YAP is short for Yahoo Answers Philippines.

And it doesn’t really take rocket science to see why people who regularly visit that site would call themselves YAPpers.

Anyway you can consider me one of those YAPpers and I have been yapping since 2007. I opened a YAP Blog not long after that (I’d say about 7 to 8 months after) at my Yahoo 360 Page.

And because Yahoo decided to close down 360, we who had blogs housed over there had to find another place to shack up & inhabit.

And so hence, this page.

 (YAPPERs normally meet & greet at the TRAVEL>Asia Pacific>PHILIPPINES category, so see you all there!)

Welcome to all of you & enjoy.


  1. Went to YAP and voted for my answer to your Q re why people ask for homework help even in the Philippines section. Guess what? There are 3 votes for No Best Answer. The question will be deleted when NBA has more votes than the real answers. I don’t understand why more people think not one of the answers is correct nor decent enough to be voted.

  2. yappers says:

    Hello Boy, thanks for the heads up. But I am afraid I was too late to do anything.
    It was removed.
    LOL, well, I wanted to extend or choose a BA but you know it’s the holiday weekend here so we were pretty busy. I forgot all about my YAP Qs and besides it’s World Cup Fever. LOL

    I do know I can always email Jonas about this but let’s see what happens, I know it’s unfair to the answerers and I should apologize for not being on top of my Qs. But what can we do? Some people just can’t control themselves. Nothing we can do with those kinds.
    Catch you later!

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