problems that they see within YAP & just go on with their daily YAP lives that’s fine. We see that all the time in the Philippines, in Philippine politics, in Philippine public service, etc. etc. That’s just how most Pinoys are. And of course there are many extreme Pinoys who protest every single minute against anything & everything.

But in all these, we just want to see some sense of balance & try to put everything in perspective & try to help & work with the system we have right now so that the greater majority can be protected or better served or for the rule of law to be observed.

  • So to those that are okay with all the YAP Issues, we’re good.

  • To those who want to rant about something, Jonas’ email is always open, so is mine if you just want to give me a piece of your mind or rant, I wouldn’t mind. And this YAP Blog is always open 24/7!

  • But to those who want to contribute in making YAP a better place for everyone, we can all be involved by following all the YAP Guidelines, having clean fun & by doing responsible reporting of people who really needs to be reported.! My examples would include, report spammers, cloners, stalkers, people who malign others because of their protected class (their race, ethnicity, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability & others) & people who use foul & offensive language. YAP & any other place should be rid of all of them.

What says you?

YAP Buzz

Posted: November 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

In so much as we are having YAP Romance Scoops left & right. And just as in showbiz, people are either denying everything, not confirming anything or are keeping quiet… I just want to acknowledge this YAP comment from one of our well-loved male YAPPERs.

zzz… i think it’s time to hire Boy Abunda & Kris Aquino here in YAP. hmmm… beer… zzz…
Do you think he’s right?
And if he is, who are will you nominate to be the YAP Boy Adunda or the YAP Kris Aquino?
Secondly, as I just got back from YAP a few minutes ago & from what I am seeing it has again become a very lively & colorful place… I’ll try to jump into the discussions in there…
But as I go I will leave with this Funny YAP Comment of the week, from my YAP Idol.
A Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category.
Is it possible for jejomar binay to be the philippines first black president?

I just laughed out loud at that one… thanks to allan y & to jongbong!


Additional: They made YAP Qs about these, here are the links:;_ylt=AtQtmPuS0IiVx_wB9sBn3yYS7RR.;_yl…;_ylt=Av8F4qKsPd4tIXqw.CLMiV4S7RR.;_yl…

And here’s one more for a YAP Ruffa Gutierrez.;_ylt=ApQiwVxV32zR1UAZVkPB.KES7RR.;_yl…

Hello, hello, hello…

I have been gone a couple of days from YAP & what do I find?

Questions, answers & innundoes about a few YAP romances brewing… Who fancies who within YAP… What is the panic age for singles? And all these mushy stuff.

And that isn’t hard to imagine as there are a lot of single & available YAPPERs from both genders within YAP. Unfortunately I am not one of them as I am happily married to my wife & we have been together for the last 16 years.

So what says you single & available even though you might not be looking for someone YAPPER?

Who wants to spill the beans?

Who wants to tell the whole world who they fancy in YAP & why?

Who wants to make “pakiramdam”?

Who wants to tell outright that they do not have a chance with them? (ouch)

Who likes who & which YAPPER is trying to find that someone special especially in time for the holidays?

And who wants out of SMP or the “Samahang Malalamig and Pasko” gang?

And lastly what’s up with the single’s panic age? Love is for all ages…

What do you think???

Pasko Na

Posted: November 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner.

And again it’s YAP Pasko time! A time of peace, joy, love & of course food, toys & gifts.

For those who wish to find out more about this & for those who wish to give support & participate in this endeavor, check out the real YAP Blog. Here is the link to a post written up by Jonas:

From what I heard, the first YAP Pasko event took place December 2007, wherein a group of YAPPERs did an outreach to share the Christmas joys & goodies to needy kids. Unfortunately I was suspended at that time so I didn’t really found out about this event until late this year.

If you are interested to be a part of this year’s YAP Pasko & make the Christmas of a few needy kids memorable & happy, leave a comment on Jonas’ blog post or email him directly at

Who knows you might get more out of this than what the kids will be getting. Remember it is better to give than to receive.

And I hope all YAPPERs can come together & be a part this or a part of something greater than ourselves or our individual motives & to look past whatever past hurts we have endured or dished out (intended or not) to anyone.

Merry Christmas everyone…

Hello YAPPERs.

Sorry for not really attending to this forum lately but I’m here & I just got back from a short trip to YAP. And what am I to report? Only the usual Q&As, regarding stalking & cloning.

Anyway I just got back from answering this YAP Q:

Why do people stalk and copy your own avatar then ask silly question pretending to be you!?

And in it I stated my opinion & I told mysef, why not post it over here & give it a longer lifespan & who knows, real life YAP Stalkers & Cloners might end up telling us why they do it?

For I have always wondered about that myself–why here we have a totally open YAP forum which anybody can use to at least show us their side & still some people insist on being anonymous stalkers & cloners.

And of course I give them the benefit of the doubt that they know how to create a new yahoo account, a new YA account & a new yahoo 360 page to participate over here anonymously if they insist on being shy, but still no stalker & no paparazzi have shed light on these issues. Today I call upon all the YAP cloners too & all the YAPPERS that they have cloned.

So cloners communicate, say what you mean & tell us already.

And as we wait I will leave you with this song… by the Fixx

One Thing Leads to Another

The deception with tact, just what are you trying to say?
You’ve got a blank face, which irritates
Communicate, pull out your party piece
you see dimensions in two
State your case with black or white
But when one little cross leads to shots, grit your teeth
You run for cover so discreet, why don’t they:
Do what they say, say what you mean
One thing leads to another
You told me something wrong, I know I listen too long
But then one thing leads to another

The impression that you sell
Passes in and out like a scent
But the lung face that you see comes from living close
to your fears
If this is up then I’m up but you’re running out of sight
You’ve seen your name on the walls
And when one little bump leads to shock miss a beat
You run for cover and there’s heat, why don’t they:

Do what they say, say what they mean
One thing leads to another
You told me something wrong, I know I listen too long
But then one thing leads to another.
One thing leads to another

One thing leads to another…

Then it’s easy to believe
Somebody’s been lying to me
But when the wrong word goes in the right ear
I know why you’ve been lying to me
It’s getting rough, off the cuff I’ve got to say enough’s enough

Bigger the harder he falls
But when the wrong antidote is like a bulge on the throat
You run for cover in the heat why don’t they

Do what they say, say what they mean
One thing leads to another
You told me something wrong, I know I listen too long
But then one thing leads to another
One thing leads to another

One thing leads to another…