Selective YAP Reporting

Posted: March 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is the blog post which I promised to talk about from the last one.

And in this one, I just want to focus on one thing & one thing only.

Are you a YAP Police Dog or are you part of the pack of YAP Police Dogs?

If you are, then why have you been selectively reporting my Non-Travel Related Posts in YAP, especially the old ones while conveniently ignoring most of the YAP Questions of other YAPPERs.

I mean, if you are a true YAP Police Dog and you want to clean up YAP, then clean it up the right way.

Report all Non-Travel Related Questions. But then again if you do that, that’s all you’re going to do as that will probably constitute to reporting some 90 to 99% of  all YAP Questions. Yes for only 1 in 10 questions in YAP are Travel Related & it could be less than that. And that would be a futile effort if you ask me. So, the only logical reason is that this is being done by dogs who are selective in their policing.

And one last thing, who has the time to even go back & wade thru all the YAP Questions & selectively report non-travel related questions in YAP. We need to come up with a new name for them people with so much time in their hands.  If only they do that to do something more noble or something that would make them some money, then maybe I would salute them.

Hasta  la vista baby… (you can’t stay hidden for so long, so why not just come out in the open now & tell us why, oh why, oh why)

  1. @wrestler@ says:

    I have a lot of time in my hands, since I retired from work last year.

    But I am not one of those called YAP Police or anything like that. I am not imbued with a mission to clean up YAP. In fact, I answer most questions, including non-travel related ones. Otherwise, there will be practically nothing to answer, and I wouldn’t be able to use up some of my idle time.

    The only questions I report are those long answers selling a million things like Nike, etc. Just yesterday, I saw one like that and it happened to be the first answer to my question. Bad trip yun.

  2. yappers says:

    so it goes without saying this is the reason why I have my Q&As private.
    And I forgot about the spam questions, thanks for reminding me,
    hate those too.


  3. Phoenix:Devil's Advocate says:

    You must be out when the memo was sent. It reads:

    If you don’t have a clique or a member of a clique, you are an endangered contributor.
    If your questions asked were somewhat, very, absolutely derogatory then rest assure that it will be either reported or not depending on their moods.

    YAP Police Dogs aka Fickle Minded.

  4. yappers says:

    So I must have been on my day off when they sent that out.

    I’d say, they must have been moody lately then.


    • ohayo says:

      Japs, The word “clique” came out pinpointing some Yappers as part of of a group… and so what? As if its a big deal. Just post a Q or answer the Q, choose a BA later ..whatever, clique or not doesnt matter… puro hinala lang sa Yap, its so Pilipino… blah!

      • yappers says:


        I know, seems so typical Pinoy and that’s what scares me.

        But you do have a point, because of the anonymity of Yahoo Answers users, it is much harder for most users to “trust” just anybody. But you do have a good formula, Ask then choose BA.

        And also choose a Q and then Answer it.

  5. PC says:

    Hi Japs. I didn’t think that non travel related questions could be reported. Yahoo only states that you should post your questions in the appropriate category so that you get the most accurate answer and more often than not will give you a choice of 3 or 4.
    Is this sheet still going on, it’s unbelievable what lengths some will go to.

  6. yappers says:

    >Hi PC

    Thanks for the comment, I know.

    But the thing is somebody reported “a travel to the Philippines” question that I posted a long time ago in Yahoo Answers Travel Asia Philippines section.

    And it was deleted.

    So talk about what lengths and also what gives or what the ?

    • PC says:

      At one stage someone was doing the same to me. Even got me on a comment I made (salamat). I was more than ropeable and eventually calmed down. Now it’s just WTF or Who Gives a F—–.
      The funny part or is it sad is that these are adults.

      • yappers says:


        Now PC are we really sure that they are adults?

        And even if they are of age, there are still childish as opposed to childlike folks among them and in all of us of course.

        But, what the heck right, I’m just glad we have another forum such as this to vent out and trust that there will be no REPORTER TROLLS. LOL

        Thanks PC, long time no see.

    • ohayo says:

      Masanay ka na Japs, yan din ang reklamo ko. Bakit yung matino ang nasususpend pero yung obvious na bad trolls buhay pa din? Same thing with the reporting of harmless Q. Sino ba ang kalaban? Matapang lang magtago sa likod ng avatar nya, pero malay natin isa pala sha sa mga akala nating kaibigan yun pala traydor. I have a suspect in mind, under observation pa sha sakin though.

      • yappers says:


        The problem lies in the fact that “yung matitinong” YAPPERs have just accepted the fact that there will always be “kulang sa pansin na mga trolls” (although some trolls do liven up the place so those are ok).

        Regarding friends and frenemies in YAP. I have long suspected that but because I always give everybody the benefit of the doubt and that I “try” to assume that someone is innocent first before proven guilty, and that is what has kept me sane in YAP all this time.

        I did NOT open this YAP BLOG not really to be a “Matitinong” (Sensible) YAPPERs” Discussion Board but that’s ok too. What I really intended this place to be is a forum for those HIDING YAP TROLLS to have a safe place to SHOW THEMSELVES AND TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT THEMSELVES AND TELL US THEIR STORY so that us mortal yappers could relate or understand them.

        But, so far there are still ZERO REPORTER TROLLS who have yet to have the guts to come in here and say something… “para naman madedelete natin ang account nila dito, in here nga puwedeng everything goes eh. San ka pa?”

        Thanks ohayo.

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