Freedom Day

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Uncategorized
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As the Philippines celebrate their new President and his new Administration and hope for better days ahead, we here in the US of A , pause to celebrate the 4th of July!

Freedom Day!

And I just wanted to say Happy 4th to all Americans and Happy New President to all Filipinos.


Going back to being free, I just would want to point out something that BoyP  (our resident lakwatsador yapper) told me about my question being under attack.

So for you askers in YAP, here is the thing, please, please choose a BA for your questions and do not let it inadvertently go into voting.

Because for some reason or another (all dumb of course) there is a yapper out there (or a group of yappers) who have voted NO BA (no best answer) on my YAP Question, even though as BoyP has pointed out, there were a number of great answers given.

And these yappers probably know more than I do, or they probably know or probably didn’t or they were probably just lucky, but we will never know until they come here in and tell us of course. 

But at any rate, my question was removed or deleted and my understanding is because of the numerous NO BEST ANSWER VOTES. Yes, can you believe that crap? I am now tempted to contact Jonas, our resident Yahoo Asia Community Manager, and have him investigate this seemingly new YAP modus operandi.

But right now, I am still in my Freedom Day Spirit and I am still giving these yappers some FREEDOM as well. But, I know one of these days I might just have to tell on Jonas about them and because I am now asking and answering under Yahoo Answers Philippines (YAP), Jonas has jurisdiction over all my Q and As, all my content and he can very easily investigate all my concerns and ACT on them. Unlike in the previous years when I used to ask and answer in Yahoo Main (USA) and that was my undoing until Jonas himself pointed this out to me, as  he had somewhat limited leeway to work with as it was not under YAP.

And that is just to forewarn these yappers who think they are above the (YAP) law.

Let’s see who will have the last laugh now…. LOL

And talk about getting a life here…

Anyway, as I have said, it’s still the 4th of July over here in Sunny California. We are having a great Sunday so far and we will be having some more barbeques at one of our friend’s house for dinner. later on, we will walk a few streets down to a nearby park to watch the festivities and the fireworks.

So, hasta la vista baby!



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