I know I haven’t been in YAP as often as I was before.

I know that there have been a lot of new Yappers who have become regulars.

And I know that there have been a few old timers who have now slowly but surely starting to go back into the groove of things (or trying to).

But this one YAP Travel Philippines Question took me back to the good old days of YAP.

Here is the Question:

How do you help a Yapper that’s built an unhealthy obsession with you lately?

Now I have invited those involved to use this YAP Forum to talk things over.

And yes, no-holds-barred here and no thumb down, no reporting and no suspensions.


As the Philippines celebrate their new President and his new Administration and hope for better days ahead, we here in the US of A , pause to celebrate the 4th of July!

Freedom Day!

And I just wanted to say Happy 4th to all Americans and Happy New President to all Filipinos.


Going back to being free, I just would want to point out something that BoyP  (our resident lakwatsador yapper) told me about my question being under attack.

So for you askers in YAP, here is the thing, please, please choose a BA for your questions and do not let it inadvertently go into voting.

Because for some reason or another (all dumb of course) there is a yapper out there (or a group of yappers) who have voted NO BA (no best answer) on my YAP Question, even though as BoyP has pointed out, there were a number of great answers given.

And these yappers probably know more than I do, or they probably know or probably didn’t or they were probably just lucky, but we will never know until they come here in and tell us of course. 

But at any rate, my question was removed or deleted and my understanding is because of the numerous NO BEST ANSWER VOTES. Yes, can you believe that crap? I am now tempted to contact Jonas, our resident Yahoo Asia Community Manager, and have him investigate this seemingly new YAP modus operandi.

But right now, I am still in my Freedom Day Spirit and I am still giving these yappers some FREEDOM as well. But, I know one of these days I might just have to tell on Jonas about them and because I am now asking and answering under Yahoo Answers Philippines (YAP), Jonas has jurisdiction over all my Q and As, all my content and he can very easily investigate all my concerns and ACT on them. Unlike in the previous years when I used to ask and answer in Yahoo Main (USA) and that was my undoing until Jonas himself pointed this out to me, as  he had somewhat limited leeway to work with as it was not under YAP.

And that is just to forewarn these yappers who think they are above the (YAP) law.

Let’s see who will have the last laugh now…. LOL

And talk about getting a life here…

Anyway, as I have said, it’s still the 4th of July over here in Sunny California. We are having a great Sunday so far and we will be having some more barbeques at one of our friend’s house for dinner. later on, we will walk a few streets down to a nearby park to watch the festivities and the fireworks.

So, hasta la vista baby!


Wow, I just got this email in my inbox:

Wow, how did you DO that? Congrats on reaching Level 6. Wooo hooo! Your brain is a superstar! You can take pride in the hundreds of people you’ve enlightened, all over the world. Check out the chart below, and you’ll see that the next stop is the top. So keep it up!Take me to Yahoo! Answers

Thanks for sharing what you know with the world!

The Yahoo! Answers Team

  Level Points Range Ratings you can give per day Votes you can give per day Questions you can ask per day Answers you can give per day Comments you can make per day  
  7 25000+ unlimited 100 unlimited unlimited unlimited  
  6 10000 – 24999 unlimited 100 unlimited unlimited unlimited  
  5 5000 – 9999 unlimited 100 unlimited unlimited unlimited  
  4 2500 – 4999 unlimited 80 20 80 40  
  3 1000 – 2499 unlimited 60 15 60 30  
  2 250 – 999 unlimited 40 10 40 20  
  1 1 – 249 0 20 5 20 10  


Mind boggling really on how I have managed to do that and joining an elite YA group who have done so ahead of me. Of course the Level 7 people are saying, ho hum. But I never had any intentions of getting so much points and this high up. It’s making me feel dizzy. LOL

Anyway, to you who are thinking that you cannot reach these kind of numbers too, believe me you can and yes even without trying and/or cheating. And who really want to do that? It’s not like we are going to get a prize or something.

But as the email has said…


and that’s more than good enough for me.

So to all YAPPERs, to infinity and beyond…

People, we are not talking about the Philippine elections anymore.

There will always be winners and losers in every election, get over it people!

Anyway, I am talking about the Best Answers Percentages In Yahoo Answers, and I know those percentages (of best answers to total number of answers, 12-13%) are a bit low.

But I just wanted to ask it over here. This is not my own question but rather I saw this interesting question over of all place in the YA>Sports>Boxing section. You know with Manny Pacquio, still a big name in professional boxing the world over, the boxing forum in Yahoo Answers still is a pretty interesting site for Filipino boxing fans to visit.

