YAP Violation Email 101

Posted: April 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Okay I went to check my email and found out that I got the dreaded Violation Notice Email,  (and my knees started to buckle somewhat, lol).  Well once dreaded but now just a pesky annoyance that I had to deal with. (Initially I didn’t want to but I also got an email from one of the people who answered that question regarding the deleted question, so I guess in a way I wanted to sort of correct this situation especially if it was an injustice done)

And I apologize to those who already answered that question but what can I do, these things are beyond our control. Well not entirely, as I already send an email to our ever helpful Yahoo Asia Community Manager Mr. Jonas Del Rosario.

But anyway, just so you guys know.

1. Chatting is still a big hit with YAP Reporters.

2. Apparently any link you post can be deemed non-relevant, and that was my main question to Mr. Jonas.

3. And thirdly, if somebody gets “offended” that’s grounds too. Another question I asked Mr. Yahoo Asia Community Manager about. Like how can we help if if a few of our fellow YAPPERs gets offended every three seconds.

Anyway, just wanted to post all this as I want to make that reporter’s day. Although it could very well be a short day as I might just want to appeal this violation so as to regain my question and your answers my fellow YAPPERs.  But, let’s see how it goes.

I just can’t get it went people can be this picky when 9 out of the other 10 YAP Questions out there are also “reportable”, talk about having nothing good to do and having a really bad day all in the same day.

Catch you later folks, unlike a few others out there (not like you and me) I have a few more productive things to do with my time.

Hasta la vista, baby!




Poll Question: Philippine Presidential Elections?

As a YAPPER, in regards to the election of President & Vice President of the Philippines, how will you categorize yourself.

1. I will vote in the upcoming elections and I already know who to vote for.

2. I will vote in the upcoming elections but I am still undecided.

3. I am underaged.

4. I do not vote. Or I did not register to vote.

5. I cannot vote. Or I am not a Filipino Citizen.

6. I don’t care.

7. Others, specify

  1. BoyP says:

    Hi Japs, what was the reported question? Please post here so that we can answer. Anyway, that is the correct attitude to take re vios. C ‘est la vie.

  2. BoyP says:

    My answer is Number 1. Will vote, and I know who.

  3. Marika says:

    no.5 —- I cannot vote since I am no longer a Filipino citizen.

  4. yappers says:

    Same here Marika. No. 5

    Thanks BoyP.
    As always on top of everything! I pray that we have lots of Filipino citizens like you.

  5. Phoenix:Devil's Advocate says:

    These are the type of people who can’t take constructive criticism and would hit the “Report Button” immediately and happily.☺☺☺♪♪♪

    Although your question/s may not constitute a violation to the yahoo guidelines but someone can twist it according to their narrow mindedness of understanding and will report you-with or without a reason.

    Similarly, I had been reported with my way of answering questions, as am straightforward on giving it but had over turned and got my answer/s to be re-posted.

  6. yappers says:

    Great point Phoenix.

    And that is a good point to put across that anybody can fight all their YA violations if they really feel strongly that they have been done an injustice.

    And you having your answers reposted is a good example.


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