Impersonators, Clones, Trolls & Everything Nice

Posted: July 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’m on vacation right now & I just checked my emailbox to see a few messages, saying how YAP has deteriorated as of late.

Yes, no thanks to a few good impersonators, clones & trolls.

I also saw a Q from BL who I have not seen in ages, asking about this very same thing?

And so what happened?

And I will ask again, do you think we need to call Jonas to start a clean up drive?

  1. Jaimee Harmony says:

    Hello Japs!
    So you’re in Manila? Good for you!=D

    I havent been in YAP for a while either. I have been visiting whenever I can and argh…I am quite surprised with what’s happening as well!

    But then, there are phases in YAP. This is another. So….

    360 is closing…any plans of moving to a different blog site? Some “legits” have opened some sites. I did open a free forum. If you are interested of joining, you can give me a buzz so I can send you details. That goes to the rest that would get to read this.

    Take care!

  2. _smile_ says:

    Hi Japs!

    The trolling and trolling never stops. Inform us if you are doing or having another blog site such as this.

    Take care!

  3. Japs says:

    Email me your site’s link & I’ll visit it soon.

    And just like I told debbie & Isayy on their comments, if I have time before 360 closes, I’ll try to download & move to another site. I’ll keep you updated. Otherwise, this will be at Y!Profiles anyway.

    I will send you an email, if & when I would move this site.

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