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I know that one of our well-loved? YAPPERs (by the sweet name of Bhuwisit) had a Question regarding a Meet Up, a blind-meet up even, one where you can come & not even reveal who you are (if you wish).

But for the life of me, I couldn’t find that Q. Well of course it would have been reported.

Fortunately, I have saved a copy of it & I will paste it below.

Now it will continue on, at least on this YAP Blog, even if someone did not like it in YAP itself.

Here it is & the answers along with it at the time that I copied it.

So who’s coming??? And sino manlilibre??

YAPPIES, who’s up for a meet up?

Yours truly may even spring for a round o’ drinks and pulutan.

Additional Details

Regardless, here’s the proposition:

Where: Havana Cafe – Greenbelt, outside tables
Date: March 9, 2009
Time: 8-10PM

If you show up, don’t even volunteer your real name or YA name, so except for the ones with pictures, it’ll be interesting.

It’s all up to you… you don’t even need to RSVP.

Answers (16)

by CaptainV…

What’s a yappy?

by rhythm

good idea!

time and place?

: )

by Mrs. Jaimee Harmony OOH MidEast

Sure! Let me know where and when!


by Anne C

i honestly think a lot of regulars wont be able to come (or would choose not to come and keep their anonymity). Busy scheds, layo locations, baka troll, or maybe talagang privy lang sila, etc
ei, dati i previously asked four yappers na i like and respect (to see them JUST on cam), pero i was turned down…siguro they have their own reasons..isang yapper lang nakita ko here, si eezy jex (via webcam).
I stopped asking na rin, I’ve already accepted the fact na we’re in here just for the fun. I missed the YAPpasko, ‘heard twas fun.

by Beetlle

would like to, but highly impossible for me to attend. 🙂

by Flappy Paddle Gearbox

If in the East Coast, I probably can attend.
How about web conference instead? XD

by kamagong

Make it SoCal and there’s a good chance I can attend.

by Doctor J

Good idea.

Wasn’t there a meet-up sponsored by Yahoo? Maybe Yahoo should organize so we can finally greet each other in person.

If it is in a private location, I will bring 2 bottles of my favorite Chilean red wines.

by Juan C

a good on-line chat would do…

by brecht

anne c does have a point. but actually meeting up would be cool though

by J@ps

I am, but like the rest of those who are currently abroad, we cannot just jump on a plane & be there.

Jonas once said that they will have another one this year. So we should all email him. Hopefully it will be on a day that I will be back home as I will be visiting this year.

by Lapu-lapu arf

See you in Cebu =)

by _smile_’s Kometa of Biga-a



Let me check my schedule..


by ))paO((

count me in 🙂

by yuanyuan

I’ll definitely come if I’m nearby. But as it is…….

by butterme…

treat mo ba? If you will be paying then I’m in.



Some of you already know that I made a follow up YAP Q, regarding this idea of a meet up which was started by Bhuwisit. And that too was reported & deleted, I am just waiting to be suspended once again, so that Jonas would indeed really check more deeply with the YAPPER who reported this one & of course I would ask him to look into the one who reported the original meet up Q of Bhuwisit.

Below is a copy of that Q & the Answers given, at least until I last read it, then at the end I would include those in my inbox which will indicate the name of the answerer & the first part of their answer.

Here it is:

If there is a YAP meet up, would you go?

Additional Details
What if somebody has set up a date & a place for a YAP meet up in Makati?

What if some people have even offered to buy a round of drinks or hors d’oeuvre?

One where you wouldn’t even have to reveal who you if don’t want to.

If you are free, would you go? Why or why not?

Answers (13)

i’d love to go —- but there is a big problem. i am 11,000 kms. away
from Makati.
GA by GA
If I am free and I live near that area and if bvttermelon will be there, I am going
Big P by Big P
I would go but I fear a retaliation attack against me because some don’t like a few of my questions and answers in YAP.

Some people don’t know how to separate real life from YAP life.
Its best for me not to attend for security reasons. You never know who your dealing with on the internet.

My opinion.

i would love to go if i could. it would be nice to see how yappers are like in person.
I couldn’t…

from Chicago with love…… – Juan C!!!

gurl by gurl
YES! Let’s met up!!!!! I will bring printed copies of Certificate of Attendance.
Hummm…sige 1 round of drink ang sa akin….kanino ang pulutan?
It’s much better not to reveal the identity para naman may mystery pa din.
Joe by Joe
Yeah, I’d go. There are a few people here I’d like to pinch off their head. I doubt I will get an invite.
oh sure, we could wear a Mardi Gras mask (lol)
rain by rain
That would be interesting.

I’d go.

Sorry, Japs, no can do. If that would have been summertime (US summer), maybe we could. My cousin is sure to go home right after her graduation in May and I’m still debating if I would too.

