Me Thinks the YAP Reporters are Back, Whadyathink?

Posted: November 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

They’re baaaack…

How do I know, it’s because I answered at least a handful of Travel>Philippines Questions yesterday and today I realize that at least three of them are not on my Answer List.

Which means, either the Askers of those questions deleted their questions on their own, or it was deleted for them courtesy of Yahoo Answers. And we can probably guess why. Right, it was reported by YAP reporters or as I have fondly called them before… the paparazzis.

Okay, am I missing something here, are they really back or have they not left at all. Or maybe I was gone a long while I just haven’t noticed… Whadyathink?



  1. The Dragon says:

    It is quite pathetic lately reading all these clone wars that have been going on here in Y/P.
    Some people took personal or too personal that they had decided to usurp the other person’s identity/avatar to get even or perhaps in their shallow minds if they can’t be as smart as the original might as well usurp the identity.

    Remarkably, we are just showing what a crab mentality we have as Filipinos. Accusations left and right as to how many accounts one contributor have. Ridiculously childish with its absoluteness!

  2. Phoenix says:

    I view the Clone Wars as stalking. Why? It is harassing other contributors by imitating them and this is an act of delusional behavior in short-cyber stalking. Its purpose is to be offensive by harassing or annoy another person whom this “Stalker Clone” has its fixation. The Stalker Clone would be defamatory to the object of its desired victim.
    These Stalker Clones are just wasting their time and emotional energy by playing against each other and this is what has been going on lately in Y/P.

  3. yappers says:

    Well said guys, I agree with the both of you.
    Thanks for sharing…
    Now if we can only do something about these clones…

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