Good Friday

Posted: April 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

It serves me write (or is it “It serves me right”).

Anyway, it is Good Friday today & I am here trying to write a blog & when I clicked the button to POST it. It posted NOTHING! #$%^&*!

LOL, well anyway I have been increasingly having a hard time finding the time to WRITE & EDIT posts here in this YAP Blog as well as stay in YAP itself–the Y360 & the YA Bugs notwithstanding.

So you guys might not get to see more of me in here or in YAP for a few, I don’t know, days, weeks or even months.

So just the same, I’ll see you guys when I see you, message me when you need to & HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY!


  1. Japs says:

    Yes, I know the feeling.

    For ever since I stopped using J@ps & went back to Japs, I have been having a hard time writing blog posts over there as well.

    Yes to one & all who did not know, I am also J@ps, actually I am the original Japs, the one who got suspended from YAP.

    Anyway, you guys can catch me at my Japs Blog as this YAP Blog is probably not going to be updated for awhile as I do not have time to YAP as of late.

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