Is There Something Wrong With YA???

Posted: April 8, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Is it just me or is there something wrong with YA over in your end as well.

I haven’t been yapping as of late & was in here yesterday & a few minutes today.

But on both occasions I have noticed that sometimes, the YA questions that were showing were about a week old. And then on the rest of the times it’s showing the current Q & As.

Is that a bug or is there something wrong on my end?

Also I have noticed that there are questions in & around YA that may look like legitimate Travel Questions, but it’s more like a non-question. And instead it looks like an ad for some Private Investigation Company? Have you seen that, what’s your take on those?

Well, I guess I just wanted to rant about something, that’s all. If it doesn’t hurt anybody why bother right??

I’m out… have a great day YAPPERs!

  1. BoyP says:

    You’re not alone. I noticed that when I open “Answers” the default setting is on “OLDEST”. I just change the setting to NEWEST and it is ok. This happens every time I open Yahoo Answers. I figure they must have changed the default setting. Or it is a bug.

    About “ads” masquerading as Travel-related , I ignore them. Quite easy to spot. Could this have been the strategy of STARGATE, too?

  2. yappers says:

    I see. But why set it to oldest? That makes no sense at all. Well unless if it’s a bug or something.

    You got a point about Stargate, the thing is, it looks like its reverse marketing as it is making the company look bad. Could it be a competitor’s ploy though. Hmmm

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