YAP Q of the Week

Posted: April 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

I know that I haven’t been in this YAP Blog as I needed to be. As well as I am still not able to EDIT the blog posts that I wanted, such as the YAP Award Winners, anyway one of these days I can finalized those just as long as these Y 360 bugs would allow me to.

Anyway I saw this YAP Q that caught my fancy & wanted to ask it in here too so as to give it a longer lifespan & to have your opinions/answers easily seen by any new YAP comer who comes to this forum, so as for them to know a thing or two that they need to know.

Here is the Q.

Is there a protocol for newbie Y!APers?

What do you think fellow YAPPERs?

  1. Marie Is ʆσʋɛ® says:

    I’ve been meaning to ask that for a while and am glad that I did. Better to be armed with vital information than sorry, right?. Also, is there such thing as a YAP addict or a Yaddict? lol. It seems like I always find myself in yahoo answers more than any other sites.

  2. Japs says:

    I am glad that you asked that too.

    Everyone of us has been a YAP newbie once so we all understand how you feel. My first one or two weeks there all I did was read the YAP Q & As, for I didn’t have the guts to join in. But then I can see that many YAPPERs were having so much fun asking & answering, so why not go all the way, right. And then when I finally did, all my answers were reported & deleted.

    Yes really, like what the f?

    Now after all these years, after I opened this YAP Blog & after a number of suspensions, I have learned that I was just caught in between the crossfires among regular YAPPERs, that I was mistaken for somebody else & that someone I do not know nor who knows me just didn’t like me. Well it could have been worse, but at least I found out a few goings-on that were silently happening under the radar.

    But all-in-all I stayed & now I count myself among the many regular YAPPERs. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you would be one too. Welcome to the Club!

  3. Marie Is ʆσʋɛ® says:

    Wow, bad business indeed. I suppose people tend to get a little bolder because of anonymity, but that’s really no excuse to [virtually] stomp on others. Anyway, yeah, thanks again for the kind welcome and see you around =).

  4. Doctor J says:

    No protocol really. But try to always be helpful and polite. Resist the temptation to get angry with questions that, sometimes deliberately, sow intrigues. You can either answer these types calmly and with objectivity, or not answer at all.

    Sometimes questions that have been asked a million times are asked again, and again. Do not lecture to the asker. It is possible that the asker is new and has not seen a similar question. Or it is entirely possible that the person know, and is being playful, expecting sarcastic or angry answers.

    Always stay cool, and you will enjoy the experience of learning, sharing, and making friends.

  5. Marie Is ʆσʋɛ® says:

    Hello Doctor! Thanks for the tips. I will definitely not take them lightly as it might save my Y!AP life someday[like not get suspended and be wiped out from the face of Y!A forever] lol.

  6. Marie Is ʆσʋɛ® says:

    Hello Doctor! Thanks for the tips. I will definitely not take them lightly.=)

  7. Marie Is ʆσʋɛ® says:

    Awwww… Sorry for the over post Japs. My browser is tweaking.

  8. Japs says:

    To Doctor J, those are indeed words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing.

    To Marie, yes follow those & you will be on the right path.

    Wait a minute, I’m sounding too ‘preachy’. LOL.
    Anyway It might be just the season.


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