First YAP Blog Post @ This New Home

Posted: October 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

Technically, this is the second post, as I had one post earlier (back in September) basically saying that this YAP Blog is transferred over here from the now defunct Yahoo 360.

Anyway, we do not want to get technical here so for all intents & purposes let us make this one the first blog post to be posted specifically for this new place & I welcome all you returning YAPPERs, old & new & all you newcomers, welcome, come in & join the discussions.

Today, I just want to start on the topic of I am guessing HOT again within the YAP World, & because I am in & out of YAP (sadly mostly out) I am not really sure who they are talking about. All I know is that apparently there is again people posting derogatory & discriminatory remarks in YAP. But I say what else is new?

And because as we know there are always two sides to a coin, what do you think?

Do they serve a purpose?

Do we condone them?

Do YA need to ban them as somebody asked in YAP? Or if ever, can we really do that?

What do you think?


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