Am I The Only One Thinking Like This On This One?

Posted: March 5, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Am I The Only One Thinking Like This On This One?

I mean, as I go YAP lately I see mostly:

  • troll Q & As which mostly are not really bad. Many people welcome most of them because they say it livens up the place. Of course that’s true, most of us cannot deny that, but only until somebody gets hurt. And what I meant is until somebody gets justifiably offended by politically incorrect terminology or discriminatory and bias content.
  • homework questions and questions which would be easily answered in what, less than a minute by googling it.
  • and the new breed of English translations, which I have asked about some time ago but I do not think most people understood what I meant. I do not want to put up the link here as that would be like putting a dry bone to the nose of stalker trolls, paparazzi trolls & YAP Police dogs (the same ones who only come out at night & have all this time been content to do their stuff in the dark & wouldn’t even have a single courageous bone to come over here & tell us a little something about them or why they do what they do within YAP. I mean they do a good thing at least in their mind but why not tell us why they do it.–my next blog post will clarify what I meant about this)

Okay in this post, I will single out this latest English Translation Please Questions.

  1. Don’t you think that most askers of these questions are invading the privacy of somebody out there  who was the intended recipient of the Tagalog message they want translated into English? Be it a Tagalog/Taglish chat, text or email message which obviously was being asked by a non-Tagalog speaker & obviously those message weren’t meant for them.
  2. And two don’t you feel by answering these questions, some of which are even “personal” messages, we contribute into an invasion of privacy?
  3. And why aren’t anybody reporting these types of questions as obviously these are not Travel related. I mean somebody or some people are again going back to my old YAP questions & have reported 4 of my older mostly non-travel related questions & now they have been DELETED–and that would be the topic of my next post.
  1. Phoenix:Devil's Advocate says:

    Translating text messages from Tagalog to English is not considered as invasion of privacy by contributors who translate it for the Asker. The Asker’s intrusion to one’s solitude or one’s private affairs or information of such which makes an embarrassing translated information to the public which puts the Asker in the limelight of “invasion of privacy”.

  2. yappers says:

    Very good point.

    I just feel though, that if I do give out a “translation” of SPECIFIC or CERTAIN Tagalog/Taglish messages for an asker who at the back of my mind “might” be invading somebody else’s privacy by them asking about it–I would rather err on the side of discretion & refrain from doing so.

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