What’s Going On Part 2?

Posted: June 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hello fellow YAPpers.

I know I have been away again from YAP & from this YAP Blog but I did manage to browse through YAP Travel Philippines & see that all is as normal as it is.

I did manage to notice that there is a totally new look to the US Leaderboard, I will not mention it over here as it might be a start of some talks that we shouldn’t be having. [New look, as I know I have not looked at the leaders for sometime & now that I did, I now think that this is not the same one as I remember blogging about many many months ago, or has been over a year now?].

There are also, I figure new trolls, which I see is largely left alone or ignored by regular YAPPERs who now know better. And I also figure there are some new legit YAPPERs as well. Welcome to all of you!!!

And then there are Q & As that could be described as personal attacks or an attack on the Philippines or the Filipinos, but what else is new right?

There seem to be some bored YAPPERs & as some are saying YAPPERs being AWOL or resting or hibernating or whatever term who can use to describe them. (Or those like me who are In & Out YAPPERs–that’s either not an appropriate term or is like a hint that I am hungry & need to eat my lunch just about now).

There is also some new NEWS on a possible Yahoo sponsored YAP Meetup either this month or next (June & July). For I have finally gotten some word from Jonas the Community Manager for Yahoo Philippines (or it is Yahoo Asia I forgot now). So that is some good news to wait for.

Also if this Meetup date is favorable then I might be finally seeing all of you guys face to face, so who knows right?

And finally there has been some talk that Yahoo 360 will be shutting down & I know that has been going on for over a year now. But, the news is true & 360 & this YAP Blog will be shutting down sometime next week I believe.

So, updates I want updates, comments, feedbacks, rants… Do any of you guys want to continue YAP Blogging or at least reading about issues about YAP? Or is this the end for this YAP Blog as well???

Click on the comment button & share what with us what you think?

Okay, I’m out of here. I want my In & Out Burger right now…

Additional: I had one of my YAP Qs deleted. I asked Jonas about it & even he was not sure why it was deleted. So another, what else is new.

And also in my browsing thru YAP, I saw a few very interesting Qs, & I was thinking if I should bring those questions over here to extend them as they are all closed. The Qs were from Spotter–the what’s in your wallet q, Marcelino’s q on our hometown & what it offers & Agnesian’s switcheroo q. I just think that the answers show each one’s unique personality & reveals a little bit of who we are. What do you think?

Also are the TD Bandits are out on bail again?

  1. anna m says:

    Senyor Japs, been a while since my last visit here. I thought this was already deleted.
    Where are you planning to move? I do hope you continue blogging about YAP.

    “I figure new trolls, which I see is largely left alone or ignored by regular YAPPERs who now know better.” – That’s what I do. I just enjoy their witty Q’s but never answer.

    TD’s are still apparent and I guess there’s no stopping them. They’ll be there to plague the community.

    Kahlan invited me to Cotolengo for a meet up with other YAPPERS last Saturday. Sadly, I was busy. Did you go? And I hope the Yahoo sponsored meet up pushes through =) It’ll be nice to see other Yappers and hopefully new ones.

  2. Japs says:

    Hi anna, I’ll send you an email to reply to your comment.

    Thanks for visiting.

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