Posted: January 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

I have a short time today but I want to do a Blog Post today, the First Day of the New Year — 2009!

Thank you to all of you guys who have participated in this YAP Blog for the last 11 months or so. It was an awesome experience to be able to put up this forum & discussion board regarding YAP matters & to be able to interact with YAPPERs from all over the world. We might be of different persuasions, different opinions, different nationalities, different backgrounds, etc. etc. but because we all YAP, we have something in common.

And I pray that we can get to realize that even though we are all different, we can still co-exist within this small world we call YAP.

Let us report the real reportable violations not the puny one just because we have our own personal reasons.

Let us respect the opinions of others even though we have a different pov. Let us learn to answer & comment with respect & if we must correct, we can do it without being an a$$.

Let us rise above the differences & have clean fun while we are at it.

I know we YAP because of many reasons, but primarily I assume that we do because we want to pass the time away, we want to help someone, we want to share our expertise, we want to ask a question & we just want to have some clean fun online. So let us do that.

To one & all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

To the person who reported my YAPPER of the YEAR YAP Question, I thank you for being the one to give me my first violation of the new year. And who knows it might lead to another suspension. But what I heck, that would be my third, if ever. (I have my back up Japs account on hold anyway, so I can just switch to that).

To all those who wish to give their nominations to the YAPPIE AWARDS follow this link:


especially those that answered that deleted question.

And lastly to all those who want to say something regarding YAP or their YAP Experience, you are free to leave a comment in this OPEN FORUM. Just click & type away.

  1. Papa Chuck says:

    I wondered what happened to that question of yours. That is the worst part of YAP when an innocent question gets deleted. There were a few similar questions to yours and I think yours was the only violation. I am not going to even suggest who (no proof).
    Your sentiments in this Blog are good but I seriously doubt the possibility of them coming true UNLESS Yahoo reveals those doing the reporting.

  2. Isayy says:

    Happy New Year Japs!
    (better late than never)

  3. Japs says:

    Happy New Year PC & Isayy. Thanks for commenting…

    Yes, I wouldn’t have asked that Q in the first place if there wasn’t a number of similar questions already posted, if I am not mistaken about 4 before I posted mine. A few others posted afterwards. Anyway as I have stated in a previous blog post, we have a YAP Advocate in our YAP Community Manager (Jonas) if worse comes to worse. And we can really report to him these “reporters”, especially if we have too or if we are forced to.

  4. annabelle p says:

    Sorry about your question, Japs. Some people have lost their taste for clean fun or sense of humor. The person who did it maybe didn’t like you asking that kind of question hence the report.

  5. tranquil says:

    Hello Japs, your presence is very welcome as it brings sensibility to YAP. Congratulations for another productive year, cheers!

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