Meet Up — The Final Update!

Posted: February 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

Okay, it’s good to be back, although it’s hard to get back in the YAP game especially if I have a ton of email to read.

Anyway I just read a few messages regarding the Meet Up that Bhuwisit first propositioned. And yes, finally he did leave a comment & sent me an email. More about that later…

Although what I really want to talk about is another email I received from another would be meet up participant who feels the same way I do. That most of those who are coming aren’t really sure or would be there just to find out who’s who.

Anyway, Bhuwisit’s first proposition was like that & it went like this:

Where: Havana Cafe – Greenbelt, outside tables
Date: March 9, 2009 Time: 8-10PM

If you show up, don’t even volunteer your real name or YA name, so except for the ones with pictures, it’ll be interesting.

It’s all up to you… you don’t even need to RSVP. Yours truly may even spring for a round o’ drinks and pulutan.


So it is now:

Havana Cafe – Greenbelt, outside tables
March 10, 2009 Time: 8-10PM

And with another twist, NO PHOTOS please. As in his own words, this will just be a small informal gathering for curiosity’s sake.

So, nothing more, nothing less, those who would want to come are welcome, you may opt to identify yourself or keep it anonymous. Those who are scared of something, should just come & not identify themselves.

And this is I hope would be the final update to this proposition. And I will definitely email Jonas to organize a meet up this year. And as the last one was on July of 2008, I would propose to have a second one also this coming July 2009, as I would be in Manila at that time. Yahoo!

  1. Beetlle says:

    aww, no pictures? you guys are too exclusive. hahaha 🙂 Wow, so i guess this is all set in stone. u guys have fun!

  2. Buwisit Ka says:

    yep no pictures please. this is simply a “respect the attendees’ privacy” issue, as in the only people who should know what you look like should only be the ones who can show up–just like any other social gathering.

  3. Jaimee Harmony says:

    Baket walang picture?! Ano ppost ko sa Facebook?!

  4. Isayy says:

    He hee sana walang paparazzi! LOL.

  5. Japs says:


    Yup no paparazzi’s allowed. They can all organize their own meet-up & take photo shoots of themselves.

    Because for all intents & purposes this is Bhuwisit’s meet-up, it is his terms or don’t show. Right?

    Besides, if he will buy one round of drinks & “pulutan”, why not?

  6. Doctor J says:

    Very sad that I can’t move my trip further.

    When the meet-up was first proposed, it fell on a date when I should be out of town,and I postponed it by one week, excited to meet friends. My confirmation was not attached to any conditions, I simply declared I WILL join, and offered to bring drinks if it was going to be in a private venue.

    Now, that postponement has gone for naught, and I can’t postpone a second time. Sayang. Japs, I hope you get Yahoo to do another meet up so I can join.

    You guys have a great time!

  7. Doctor J says:

    No news or anything? In any case. I hope those of you who came had a good time, whether or not the experience is shared here.

    Japs, any news about a meet up through Yahoo?

  8. debbie says:

    alas, i wasn’t able to show up. sa july na lang. see ya when i see ya

  9. debbie says:

    teka teka teka,, the question is natuloy ba ito?

  10. Japs says:

    To everybody waiting to know what has happened, if anything?
    Sorry to say that we are still awaiting news from anybody who did come.

    Calling our dear Bhuwisit… anyone?

  11. debbie says:

    haaay sana magparamdam sila

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