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When I was still playing basketball I was used to having my shots blocked left and right, yes also from the back, from the front, and from all angles. Well, I used to be a little slow back then.

Blocking is also the name of my game when I was into martial arts.

No pain, all gain of course. I mean if I don’t get hit that’s a good thing. And of course your attacks should hit and not be blocked as well. Pain to the other guy, of course.

But as regards to Yahoo Answers, I do believe that somebody had BLOCKED me. And that is a first.

And at first, I thought it was a bug or something, but now two days later it’s the same thing. I cannot view their question.

So, there you go, BLOCKED!

To that first person ever to block me in YA and I’m hoping the last, I salute you and I hope you’d reconsider as I really enjoyed answering some of your questions.

Have a nice day, YAPPERs!


    • yappers says:

      Mr. B******.

      And that really took me by surprise, aside from the fact that this is the first time that somebody have blocked me or at least the first time I have found out somebody had blocked me. I see many of his questions to be legitimate qs & I have answered a number of them already.

      • BoyP says:

        That is a surprise. I answer most of his Qs and in fact I have him as a contact. Could it be because you yourself don’t allow yourself to be added? Some people become suspicious. There are some yappers like that. Just maybe.

      • yappers says:

        I know BoyP so you could imagine my surprise.

        Anyway, you got good points and I hope thats the case. I made a follow-up post Blocked 2, to force the issue I guess,…

        I have been YAPPING for what 3 years now, I don’t know why anybody could still be suspicious. But Im guessing, there are a lot of them out there, basing from my YAP experiences of late.

        Thanks BoyP.

      • ohayo says:

        Uy ngayon lang ako napadaan dito sa blog mo, Japs. Hmmm…as usual pala, Yap blues lol!

        Surprise yun, na blocked ka? hahaha ako din na blocked ng mga blocked ko. I dont mind them anymore, I just think that maybe some people refuse to grow up. You see, I dont Yap for the past couple of months now. But when I visit Yap because someone updated me with their posts, there is this @%#& troll who is still using my Y!A id as his/her own id. I still blocked those I think deserved it. My Y!A profile Q&A as well as my contacts are also hidden because of obvious reasons. When I was still active in Yap, I welcome everyone, but my Q&A were being reported every now and then. I dunno why… but uh… ignore them na lang!

      • yappers says:

        I know ohayo, long time no see.

        Regarding the CLONE trolls, yes there was a time that YAP was in that phase. I also wrote about that in here somewhere, CLONE WARS yata ang title ng post.

        Anyway, at least we have a forum board where we can say anything that we want to say about YAP and at least be civilized about it pa rin.

        You should report the accounts of those who have cloned you kay Jonas, tanggal agad yun.

        Anyway, much thanks, welcome back to YAP. It’s like you never left huh?


        Here is the link to CLONE WARS

        And before that here is one more:

        IMPERSONATORS pala ang tinawag ko sa kanila.

  1. ohayo says:

    Hello again!

    I noticed the different lay out of your blog..and since when? This is cool!

    Ngayon lang ako napadaan dito, because I received a noticed in my inbox. Ah Japs, I was out of Yap for months… kinda relieved I overcome this YAP addiction. Im now active in another site, walang trolls at walang intriga. From time to time I “peek” sa YAP..and ho~hummm… nakaka antok! But one thing, I still have communication with some of the YAPPERS I considered my friends. Nabawasan na nga sila but Im happy for those who stayed and still “love” me for being me.

    Some are already included in my Facebook, and I keep them there and we are happy there. Walang intriga whatsoever.

    • yappers says:


      I had changed it a while back, don’t remember when. But probably right after you last visited here. Well, I had nothing to do one day & decided to repaint the place.

      I know most people are turned off by YAP lately (me included). Even lakwatsa tells me he is, but I can’t blame him. Just boring q and as and petty squabbles. But what else is new, still looks and feels like a mini-pinas (as to be expected anyway). Just feels like home if I go there every once in a while, so still good to me.

      FB is ok.

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