I know it’s that time of year again, when the nights are longer, the weather is cooler and the lights, the sounds and the traffic all say one thing…


So to one and all, where ever you may be around the world…


But amidst the holiday rush and as I write this, I am still pretty much saddened by a few things, among them the recent Supreme Court Ruling in the Visconde Massacre Case.  And it is purely because, either we have accused, convicted, sentenced and imprisoned innocent men and we have let the real killers free all this time.

Or we have made a mockery of this case by letting the guilty free.

And in either case there are no clear winner, only losers all. Today I offer my sympathies to all the partied involved.

Secondly, I also sympathize with our kababayans who have been allegedly victimized by STARGATE INTERNATIONAL CARGO, primarily the one in UAE.

I know this has been a long standing problem in YAP and we have seen dozens upon dozens of complaints against this forwarding company since 2007 or as far back as I first started YAPPING.

And I know, during the holidays our hard-working OCWs try to send some Christmas Cheer back home to family and friends especially if they cannot be home for Christmas to the Happiest Christmas Place On Earth. And being the modern day Filipino Heroes, they shouldn’t be subjected to any more maltreatments.

And so if you are allegedly victimized by this particular cargo forwarding company, then maybe it is high time to spread the word and let us help stop this nonsense once and for all.

Any STARGATE victim can follow this link from my previous blog post and read the ongoing discussions. And I encourage you to communicate with one another and get back what has been taken from you.



  1. It is almost Christmas ! I can feel it in the air. Not least because I have done up the house for the season.

    My 12-ft tall Christmas tree is up. Garlands adorn the veranda, the doors, and the 2nd floor railings. Another tree stands in the gazebo. Santa is going down from the chimney. The trees are bright with capiz lights in yellow, red and green. Twinkling lights are casually strewn on the bush near the fence, swaying when the cold wind blows.

    There were kids caroling last night. And I woke up to a house enveloped in fog. Wonderful !

    Merry Christmas to all Yappers !

  2. yappers says:


    Thanks for the blow-by-blow Boy.

    I miss Christmas in the Philippines, I haven’t been back to celebrate it there since 2001.

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

    (I like what you did to your house, very Christmassy. Are you going to put up the photos in your blog?)

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