Anyway, I hope you get a good attendance like the previous meet-ups. Whatever happened to the one proposed to be held in California?

Shall any one of the following regulars be able to confirm his attendance [jacinto luis, aref, or JD] i guess, i would wanna be there at all costs
I would go. In fact, I have asked how we will be able to see each other if the meeting point is “outdoor chairs” of Havana, and there are lots of people at that time.

Hopefully, more people categorically say yes.

i would if circumstances allow me to. there are many interesting characters here that I should like to see in person.

These are the ones that I got from my inbox:

Babby Joshua Christomato

It would be an honor to meet everyone.


I would seriously consider it but as I am presently out of the country I woul…


If not for the traveling I’d love to go. I think. If I went everyone would …


i’m not so sure.

i gotta travel all the way from the south
(alone) just t…

Lapu-lapu arf

Im scheduled to be back and be re-assigned in Manila (this is with high hopes…

Violation Notice Email

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 5:25 AM
From: “Yahoo! Answers”

Deleted Question: If there is a YAP meet up, would you go?

Question Details: Violation Reason:Community Guidelines and/or Terms Of Service Violation

  1. Beetlle says:

    I remember that someone suggested a YAP meet-up for those in the states. It was suppose to be somewhere in CA. Did that come to fruition?

  2. Isayy says:

    Sige sige!! I’m confirming my attendance!

  3. Doctor J says:

    Does it mean the following will attend : rhythm, Jaimee, smile, paO, buttermelon, yuanyuan, and Isayy ? With Bhuwisit and me, that makes 9. And brecht who says “meeting up is cool though” ?

    Hey Juan C, this is better than online chat! Come on!

  4. Doctor J says:

    How do we see each other there? There are a lot of outdoor tables, and lots of people at that time?

  5. anna m says:

    I’ll drop by if I’m not busy 😉

  6. Isayy says:

    nasaan ang komento q????

  7. Japs says:

    Sorry guys & gals it was a long weekend & I just got back. Thanks to all of you for commenting & continuing this thread.

    >Beetlle – There was supposed to be one last year, Jonas told me about it but there wasn’t really a good response so it didn’t pull thru. Although he said he was going to give me some Yahoo giveways so that I could give it to the YAPPERs here in the US. Anyway I think he forget about it. LOL. But it’s good you reminded me of that.

    >Doctor J – it does seem that way, but I guess there could be more coming if we dessiminate the info. And of course more coming who do not want to reveal themselves.

    See… there is anna & debbie too.

    >Isayy here are my comments na.

    Let’s see, why not post a YAP Q & put up a link to this blog. Anyway, I’ll do just that later then.

  8. Japs says:

    Here is a link to the YAP Q I just posted:;_ylt=AnO.Cp81s7PFzR_fV1KFBowS7RR.;_ylv=3?qid=20090217123942AA2c7ji

  9. Spotter 888 says:

    Wish I could attend that meet. Hope you guys have a great time! Baka naman pwedeng ikwento rito ang nangyari.

  10. Isayy says:

    Ha ha Japs, nag post kaseh ako ng comment before I ask..nasaan ang komento ko??? Pagka submit ko ng “Post Comment” eh biglang walang nag appear….mukhang may bug nga here sa 360! Anyway my comment last night was to Doctor J: Suggest ko lang na magsuot ng anything common ang YAP para magkakilanlan…something like orange t-shirt o magdala ng plakard..:) Sana nga matuloy ‘to!!!!!

  11. Beetlle says:

    yah! if the meet up pulls through, please post pictures. para ma feel namin(yung hindi naka attend) na kunwari nandun din kami. haha!:)

  12. Doctor J says:

    I hope the brains behind this meet up joins this thread. Calling Bhuwisit …. see you soon? With the star on your head. hehehe

  13. Beetlle says:

    your question got deleted.. who would do that?

  14. Japs says:

    >Spotter, same here I would also love to come.

    >Isayy, I was thinking something like that happened. Meron talagang bug dito sa Y 360, mas malala pa kaysa YA. Yung YAPPIE Awards nga di ko matapos tapos yung editing ko e…

    >Beetlle, Yes, picture.. picture.. kodak.. kodak.. I hope the paparazzis would attend, at least they can be of good use this time.

    >Doctor J, Yes so true, up until now Bhuwisit is still MIA.

    >Beetlle, yup deleted again, I was expecting that, as napakapredictable na ng mga paparazzi. Anyway if whoever did that, did in with malice, then Jonas would know as I will email him in a minute to check at the details of who, what, where, when & the pattern of reporting of this particular reporter.

    Anyway I have saved a copy of that Q & the answers & I will add it to the original post above as well as the ones that I never got to read which at least we would know who answered & the first few words of their answer.

  15. Japs says:


    I have updated the post above to include my Q & your answers that have been deleted.
    I will now try to respond to the answers, for in here there are no reportings.

