Blocked 2

Posted: May 5, 2010 in Uncategorized
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And so there it is.

I was blocked again. I tried clicking on a question of the yapper who blocked me and still blocked. (The unusual thing about this is that I fondly remember answering a few of this askers questions and I even remember that in the last question of his (or hers) that I have answered, he (or she) even gave me the BA, so I am just surprised about all this).

But then I clicked on the question of the next person who asked a question in YAP a few minutes after the yapper who blocked me. And lo and behold. I was blocked by her (him too). So blocked again.

But here is the question, what are the ODDS that these seemingly two different YAPPERs who each asked a question in Yahoo Answers Travel Philippines about 5 minutes of each other, are one and the same?

You tell me?

Curses, blocked again.


  1. Phoenix:Devil's Advocate says:

    Take it as a grain of salt if these particular contributors were blocking you from their questions being posted.

    Give them the benefit of the doubt that they maybe suffering from mental illness before you’ll have your blood soaring to a boiling point and go kaput! ☺

    Just keep your cool and shrug them off!!!

  2. yappers says:


    Don’t worry Phoenix a lot worse things have been done to me in the past.

    And I have nothing against YA users who block other users that is their right and whatever their reason or reasons are, its their business.

    I just want to put this right into the spotlight so as to tell those users with legitimate reasons to block users that they are free to do so.

    And in the same token, I also wish to put it out there that there could be users who block users with self-serving reasons and as one commenter said, it could have been a mistake. With that in mind I want to see if this was such a mistake. LOL

    Thanks for commenting!

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