Anyway, the original question is, the same as the title of this post.

Do you think that the people with over 12% or 13% best answers are cheating?

I have been consistently in the low 20s, normally within 21-23% myself, but that does not mean that I cheat.

You see if I do cheat or if I do really want to cheat, I could easily reverse that and make 77 to 79% of my answers as Best Answers. Easy, and it’s not really rocket science. But the question would be why?

Here was my response to that question: What’s yours?

It depends on the category, and partly in the way you select the questions that you answer.

But if you only answer in one category, which I suppose is the one where in you have the most knowledge in, then even 20-25% is reasonable, especially if you choose your questions well and answer only the ones which are really questions and not those where the asker is not really interested in the answers.

If you give out fairly decent answers consistently then 1 BA out of every 5 questions, is not hard to achieve.

But you have a point, it does tend to be suspicious the higher the percentages go, much like some people believe that Pacquiao must be on something, because he looks like he is on something.

Maybe we can tell YA to give all of us random IQ tests.

Yes like how Mayweather wanted Pacquiao to first take blood tests because they suspect him of being on performance enhancing drugs. Just agree you guys and let’s fight!

And so there it is.

I was blocked again. I tried clicking on a question of the yapper who blocked me and still blocked. (The unusual thing about this is that I fondly remember answering a few of this askers questions and I even remember that in the last question of his (or hers) that I have answered, he (or she) even gave me the BA, so I am just surprised about all this).

But then I clicked on the question of the next person who asked a question in YAP a few minutes after the yapper who blocked me. And lo and behold. I was blocked by her (him too). So blocked again.

But here is the question, what are the ODDS that these seemingly two different YAPPERs who each asked a question in Yahoo Answers Travel Philippines about 5 minutes of each other, are one and the same?

You tell me?

Curses, blocked again.


When I was still playing basketball I was used to having my shots blocked left and right, yes also from the back, from the front, and from all angles. Well, I used to be a little slow back then.

Blocking is also the name of my game when I was into martial arts.

No pain, all gain of course. I mean if I don’t get hit that’s a good thing. And of course your attacks should hit and not be blocked as well. Pain to the other guy, of course.

But as regards to Yahoo Answers, I do believe that somebody had BLOCKED me. And that is a first.

And at first, I thought it was a bug or something, but now two days later it’s the same thing. I cannot view their question.

So, there you go, BLOCKED!

To that first person ever to block me in YA and I’m hoping the last, I salute you and I hope you’d reconsider as I really enjoyed answering some of your questions.

Have a nice day, YAPPERs!


Okay I went to check my email and found out that I got the dreaded Violation Notice Email,  (and my knees started to buckle somewhat, lol).  Well once dreaded but now just a pesky annoyance that I had to deal with. (Initially I didn’t want to but I also got an email from one of the people who answered that question regarding the deleted question, so I guess in a way I wanted to sort of correct this situation especially if it was an injustice done)

And I apologize to those who already answered that question but what can I do, these things are beyond our control. Well not entirely, as I already send an email to our ever helpful Yahoo Asia Community Manager Mr. Jonas Del Rosario.

But anyway, just so you guys know.

1. Chatting is still a big hit with YAP Reporters.

2. Apparently any link you post can be deemed non-relevant, and that was my main question to Mr. Jonas.

3. And thirdly, if somebody gets “offended” that’s grounds too. Another question I asked Mr. Yahoo Asia Community Manager about. Like how can we help if if a few of our fellow YAPPERs gets offended every three seconds.

Anyway, just wanted to post all this as I want to make that reporter’s day. Although it could very well be a short day as I might just want to appeal this violation so as to regain my question and your answers my fellow YAPPERs.  But, let’s see how it goes.

I just can’t get it went people can be this picky when 9 out of the other 10 YAP Questions out there are also “reportable”, talk about having nothing good to do and having a really bad day all in the same day.

Catch you later folks, unlike a few others out there (not like you and me) I have a few more productive things to do with my time.

Hasta la vista, baby!




Poll Question: Philippine Presidential Elections?

As a YAPPER, in regards to the election of President & Vice President of the Philippines, how will you categorize yourself.

1. I will vote in the upcoming elections and I already know who to vote for.

2. I will vote in the upcoming elections but I am still undecided.

3. I am underaged.

4. I do not vote. Or I did not register to vote.

5. I cannot vote. Or I am not a Filipino Citizen.

6. I don’t care.

7. Others, specify