YAP Q of the Week

Posted: June 9, 2009 in Uncategorized


I was able to YAP during my lunch break today & was inspired to answer a few Qs.

Anyway, just wanted to share that I notice that there were a lot of very interesting Questions & some very interesting Answers as well. There are some new YAPPERS & some returning ones–welcome or welcome back.

Now this one Q, got me really to think harder than normal. And surprisingly it took me almost a full minute to compose a reply. For normally after I read a q, I just immediately start typing & am done in a flash. Like what I am doing right now with this blog post. Speaking of blogs, if you read the previous post you will know that this forum is closing down very soon–I mean Y360 is (read here). And because this YAP Blog or YAP Forum is within Y360, this blog will be gone as well–except if you guys want to continue, so I can move it to Blogger, to Multiply or other blogsites, if not then it’s over.

Although I know this is on the Yahoo Profiles page anyway, but just wanted to know what you guys think.

Lastly here is my vote for YAP Q of the Week: Please answer if you have the time…

YAPpers: Do you still enjoy YAP?

simple question for yappers.

  1. debbie says:

    hmm… half yes. there have been many annoying trolls kase and the most questions don’t make sense anymore

  2. debbie says:

    regarding they 360 closing down, i will miss this page

  3. Japs says:

    Hi debbie. I’ll try to join you guys in facebook real soon. Well at least after I come back to the States.

    Re this YAP forum, I have gotten a few requests for me to continue it, anyway I guess it will be at Y!Profiles so it will not be totally dead.

    If I have time before 360 closes, I’ll try to download & move to another site.


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