    >caito kid, where in the world are you, maybe we live next to each other?


    >BIG P, I understand, If I would be there, I will surely do what I can to protect you from any harm real or imagined–I know I have ruffled a few feathers myself. Anyway there’s supposed to be a meetup organized by YA this year, if it will be in the summer, then we can all go.

    >Beetlle, picture picture na lang.

    >Juan C, I share the same sentiment.

    >gurl, we have another confirmed attendance here!

    >Joe, thanks for answering. I am personally extending an invite to you to attend this YAP Meet. In behalf of Bhuwisit that is. You can come incognito if you wish. No one will be the wiser. Maybe you, Big P & some other non-Pinoys can go together. Anyway as I have mentioned above there are YA organized meetups so you can go to one of those.

    >Meot Tog, sure thing. Just come.

    >rain, yes, we have another confirmed attendance here!

    >aquadulce, we understand. I myself would be here in CA that day. Anyway I am almost positive in being in Manila for the summer (yes the US summer) this year & I was going to ask Jonas to sked a YA meetup around that time too. Maybe we can both force him to. LOL. It would be lovely for all of us YAPPERs to finally see the real persons behind our avatars.

    >Anne C, they will be expecting you now!

    >Doctor J, believe me, you would be able to tell a YAPPER from a non-YAPPER. The only question is in recognizing who is who.

    >yuanyuan, I think you should just come. I know many people who just love to you see you be there.

    >Babby Joshua, I think we have another confirmed attendance. Pls. comment below, so that we can read your whole answer.

    >Well, same with Beetlle, Juan C, aquadulce & the rest of those not in the Philippines. Better luck next time.

    >jd, please comment so we can give us your entire answer. Thanks.

    >U+2640. We understand. So the same as with the others, better luck next time.

    >Lapu lapu arf, So are you also confirming your attendance? Pls. comment so we can read your answer.

    >to the reporter, thanks man (or woman).

    Thanks everyone. Now if only Bhuwisit would show up… LOL

  16. Papa Chuck says:

    I saw your question late last night but was too tired to answer it. Looked for it this morning but it was gone.
    Looking at the answers that were there I think I can safely hazard a guess at who reported your question but as I have no proof I won’t mention the name.
    Please do ask Jonas to see who reported it, maybe that will stop her from continuing her deceit.
    If you wish, email me and I will give you my reason for my suspicions.

  17. Doctor J says:

    I answered Bhuwisit’s original post and your question,eagerly awaiting the meet-up. I do not see why anyone will report these questions when there are a lot of other questions that I consider to be borderline violations but are unreported. It will be interesting to find out these violation reports on these meet-up questions from Yahoo, and if it is possible, maybe you can post the result of your inquiry here.

  18. Japs says:

    NOTICE: Re pesky bugs

    I have received messages about certain comments not being posted or being lost or comments being posted twice. That has been a long standing Y360 bug.

    To eliminate the problem of lost comments–before you post it COPY THE WHOLE COMMENT FIRST. If it did not post just simply enter it a second time by merely pasting your original comment.

    Do not worry about multiple posts, I will delete them for you.

    Thanks for commenting!

  19. brecht says:

    aww I just read all the posts…sry for the late reply but I rly wish I could go

    I live in the midwest 😦

    Anyways you guys have fun. With proper planning this should go well 🙂

  20. Buwisit Ka says:

    Hey Japs…see my email response to your question. Yeah, what’s up with the troll reporting everything?

  21. WELL says:

    Japs I may be indirectly responsible for the deletion of your question. No I didn’t report it but my answer did throw some sarcasm at another’s answer-the one that couldn’t make the meet up due to her VIRTUAL COUSIN having a VIRTUAL GRADUATION from a VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY-wink wink know who I mean?
    If you do get Jonas to look into the deletion and he does respond I think you owe it to all to reveal any findings. I would be surprised if there are no fewer than 4 names appearing as reporters.

  22. Penny Rito says:

    Grabe ilang bwan na ganyanan pa rin pala sa YAP. hihihi Suhulan nyo si jonas para magsalita naaaaa! =p

  23. Japs says:

    >brecht, thanks for the comment man.

    >pc, i’ll send you an email.

    >well, I don’t know, I did not get to read your answer but I now have a fairly good idea of what you are driving at.

    >penny, welcome back pare. same old, same old.

    And regarding who the reporters are. I have yet to email Jonas, but I will right after this comment.

    NOTE: THERE IS A NEW POST regarding this meet up.

  24. sheer♥black says:

    another meetup? cool. hope i can come. i still feel bad for not coming to the YAPasko.

  25. Isayy says:

    Did anyone attended??
    May dementia na yata ako…that day super limot ako akala ko March 3 pa lang! 😦

  26. Japs says:

    My question exactly.

    Sino kaya ang pumunta na aamin at mag-cocoment dito.

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